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Melbourne to Azerbaijan $360 Return on Virgin/Etihad @ Flight Centre



Just booked a return flight From Melbourne to Azerbaijan $360 return. This will be my stepping stone to Europe.

Flight examples i experimented with are:

31st Jul to 8th Aug
31st Jul to 14th Aug
31st Jul to 15th Aug
24th Jul to 14th Aug
11th Jun to 19th Jul : $450

Have a fiddle and find something that fits your needs and mention them below for others :)

Even if I decide not to go, no great loss

Happy travelling Ozzy B Fam


"""""""""EDIT"""""""""": For those of you flying on the 31st of July, wear something orange so fellow Ozbargainers can give each other hi-5s

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  • +1 vote

    SYD = $1626 :(

  • +58 votes

    I read Azkaban and was like you sure it's a return flight?

  • +4 votes

    Damn tempting. I went to Baku two years ago for work and loved it. Great old town and good turkish baths. Been meaning to go back and explore more.

  • +5 votes

    Is Azerbaijan safe?

    • +25 votes

      I tend to think if someone has to ask that question about a destination, then that destination probably isn't for them anyway.

      • -15 votes

        Have you been there?

      • -3 votes

        Not sure why people are negging Roman's comment as I think it's correct.

      • +31 votes

        Nothing wrong with visiting a country you know little about and never been to before.

        Safety is one of the first question you probably would ask.

      • +7 votes

        Anyone asking that question should just go to gold coast only.

        • +8 votes

          Yes, you and @wfd Tamar above both got my gentle sarcasm.

          But, for the sake of those who may be 'challenged' in some areas, and all the quick-to-neg types, let me be more explicit.

          Asking a question like 'Is it safe?' about a definitively non-mainstream travel destination reveals certain things about the person posing the question.

          Firstly, that they are obviously unfamiliar with the current status of the destination, and what's going on in that location. They are unlikely to have read or researched much about the place. It's probably not even in their top ten list of possible holiday places, if in fact they have ever even heard of the place.

          Secondly, asking that question shows that the questioner places a higher priority on 'safety' than other aspects of travel. This is fine; not everyone aspires to be Ranulph Fiennes. But it also displays something of an ignorance of the reality of the relative safety of travel around the world. The overwhelming vast majority of places 'normal' people can go to are really really safe. It's not like ten percent of people who visit Chicago are murdered. Or half the people who go to Lebanon are kidnapped by terrorists.

          Even in a so-called current hotspots like Hong Kong or Barcelona, it is probably safer for a tourist visiting there than going to their local pub on a Saturday night.

          But if the first thought about a potential foreign visit is how safe it is, then that person's openness, their willingness to absorb or experience another (perhaps quite different) culture is, in my opinion, likely to be somewhat limited. And, as @Igacb08 says, perhaps the Gold Coast may be their best option.

          It would be interesting perhaps to examine crime statistics, natural (and unnatural) disasters, fires, food poisoning, etc, etc, and compare these for various destinations. Off the top of my head (admittedly, really more like pulling it out of my ass) I would suggest that adverse 'safety' experiences of 'more exotic' locations would perhaps be in the order of 2 in 10,000 compared to 4 in 10,000 (which, although double is still tiny), rather than 2 in 100 compared to 4 in 100 (again, double, but now… much more meaningful). And, as many humans have huge trouble understanding these type of statistics, if those figures scare, it's probably better to holiday in Bali or Port Macquarie, rather than Tashkent or Medellin.


            @Roman Sandstorm: …and then you get the types that based their decisions on what SmartTraveller says too!

          • +1 vote

            @Roman Sandstorm:


            utter wank


            @Roman Sandstorm: Wtf are you on about. Even travelling to New Zealand is less safe than going to your local pub. Being in a different land with different culture, potentially without medical insurance if far more dangerous than a pub down the street. In Hong Kong, they are throwing petrol bombs at each other. Are you telling me that is less dangerous than a drunken bogan? When you travel, do you not go into any of the pubs?

            What if I’ve always wanted to see Egypt and am concerned about safety, does that mean I’ve never researched the place?

            It’s alright, you do not care about safety. Do you think that makes you cool/adventurous?

            • +5 votes

              @Gizdonk: @Gizdonk

              What if I’ve always wanted to see Egypt and am concerned about safety,

              Egypt: 5 million visitors 2018. Four terror-related fatalities.

              Conclusion: You probably have a higher probability of dying by falling out of bed than in a terror attack in Egypt.

              In Hong Kong, they are throwing petrol bombs at each other.

              Fact check: No. They are not. Some demonstrators are throwing petrol bombs at buildings and police. Buildings and police are not returning the favour.

