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Free Shipping on All In-Stock Products @ Kogan (RGB Mechanical Keyboard $39)


Free Shipping on all in-stock products using code 'HAPPY' at checkout. Enjoy :)

RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Brown Switch) $39 delivered

*Offer ends 20 November 2019 at 11:59pm (AEDT) unless extended. Discount codes cannot be used with any other offers. For a full list of exclusions & instructions on how to redeem a discount code, visit https://www.kogan.com/au/free-shipping-november-2019/

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  • +11 votes

    I thought he said free shipping is harmful to online retailers?

  • +1 vote

    I'm currently typing on the brown switch version of this keyboard. It is quite nice but as others have said they are quite loud keys (even for brown) and they do have quite a loud bottoming out sound. I'm not sure I would use this in an office space as even at home people have commented how loud the keys are. They do feel nice to type on though. For the price its great.


      I want the world's quietest mechanical RGB keyboard with number pad. Any ideas? Google is about as helpful as Google.

      • +7 votes

        Anything with "Silent Red" switches would be my choice. You can also buy gaskets/dampeners to add but it will change the feel a bit.

        Here's one with Cherry brand switches. Personally I've only tried Gaetron brand (which are great) but Cherry is also very well regarded.

      • -1 vote

        i have the Razer Cynosa Chroma (bought $44 a while ago) it's a membrane gaming keyboard

    • +1 vote

      Just put O-Rings on the keycaps. You can get them even cheaper if you can wait for them to come from china.


        Do you need to get a key remover as well or can you just pull them off?

        • +1 vote

          You can do it with typical tools. The pullers are just convenient and avoid scratching keys.

        • +1 vote

          Get a keycap puller, they cost 5 cents and you have to remove 104 keys. Struggling to remove each key is going to take a long time.


        So pluck the keycap up and put those rings under it ??

        • +6 votes

          Yep. The underside of the keycap has a little stem. You slide the o-ring over the stem and it stops the key from bottoming out plastic-on-plastic. Will take maybe 15 minutes to do the lot, just consider taking a photo before you take all the keys off :P

          I have found that some o-rings are firmer than others. The Rosewill ones were less mushy than eBay $2 cheapies.


    RGB? good for dark rooms lol :D Great keyboard

  • +2 votes

    For $39 this keyboard is a bargain. I'm using it at the moment my girlfriend couldn't stand the "clack" of my Kingston HyperX mechanical keyboard. A hundred dollar + mechanical keyboard will feel slightly better but for this price you will not get a better keyboard.

  • +2 votes

    I got the TKL version ($35) of this and love it. The backlight of the keys on my old Logitech was never bright enough and this keyboard is 1000% better.


      The backlight of the keys on my old Logitech

      I found the letters far too small on Logitech so when they're backlit they hardly let any light through.

  • +2 votes

    Cheers OP.

    Bought a Xiaomi Mi Pen. $4.99 shipped. Lost my last one and the papermates they provide at work just don't cut the mustard.


    • +9 votes

      Kogan has conveniently removed the Discount Promo box on checkout for these items. Free delivery not available even though they are in-stock.

      • +21 votes

        Kogan are dodgy as with their marketing.

        I had a month long support thread with them about Kogan First. I can subscribe and pay for it, but there isn't a single item that qualifies for free shipping to my post code.

        I asked for the list of post codes that are excluded from Kogan First. Would not provide it, just referred me to their terms.

        I tried all the smallest lightest products, nothing. I asked them to provide just a single product that I would qualify for free shipping. They assured me there would be some but they could not provide that information as it depended on lots of factors and referred me to their terms.

        Basically, you can pay for free shipping with Kogan First, but "it depends" if they will provide it.

        Biggest scam I ever saw.

        • +2 votes

          what do you expect the owner seems like a used car salesman that also dabbles in insurance


        Are these things any good?

        Been looking for a small lightweight wireless power bank for charging my phone on the go. Is the Kogan one any good?
        I don't need PD or ability to charge multiple devices. The smaller/lighter the better.

        • +1 vote

          I haven't used mine a lot. It charges at a good pace and holds its charge well: sitting in a drawer for months and still over 75%.

        • +1 vote

          Have used one for two years, holds charge well and charges quickly. Decent product


      yeah couldn't find it, so annoying


      It seems the $25 10000mAh 18W PD (different to the linked above - non-textured and has an extra port) can take the 'HAPPY' free shipping code.
      However, I have seen this at $19 - so essentially shipping has been built in.


      Can you charge these with the USB-C port, or is it just an output?

      • +1 vote

        Two of them have links to their manual. Looks like the Type C port goes both ways.


      Seems like the charger itself can be charged by Type C or Micro USB.


    Anyone know how to get rid of the spring 'pinging' sound on these Keyboards, some keys are so noisy, its not the clicking, it's the spring bounce back noise?!

