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Ergohuman V2 Plus Deluxe Full Mesh Office Chair (Black & Grey) $549 + Delivery @ Temple & Webster


Ergonomic Office chair on Sale down from $649.
Delivery not included, comes in Black and Grey. I have no Promo Code but they are generally easy to find for Temple and Webster.

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    The code YES30 will drop 30 bucks on shipping for the next 24 hours (banner just flicked across the screen). I tested it and the code works if that helps anyone.

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    I own this chair for 4 years now, best chair ever if you wanna good back, you can literally adjust any part of the chair. Nothing like those bs "gaming chairs"

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      Only thing I don't like about mine is the backrest adjustment levels. The First one is basically straight vertical, while the second one feels too laid back.

      I'm not sure what's better for my back

      • i have switched to a backless round chair that can raise to a leaning level. the good thing is that my back pain is much better now. the bad thing is that if i sit on it all day, it really hurts the next day because i tend to round my back. still much better than any office chair ive used

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      I agree. Its the only chair I've owned where my neck and shoulders don't get sore after sitting in front of my PC for a whole day. Super comfy.
      The only downside is it's quite big and dorky. I like to pretend I'm a dalek whilst sitting in it.

      • what about butt?

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          No but soreness either.

      • I love that you mentioned the part about being a dalek 6 months ago too!

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      The problem is that “comfy” and “ergonomic” often don’t go hand in hand.

      The most ergonomic typing environment is sitting on a backless chair, with your wrists properly raised and not resting on anything, and the keyboard sitting not too far above knee level. It’s not comfy, and you’ll need to take regular breaks, but that’s kind of the point.

      The most comfy position is reclining in a chair, with your wrists lying on the surface of the desk (or a wrist-rest), while your head lolls back into a head-rest. It’s putting pressure on multiple nerves, reducing circulation, and doesn’t require any muscular support, but damn it’s comfy.

      • You may be right. But all I know is this chair prevents the accumulation of pain and stiffness better than any other chair I've owned whilst allowing me to be productive.
        I've also got a standing desk but find it hard to concentrate standing up, so rarely end up using it.

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    $499 + delivery through Ebay store with P200SAVE code

    Delivery is a bit more on ebay though, but useful if you have any giftcards waiting to be spent.

    Prices delivered to SA:
    Ebay: $561
    Temple website: $556

    YMMV, but in my case probably still worth it as I have discounted giftcards to burn

    • Delivery is for VIC:
      eBay = $499 + 36.31 = $535.31
      Temple Website = $549 w/ YES30 Coupon

      eBay with 1% cashback = $529.96
      Temple Website with 3.5% cashback = $529.78

      Would suggest eBay you get the more money now (VIC).

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    I've had one of these for five years or so, much better for me than the Aerons we had at the office.

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      Wow that’s surprising and good to hear. I had the aerons at my old work and it was the best thing to sit on.

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        Thus the "for me" part :-D

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        Bought both and tested it for a few days before I returned the Aeron. The Aerons have brand recognition and design heritage but Ergohumans are just more comfortable. Both are good quality.

        On different side note, my Ergohuman has a 7cm slash on chair near the padding. Anyone know if it's possible to "patch" this type of breathable material? Had it for 5 years now.

    • Oh really? Because I'm searching for a nice decent chair as gaming rig for myself. It should be good enough to support my back especially waist for a whole day's gaming (of course I'll take breaks in between but just raise that as the bar for the quality and design) Aeron is on my list but not sure about this one. If it's really that good then why would I refuse it.

      • +1

        I was comparing this with Aeron as well.
        In the end went with Aeron for the design and the 12 years warranty.

        Pretty sure comfort wise both are comparable but I found some negative reviews for this chair whereas Aeron I found practically none.

        TL;DR - Aeron is better

        • Thank you. Googling!

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        I use mine for the PC and for gaming, just roll it between the two locations. Upright for PC, leaning back back for game. Outstanding in both roles.

        • +1

          Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    have mine for 5 years, bought it for $695, rock solid and still going strong, can't really feel any deterioration of elastic quality of the mesh

    the only downside for me is i'm slightly small for the chair, so cant take full advantage of all the supports

    • +3

      How tall are you?

    • I want to know as well, I'm 153cm…

    • lol @ FAST and Curious

      I'm 168, waist up ~75cm, when putting the headrest to the lowest it just barely supports the lower half of the back of my head

  • I need to get one of these (Sydney). Is this the best deal I am likely to get? (Ebay P200SAVE). Is this the best version? I see some suggesting a mesh back, leather base may be a better comfort/back support option.

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      I prefer the full mesh, and the one I have gives plenty of support.

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        Agree, full mesh gives better ventilation for the bottom :)

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          +1 on the mesh for ventilation

          • @LuigiC: that and unlike most "leather" it isn't some cheap fake shit that starts showing signs of wear within a year or two (since the chair lasts easily 5-10 years this is important)

    • I got a leather base, mesh back. Nice and comfy

      • Do those ones go on sale? I can't get over that giraffe looking pattern on the mesh these ones have.

        • I got mine for 649.45 shipped to Perth.

          Not sure what its at at the moment, but i thought that was a good deal.

          • @cheesecactus: Thanks. It's $649 on the site now, with the comments saying $100 shipping to WA, looks to be about $100 saving. Pretty much the same price as this deal. I can wait. :p

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    $170 to ship a chair to QLD… get fugged.