              No tourists have been killed in months and months of local protests involving millions of people. (I think only one or two protestors/police have died in all this time as well.) I cannot find any details of any injuries. It all seems a very civilised riot. <sarc>

              Do you think that makes you cool/adventurous?

              No. It makes me realistic and cogniscent of facts. The overwhelming majority of the world (even so-called dangerous places) is exceedingly safe for most tourists. Obviously, you don't do stupid things, like running down the main street of Peshawar screaming 'Death to Allah'. (Hell, I would not suggest doing that on Sydney Road…) And you don't go around taking photos of nuclear reactors in Iran. And you don't do drug deals in dark alleys in Istanbul.

              But as for the normal 'touristy' things; the world isn't The Wire, or Homeland, or James Bond.

          • +2 votes

            @Roman Sandstorm: Actually I've traveled to 28 countries (including living in Medellin which you mentioned). I asked the question only because of my own personal experience and was hoping someone might be able to share theirs. But go ahead and make your assumptions anyway.

      • +7 votes

        Is America safe?

    • +1 vote

      yeah pretty safe only if you speak russian

    • +9 votes

      Safer than Barcelona and Hong Kong right now. They host an F1 grand prix and did a nice job of Eurovision. Baku on the Caspian sea looks pretty spectacular.


        There is one place that you mentioned above may attract some -1 vote for you.


        safer than the places with constant riots/protests.

        that aint saying much.


        Until you look in the water of the Caspian sea on the Baku waterfront :-) very dirty and not that pleasant, but Baku was quite nice and a very European style city. Its Neighbours Georgia and Armenia off more than Baku does IMO.

    • +4 votes

      Very safe. I've been to Baku. It'a a nice city with amazing food and friendly locals.


      As houses. Run by a ruthless despot.

    • +2 votes

      Yes. Very much a first world, European (ish) nation. There's a disputed area with occasional sparring in the west of the country but Baku and surrounds are no less safe than any other place in eastern Europe.


      Baku is full of British expats working on BP's Projects.
      When I was working in the UK for one eng. Consultancy, ~10% of our staff were Azerbaijani, very educated people.
      Not sure if you go to any regional Azerbaijan area.

    • +5 votes

      I was born in Baku and visited it again in May this year. It is as safe as Dubai and Istanbul, but only safer. Being a Muslim country you don't need to worry about buying and drinking alcohol in public places like bars, pubs, restaurants, etc, most of the women do not cover, plenty of police around to look after public order. Citizens have their own internal issues with the government and freedom of speech, but that's no concern for visitors and tourists. People are friendly and willing to help foreigners in any difficult situations they may face…and it's so cheap!


    they might not honour it and besides wouldnt it cost a fortune to fly from there to the EU? anyway good luck keep us posted.


    wow what a price


    That's insane… Only wish I hadn't already booked my Europe trip :/


      Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #15,287,288 in Books

      Why do they even provide this ranking info? Could publish a book, the 20 million best books on Amazon.

      • -1 vote

        - Why do people take an instant dislike to Azerbaijanis?

        - To save time later.

    • +1 vote

      read free with app

  • +1 vote

    Woohoo double status credits as well.


    not available anymore


    How did you find this in the first place? Interested to know.


      I got an email from a third party about it about an hour ago. Assume OP is on the same mailing list. No one looks this up.

      • +1 vote

        Which mailing list might this be?


          Twas Beat that flight

          Act super fast. If the first isn’t available, there are also options at $334, $350 and thereabouts.
          Melbourne, to Baku, Azerbaijan on Etihad.
          Example: https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/mel3107gyd080...
          These don’t last long, and book at your risk – usually the airline will not honour it, but sometimes they will….and you’ll get a steal!

          Deals from Sydney, Deals from Melbourne, Deals from Adelaide, Deals from Canberra, Deals from Perth, Deals from Darwin, Deals from Cairns, Deals from Brisbane, Deals from Hobart
          We have an app now too, if you're on Android!


        I'm interested in the mailing list too

  • +2 votes

    looks like departure must be on 31 JULY

    returns any SAT/FRI till 12 September


    Booked it via BYOjet… lets see what happens.

  • +1 vote

    how do you know its a pricing error?


    this is so tempting… however same time as olympics and planning japan trip at that time


      I made sure my trip to Japan next year was clear of the Olympics lol
      Are you watching any events?


        I've been planning to go back to Japan and I've always wondered what going to the Olympics would be like so figured I may as well do both at the same time. Nothing set in stone yet but keen nonetheless.

  • +2 votes

    The Etihad leg is on a A380 which is prob one of the best plane ive been on

  • +39 votes

    I would have laughed at you if you had told me I would ever buy a ticket to Azerbaijan on impulse but that is exactly what I have just done.


    Is a week long enough cause transit of 24+ hours is killing this killer bargain.

  • +2 votes

    Damn, Nothing for 2020 F1 Race.

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