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DGTEC 10.1'' Tablet, 2GB RAM, $129 @ BigW


Normally $149
16GB, 2GB ram, IPS, 4x1.5GHz, 9 Pie, 2xCam, wifi/bluetooth/SD/jack

nice display, good build quality
average battery, slow performance, slow wifi - (User impression)

Same specs for 7" tablet for $89 (informed speculation in comments there).

If you know further specs or have used it, please comment!

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  • Hnmmm I would avoid these .

    Just a waste of money.

    • Can you recommend a better one? The tablet market is drying up…. BTW the build quality is better than Laser according to the whirlpool user - which you'd expect for the price.

      • You’re better off spending a bit more and getting an iPad or Samsung tab which will have longer software support .

        • Thanks for replying. Samsungs are a lot more expensive, except for the 7' Tab A, which is still on lollipop… (and only 1.5GB RAM). The apps I need aren't avail on iPad (though they seem good value for money).

          • @yow: You got to understand this $129 is dead money as this tablet will be useless due to lack of after sales and software support .

            You’re better off getting a used iPad or galaxy tab

            • @SpeedRunnerLink: Actually you're right: someone tried the 7" version of thia deal, and found it was rubbish.

              But tablets seem too expensive - you get a far better phone for $150. Tablets just have a larger case, battery and display (same res is OK), it shouldn't coat so much more (I think).

              Thanks for your suggestion of 2nd hand, though I worry the battery is degraded by then.

  • 16GB internal storage won't last beyond a few apps. 2GB RAM…Just…no.

    • Serious question: I thought 1GB RAM wasn't enough, now 2GB isn't enough?

      Is it because Android 9 Pie needs more RAM? More RAM is better, but would 2GB be enough to switch between two apps without reloading?

      • Apps are larger and more demanding, and web page content needs plenty of memory

        • Thanks! I have a 1GB Android 5 phone, and it's mostly OK with present apps and webpages. Would this tablet's 2GB be an improvement (enough to switch between apps without reloading) —- or would Android 9 Pie eat up that whole extra 1GB?

  • Spec needs to double and price needs to half for this to be a deal.

    • but some one has said in a review that it has a nice display. 🤩

    • For local stock, the cheapest with more than 1GB RAM is the Lenovo M10 (with 3GB) for $300. The Lenovo E7, E8, and E10 all have 1GB. The cheapo Lasers have 1GB etc.

      ATM tablets have worse specs-per-$ than phones. At $129, this one isn't a $40-quality tablet, and hopefully shakes up Lenovo and brings tablets back in line with phones.

  • A decent paperweight at best

  • These look like the same as what Aldi were selling originally for $50, and then $40 because noone was buying it.

    Paying over $100 for one of these is an insane waste of money.

  • Think these are targetted as tablets for kids do parents don't need to use their own phone as pacifier ….store a few if your kids favourite movies and apps (that don't need internet) and head out of the house.

    I've seem parents give their iPhones to kids in prams to shut them up, this is cheaper if dropped or lost.

    • The kids will get angry at how bad these are and break them so they can use mum and dads phone again.

  • Wow, what an amazing IPS screen…at 1280x800 resolution.

  • These are awful. I got one a few years ago for my daughter. She got less than a day out of it. So slow, terrible screen and then it wouldn't charge. I doubt they've improved much. Landfill.

  • only target for kids toy

  • Not sure if this is any good, but you could get that for just a little bit more: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32840758185.html

  • +2 votes

    Any recommendations for a cheap kid's tablet? 10" preferably? Anything cheaper and/or better than Lenovo M10?

    It's annoying that Lenovo dumbed down the spec's after the Tab 4 10 Plus.

  • Now its $99.

    • So much for "price after promotion: $149"!
      May be actionable under TPA s52 for misleading or deceptive conduct.