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Bonus Seagate 500GB One Touch SSD with Purchase of Two 8TB or Larger IronWolf Drives, or Four 4TB/6TB IronWolf Drives @ Seagate


Seagate are running a promotion to offer a free 500GB OneTouch SSD Limited Edition valued at $129 if you purchase either two 8TB (or higher capacity) IronWolf or IronWolf Pro drives, or four 4TB or 6TB IronWolf or IronWolf Pro drives from an eligible retailer (see comments below). For specifications on the OneTouch SSD, refer to Seagate product page or Data Sheet - the TL;DR is it's a portable/external USB-powered SSD with up to 400MB/s speeds.

Given the current eBay promotion for Computer Alliance an eligible retailer, this might help tip the scales even more if you were on the fence - refer to deal.

Eligible Products

Ironwolf HDD 4TB ST4000VN008
Ironwolf HDD 6TB ST6000VN0033
Ironwolf HDD 8TB ST8000VN004
Ironwolf HDD 10TB ST10000VN0008
Ironwolf HDD 12TB ST12000VN0008
Ironwolf HDD 14TB ST14000VN0008
Ironwolf HDD 16TB ST16000VN001
Ironwolf Pro HDD 4TB ST4000NE001
Ironwolf Pro HDD 6TB ST6000NE000
Ironwolf Pro HDD 8TB ST8000NE0001
Ironwolf Pro HDD 10TB ST10000NE0008
Ironwolf Pro HDD 12TB ST12000NE0008
Ironwolf Pro HDD 14TB ST14000NE0008
Ironwolf Pro HDD 16TB ST16000NE000

Refer to full promotion details at Seagate and T&Cs.

Eligible Retailers include:

*Shopping Express
*PLE Computers
*Computer Alliance

Note that above list are just the companies listed on the Seagate website, as per section 2.1 of the T&Cs, eligible retails include “Eligible Resellers and Retailers” are all of Promoter’s authorized Seagate resellers or retailers located in Australia or authorized online Seagate E-tailers with Australian Business Numbers (ABNs).

Credit to SSJX for pointing this out in the recent Seagate IronWolf 8TB deal

EDIT: Clarified that the eligible reseller list above is non-exhaustive. Thanks Taneda1988.

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  • Great deal.
    Cheapest seems to be 2x4TB @ $140 ea.

    Is that right?

  • Shiiit. I've been needing another 16TB and this just makes it better. Might have to purchase some as my Christmas present to myself.

    • Where’s the cheapest 2x 8TB? MSY?

      • Looks like it - MSY have it at $339 today. Shame you missed out on the ST8000VN004 deal yesterday.

        • Computer Alliance also had it for $339 earlier. Looks like MSY price matched. I wouldn't trust MSY with a paperclip though so I'll go CA.

          • @Tacooo: I’m pretty sure the $339 was a purchase with purchase style price. They usually list these in the first sentence of the description but staticice still pulls them as normal. That being said I also wouldn’t trust that other mob nowadays.

            • @jace88: Yeah it was but if you're buying two then it counts. There was nothing on the page stating it had to be a certain component or brand or anything.

        • Looks like it’s back in stock at computer alliance eBay.

  • An “Eligible Purchase” is the purchase of Eligible Products
    from a retail location in Australia of an Eligible Reseller, Retailer or E-tailer. “Eligible Resellers and
    Retailers” are all of Promoter’s authorized Seagate resellers or retailers located in Australia or
    authorized online Seagate E-tailers with Australian Business Numbers (ABNs).

    I believe the promotion is not limited to the retailers listed above

    • That's correct. I've clarified the language in the post but thanks for pointing it out.

  • I think you should update your title and description, with the addition of "of 8TB or higher capacity"

    • Updated. The funny thing is the title is now my original wording "or larger" but then I wanted to try and make it succinct hence why I switched to a "+"!

  • That's a lotta porn badboi.
    I mean VIDYA GAMZ! slaps roof of HDD

  • Maximum of one Claim per customer.

    • Per customer, so not per household. Use a name generator… problem solved.