  • +1 vote

    Always wanted to try a blue switch to do heads in the office.

      • +4 votes

        You don't think they knew a free shipping sale was coming in 3 days ? This isn't the only item there are literally hundreds of them that have been increased in the days prior.


          There's also thousands that haven't. Just saying.

          • +11 votes

            @tightarse: Here are some examples all increased by $50-100 (kogans shipping price range) all on the same day, what a "coincidence" don't be so naive Kogan are only giving you free shipping where they can still make money which is not a thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected, AKA a bargain. Well done for falling for Kogans amazing and dodgy marketing as others have pointed out yet won't neg vote because they get attacked for having an opinion.






            • -1 vote

              @sludo: Sorry if you feel attacked, but to be honest you seem more aggressive than TAs reply to you IMHO.

              You’re cool to have an opinion, but you don’t seem cool others have another opinion that doesn’t agree with yours.

              • +2 votes

                @cloudy: In what way was I aggressive? I've simply provided an opinion and proof and you're welcome to disagree I'm just stating that others in this thread have also alluded to the fact that this is not a bargain and is just one of Kogans dodgy marketing stunts yet they have not voted to avoid having to prove their opinion not really a free place to have one is it.

                • -4 votes


                  others have pointed out yet won't neg vote because they get attacked for having an opinion.

                  As I said, sorry if you feel attacked.

                  In what way was I aggressive?

                  I’m just saying, I feel as though the tone of TAs reply’s to you is far “nicer” (IMHO) than yours. Just the way I read it, calling people naive, falling for something, etc. happy to be wrong, but reading is one of those things

            • -1 vote

              @sludo: I'm definitely not naive, far from it in fact. Been around long enough to know better. However, see comments from cloudy and lyl below to put things into perspective a little. Having said that, everyone here is free to comment and vote as they wish. Have an enjoyable day.

              • +1 vote

                @tightarse: I know you've been around a while and usually post great bargains I'm just highlighting the fact that this is definitely not one of them. We can't let the Ozbargain community be diluted by marketing stunts, as we then just turn into free advertising. This sort of posting belongs in the deals forum IMO as it's not a bargain at all.

            • +1 vote

              @sludo: Upvoted - that's some pretty damning evidence. Thanks for researching.

              • +1 vote

                @Andard: Not when you look at it in detail. Take this example provided by sludo.


                For the last month it is pretty much $899, the same price as it is today with no free shipping offer. The only time it was less in the last month Is during click frenzy when it was discounted for the click frenzy sale for a few days (which is last week).
                Since it has returned back to RRP.

                And today obviously there is a free shipping code.

                The question is, is this evidence of price jacking? Imagine if Kogan didn’t partake in click frenzy and left it at $899 for those few days, and had this free shipping code. Would this “evidence” still have meaning?

                It also raises the question for retailers, if they take part in click frenzy or another sale event, how long do they have to wait before they another site wide discount before people stop accusing them of price jacking?

                And is it bad to have frequently sales/discount events? Would it just be in sludo and others interest to never have a sale other than once a year?

                So little thought applied by so many, but yea, call me naive coz I’m obviously just dumb right.


                  @cloudy: I still think it's a valid complaint seeing as it's been mostly around $700 since the start of the year, with only short bursts of it returning to RRP $899, one of the times being during this free shipping deal.

                  Most of the year $700 and after the short CF deal quickly returns to RRP. Coincidence?


                    @Andard: ok, lets take you and sludo’s theory seriously. Which is, during site wide codes, like this free shipping, they price jack this TV( amongst everything else worth buying). That’s essentially the argument right? (Just want to make sure we’re clear on our disagreements).

                    So with this tv, looking at the price chart, it has gone up during this free shipping code, yes. We can see that.

                    I’ve looked back on ozbargain for the last site wide Kogan code, 10% off site wide. So proponents of price jack would say, just before the site wide code on the 24th of May, this should be jacked up.

                    But looking at the chart, it was not, it remained at the mostly (low price) $700 mark, in fact it only went back up to RRP price on the 13th June, after the site wide code expired.

                    So you can’t say there is price jacking just coz there is a site wide code available.

                    • +1 vote

                      @cloudy: Hey thanks for the link, I found this in the comments!!

                      “We allege that Kogan’s advertisements were likely to have caused consumers to think they were getting products below their usual prices. In fact, Kogan had inflated product prices which we say created a false impression of the effective discount,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.





                      Edit: WTF? You were all in that old thread posting comments defending kogan too - cloudy: "ACCC are useless" - WTF?? do you work for Kogan marketing?

                      Edit2: Seriously, do you work for Kogan??

