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Kogan 18W USB-C PD Power Bank: 20,000mAh $25 + Delivery @ Kogan


This was $49 delivered a year ago.
The 10,000 and 15,000 are also listed as $25 +delivery

$8.99 delivery for me in Brisbane
Review courtesy of Bigboomboom

Power up quickly with the Kogan 20000mAh 18W PD Power Bank, featuring 18W PD & Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 to charge up to 4x faster.

Impressive 20000mAh of charge

Two-way 18W PD fast charge
Features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
USB Type-C charging
Backwards compatible
Pocket-sized body for on-the-go power
Power-up fast with the Kogan 20000mAh 18W PD Power Bank that, with just one charge, can juice up an iPhone 8 up to seven times!

18W PD 2.0 ultrafast charging

Using USB Power Delivery, this power bank intelligently adjusts to the perfect voltage and current to safely provide the most rapid charge possible for your device.

Change the way you charge Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

Charge compatible devices up to 4x faster than conventional charging with Qualcomm Charge 3.0, and keep your device running at peak performance using dual charge to maintain efficiency and help prevent overheating.

Ultra-slim body

The perfect pocket-buddy, this compact power bank delivers a rapid 20000mAh of energy to your chosen device/s, with enough power to go for days!

Forget the need to pack extraneous cords and adapters, this slim power bank is all you’ll need – maybe with the need for occasional top ups.

Compatible 18W Devices

Connect up to three devices at the one time for conventional charging, or 1 device for ultra-fast charging.

Type-C port supports PD 2.0 18W fast charge:
iPhone 8-X, new iPhones & Pixel phones and other PD compatible models, including Nintendo Switch and Macbook (output capped at 18W)
USB QC3.0 port supports:
Fast charge compatible phones or standard charge for other devices.


Includes a USB-A to Type-C cable – simply pair with your own device to enjoy fast charge
High density lithium polymer batteries
Aluminum case with a smooth, matte finish

Note: These Power Bank are only useful for charging phones and Nintendo Switch. Not suitable for Laptops due to Maximum of 18W output.

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closed Comments

  • Great find!

  • Are these any good?

    • I would also like to know and how good is Kogan when it comes to returns of products, should you have an issue?

      • It depends on who got your case. My Pixel 2 took 2 months to fix. My PD 10,000mAh Power Bank was immediately issued a replacement without the need to return the old power bank.

      • It might depend on the person that gets your case, or maybe it's just the typical case where you hear more about the bad interactions than good ones.

        I won't vouch for Kogan products but their returns have been good.

        Had their smarterhome heater (useless btw) break and got issued a refund; had a 26000mah powerbank which lasted about 6 months before it died, also got issued a refund within the day.

        So I feel fairly confident about their warranties at least, even if I expect products to not necessarily last.

      • I bought a Nexus 5X in May 2016 which came with "1yr Australian Warranty"

        Lodged a warranty claim with them end September 2017 due to it bootlooping. They asked for some more information (standard stuff) after which they authorised the return (at their expense).

        Around 8 days after they received it I was offered a replacement product (selection of 4) as they couldn't repair it or replace it (no stock). I didn't like the selection I was offered and requested a refund, which they gave me (minus the shipping I originally paid, which is fair enough).

        So from my experience at least, I'm more than happy with Kogan returns.

  • I'm getting this weird issue when I try to look at any other category its all empty

  • According to Kogan "Ultra Slim" = 24.5mm…..

    But yeah seems to be the cheapest to date. But some of the previous prices ($29) have coincided with their periodic free shipping deals.

  • Hopefully someone can comment on how this goes for a switch.. need one for an upcoming trip

    • What type of comment are you seeking?
      Ohhhh wait… Username checks out. :P

      Product description says it supports switch

      Type-C port supports PD 2.0 18W fast charge:
      iPhone 8-X, new iPhones & Pixel phones and other PD compatible models, including Nintendo Switch and Macbook (output capped at 18W)

      • Sorry stupid question but can this charge multiple devices at the same time and how many usb A slots does it have aka the generic usb port on a lot of default chargers.

        I am looking for a simple solution for keeping my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phone alive during the work week (it takes micro usb) and if need be also to charge my wireless headphones and tablet when I bring it.

        Looking at 30,000mah power banks as well but this one looks so tempting to buy because of how good value it is I might buy two lol.

        • I have this powerbank. When I connect nintendo switch and mobile (both on usb a port: they have 2 usb a ports), the charging sometimes stopped for no reason. I think it’s because the total output is capped at 18W.

  • will this fast charge note 10+? it is hard to find that can fast charge note 10+

  • Does it have band 28?

  • skip kogan and get one of the romoss ones that are posted here regularly from amazon - avoid the ~$10 delivery fee from kogan if you have amazon prime.

  • Anyone know if this’ll charge and charge a device sametime?

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