      • You mean your brain? I don't need a generator to think of a fake name XD

        • No, you use your brain for harder and more important things. Also, no need to manually type the name(s). Just copy and paste.

          • @netsurfer: Horatio Cornblower. There ya go. Took me less time than it would have to type in "name generator" on Google and search for it.

            • @Tacooo: Just be careful with the creative names. I was stuck behind someone at our local post office not long ago who struggled to collect his package because he had put it under the name Albus Dumbledore, and they refused to let him take it since he didn't have any ID matching the name or the address (he had a long winded story to which the post office manager gave zero shits about).

              • @jace88: Of course if he doesn't have the address. But if you live at the same address and provide ID for it doesn't matter what the name is, you can pick it up from the post office.

                • @Monstalova: He moved house apparently and was staying with friends or something to that effect, and the funny thing was he had to use a pseudonym because he had previously been banned from ordering from iHerb. Either way no proof of address and no ID matching the name just led to a very angry Albus Dumbledore threatening to call the police (at nearly 5pm on a Friday) whilst the rest of us queued up to collect our packages.

  • Anyone know if the 10TB ST10000VN004 version is applicable for this promotion as well. Just pulled the trigger on 2x10TB from Computer Alliance on ebay and would be sad to realise this is the only one not eligible.

    • Unfortunately your model doesn't appear in the "Eligible Products" list but it's worth asking Seagate (or just trying anyway) given the headline summary of "Purchase 2 or more units of 8TB or higher capacity Ironwolf Hard Drives" and I don't think every retailer discloses exactly which SKU/model number you're buying at the point of sale. Can you let us know how you go?

      • Will do.

        On another note, i still do not know what the difference between the 004 and 008 revisions are. I have success with the 004s and so sticking to them.

        *Edit 10TB 004 drives.

        • I think the differences in some revisions was brought up in a previous deal and from Google research, there was very limited information on the differences. Performance wise people didn't report anything significant but someone pointed out mounting points could be slightly different.

          EDIT: I couldn't find the comments about it when searching through my history :( I did find an [Overclockers AU] thread(https://forums.overclockers.com.au/threads/interpreting-seag...) but this was on older revisions.

        • I Submitted the promotion claim form and received the following:
          Thank you for your submission for Ironwolf HDD SSD Promotion, your claim has been well received.

          Fulfilment will be processed within 4 to 6 weeks after the promotion end date, which is 14th Nov 2019.

          For any additional queries, please reach out to [email protected].

          Bit strange on the end date which is wrong (should be 31st Dec 2019). But let's assume it went through. Will see if i get a drive in early Feb 2020.

  • Does anyone know if this seller is Authorised ? Contact directly but thought would ask.

    Should be a way to check an ABN with Seagate. :/

    • Given how open-ended the eligible sellers is defined, I'm pretty sure it should count. And that's a good deal at $280.50 delivered.

      Are you planning to post it as a deal? If not I might do a big comparison table similar to my Computer_Alliance Seagate posts.

      EDIT: Gave you a shout out @ https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/502611

  • Did everyone get a confirmation email? I did not.

    • I didn't get a confirmation either. Tried to ask support but I was getting a lot non-answers. Perhaps we have to wait until the entries close.

      • I got a note back from support after following up:

        Thank you for your email.

        We're very sorry that our system is experiencing some technical problem because of the large amount of claims.

        Your claim is well received.

        Followed by dates from the T&C

  • Merged from Has anyone received their SSD with Ironwolf purchase from end of last year?

    I refer to this promo at the end of last year with free 500GB SSD with 2-4 Ironwolf HDD purchases.

    Promo ended at the end of the year and I haven't received any drive yet. I emailed 'Grace' who is the contact in the confirmation email but there's been no reply. Has anyone gotten yet?

  • Comments reopened (merged discussion thread above).

  • Still have not received my SSD.

    Never received a confirmation on claim.
    Finally followed up with another email in February and recieved response (2 months later!!!)
    But guess what? Stuck in StarTrack depot for over a month now because they never said anything about delivery to a business address only.
    I'm not driving an hour just to pick up a $99 from the depot and I would never buy another Seagate product.

    Communication is close to non-existent with this mob.