                      Kogan Premium DC Motor Pedestal Fan 2019 Model $79.99

                      Damonator84 on 14/11/2019 - 13:34 new
                      Would the Xiaomi Mijia Smart DC Pedestal Fan be better?

                      cloudy on 14/11/2019 - 14:52 new
                      What are you looking for in a fan? My guess is this will probably meet your needs. But post your needs and ozbargain will answer.

                      Xiaomi Mi Wiha Screwdriver Set $19.99 Delivered @ Kogan

                      dat deal tho on 22/10/2019 - 17:25 new
                      How is Kogan's shipping? is it usually more than a month?

                      cloudy on 22/10/2019 - 20:13 new
                      Usually next day dispatch. Then it’s all up to auspost.

                      Milano Anti Theft Backpack with USB port $19 (Regular $105) @ Kogan

                      aargee on 22/10/2019 - 09:51 new
                      Interestingly Choice just gave Kogan the 'Lemon Retailer of the Year' award for their inability to refund/replace faulty goods.

                      cloudy on 22/10/2019 - 10:12 new
                      Maybe choice should ask for more opinions.
                      Took me 1 min looking at other threads to see others opinion that Kogan is easy to deal with in regards to refunds and replacements.

                      cloudy on 22/10/2019 - 10:15 new
                      It looks like people get so stuck up on RRPs they can’t see a good price when it hits them in the nose. Like we’ve never seen rrps being high before, look at any clothing retailer for example.


              @sludo: Wasn't there a consumer law against it?

        • +1 vote

          But prices go up and down, I see items that are lower today than a week ago. It just sucks the item you had an eye on changed prices as it’s a start of a new week (where they change prices of specials).

          It’s a bit like woolies offering me spend $50 and get 1000 points when the ice creams I want isn’t on special anymore. But other items I don’t eat are.


          There's also probably hundreds that price got reduced. I've found Kogan to be pretty good with their Free Shipping deals as often it can be combined with other ongoing discounts, but as with any sale make sure to do your own research, don't think just one item warrants a neg.


            @lyl: It's definitely not one item look at my examples above and there are many more I'm not going to waste time to prove the trend.

            • +2 votes

              @sludo: Likewise I can probably provide many links of items including the Smart TV mentioned below that price was recently reduced, but whats the point? The keyboard mentioned in the title is also by itself a great deal. Can't expect every single item Kogan offered to be at it's historical lowest price, but I've bought from enough past free shipping deals on already discounted items (where I made sure to research prices) that I am happy to see it come back.

  • +1 vote

    all in-stock products

    on almost all in-stock products

  • +2 votes

    I got the tkl keyboard and a blender a few days ago, They offered the Kogan first thing on trial etc, Of course I declined because I don't trust Kogan, I don't know why I let them push emails, I wouldn't trust Kogan really at all but I wanted something specific so I got them, I don't feel bad about missing this deal because buying from Kogan is literally a one off for good reason.


    Can't see it in photos or description, does this keyboard have a shortcut to open the calculator instantly?


    I've been using the full sized blue kb at work and it's ok. It's such an odd height, I don't like how the keys feel so much higher than my leopold blue at home. I think I might get some o-rings for it too,


    Does anyone have the Kogan 10000mAh Qi Wireless Power Bank?

    Been looking for a small lightweight wireless power bank for charging my phone on the go. Is the Kogan one any good?
    I don't need PD or ability to charge multiple devices. The smaller/lighter the better.


    My son and daughter each have a blue, while I use a red. I bought a couple of each from a previous deal. My daughter's keyboard has survived some serious abuse. She's only 9 and eats, does craft with glue and glitter and plays at the computer. It even survived being puked on (though pulling off and cleaning the keys was not a fun job for yours truly). I'm actually quite impressed given the price.

    Still, my favourite all time keyboard is still the Microsoft Digital Media Pro, which is a membrane keyboard with no fancy lights. I guess I'm a dinosaur.


    Thanks, was waiting for this to buy a new Xiaomi filter.


    Perhaps unsurprisingly this doesn't seem to apply to furniture, though it's not in the list of exclusions…

    Edit: perhaps it does, I tried with some lounges with no luck, but now trying an entertainment unit and it's working. Both apparently sold by Kogan, not a third party.


    when I go to check out where is the option to enter the promo code? Trying to buy a Avante sit/stand desk

    • +1 vote

      Looks like it's not there, I would guess because it's a "Marketplace" item, so not fulfilled by Kogan.


    I had the original Kogan Mech keyboard and the top 3 rows of the RGB died out, I contacted Kogan and they reimbursed what I paid, well store credit, still rather nice outcome


    I can't seem to add the promo code for the Kogan 10000mAh Qi Wireless Power Bank with PD (Black). Any ideas why?


    I had a hard time today trying to buy just two items. The item page showed the 'free shipping with code' banner but as others have reported, there was no promo code box for check out.
    The 20000 mAh power bank and the Powercube 15m are the two things I was after. Oh well ):

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