    • $110 shipping on Ebay to WA, $100 via website… yikes!

  • Fantastic chair. headrest is good fit at tallest position, 6'2"

    Purchased through ebay P200SAVE for $543.43 delivered to Sydney metro

  • +2

    Shame the chrome makes it look cheap and tacky.

    • +2

      It may not make it look the greatest but it is a very heavy and solid chair.

    • +1

      It looks better in person, definitely more mature than those gaming chairs haha

      • How about that giraffe like patterning? Is it very perceptible in person? I don't mind the chrome, but that pattern seems so out of place.

        • The fabric/patterning looks and feels pretty close to the Herman Miller Aeron chair, and that chair is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture of the last couple decades so I wouldn't think it to be out of place.
          My old workplace had Aeron chairs, I prefer the Ergohuman in terms of comfort.
          If I was to buy a new chair now, I would have gone with the Herman Miller Embody… but it's not cheap.

  • Bought mine for $600 a few months ago. Fantastic chair would highly recommend

  • I bought mine for $565 from Gainesville a few months ago, I'd highly recommend the chair to anyone

  • -1

    Not a bad price considering the quality and comfort, it would be better if it sub $500. But nevertheless a good deal.

  • I've had V1 of this chair for 4 years, definitely money well spent

    • How long do you use it? I'm wondering if it would hold up for a few years on 8+ hours a day

      • +1

        5 days a week, 8+ hours a day - showing no wear at all

  • +1

    Pretty solid chair, albeit mine squeaks pretty badly these days when it rotates.

    • How long you had it? What environment?

      • +1

        Home office, a bout a year and a half.

    • Wd-40?

      • I heard not to use wd40, use some other mechanical lube

  • I want one, but so expensive 😬

    Last post mention mention, a few recommended Herman miller too. There's quite a few of these used in the eastern states if it helps anyone.

    Says at bottom if you subscribe now, new users get $20.

  • So expensive for a chair, watched the video and it does looks very good.

  • +4

    Don't suppose there's anywhere you can try these in person in Perth? Not the sort of thing you'd buy without sitting in it first

    • See if you can find one on Gumtree. Plenty of second hand office ones for sale I'd imagine and they're probably even cheaper (if you don't mind someone else's farts).

  • These are completely worth it.
    The health of your back cannot be understated, you take it for granted until you hurt it.
    I would not go back on using a mesh chair like this, it may "look" less comfortable than a padded leather chair but give them a try in-store and you'll see they're far, far more comfortable.

    • Does it have lower lumbar adjustment

      • I have the one without the headrest and when I checked them out they are pretty much the same….except one has headrest. Regarding lumbar adjustment, you can adjust the height, but not how much support it provides. The lumbar support is on a spring (piece of steel that bends).

  • How is this for someone who's 194cm? I tried the secretlab titan and it was really comfy but this looks like a better chair for the back.

    • +1

      I've had mine for a year. I'm 190cm. I'm not uncomfortable on it and have no back pain when using it. But I do feel like it can't be fully adjusted to someone at our height.

      Other than paying $1k more for an Aeron, this is the next best thing IMO.

    • +1

      Mine arrived yesterday and I sat on it for probably 8h. I am 192cm. I find it comfortable, I put it on the highest level, I put the headrest on the highest setting, the back on the highest setting, the arm rests on lowest one. Probably I can play around with the back setting but I find it comfortable right now.

      • thanks for returning with feedback, weighing up a few options still

  • Not that I'm asking much, but I do wish they offered a version with a low back and no arms or head rest! In other words - not this chair at all!

    I'm looking for a high quality all mesh chair for use in my home music studio - all mesh is essential in a Queensland summer.

    I've been using an Aeron in my home office for the last 8 years, and it's been a wonderful chair, once you sort out the settings.

    • Let us know if you find one lol

    • theres an ergohuman low back with no headrest, similar price. search the site.

      • Thanks for that suggestion, blaze.

        If I can remove the arms, it might work - it's for playing guitar, so the arms would get in the way.

        The only real thing I don't like is the plastic base, unlike the V2, which is all metal.

        Still - definitely worth considering.

  • Had this for years, an amazing chair and worth every cent.

  • Love it! I've had the V1 Mesh for around 5 years in the home office, and I splurged and went for the leather V2 for the workplace around 1 year ago. They are solid, comfortable and fantastic for promoting good posture.

  • got one, tax write off

    • Can you really?

      • depends on your job…

      • If you work from home then its possible to claim an amount of it.

        • What about taking this chair to workplace office?

    • I was thinking if I could buy it for my work desk and claim it in tax….

  • God I never thought chair would be that expensive. It looks attractive though.

  • I have this chair for about a year now. Highly recommended.

  • +1

    How is this for someone who's 163cm?

    • It might be a bit too tall. I'm 187cm and have it on the lowest setting. Thighs level with floor. Excellent chair though, so worth finding one to test.

      • I think I'm below average height so a lot of chairs I've tried my knees aren't perpendicular to the floor so I've always had to get some kind of feet support.

        It is tempting…but maybe unnecessary… Never bought a chair that much before

    • I think my missus is 165. I'll get her to sit in it later when she's home and report back to you if you like.