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PlayStation 4 500GB Console $229 @ JB Hi-Fi


Credit to SpamMeNotInOz as they mentioned this in a deal they posted, but thought it would be better to have it appear in the gaming category rather than just mentioned briefly in deal that focussed on TV's.

Original JB Hi-Fi Black Friday Deals post

Mod - Additional Info/Related deals: Playstation 4 500GB Fortnite $229 JB Hi-Fi, $223.99 Amazon AU, $249 Big W

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Almost as good as the $199 HN AMEX deal a few years ago!

  • Waiting for someone to comment an almost 1 gen old console for $229 isn't a deal.

    • you would be better off in the long run doing something about that 500gb drive…

      • I am of those people that do not used the internal hard drive.
        I used to use an USB 3,0 3TB with PS4 ages ago. Now I have an USB 3.0 NVMe 1TB connected with my Xbox.
        I might grab this deal to have access to exclusive such as Uncharted 4, the PS will be connected with the same 3TB disk.

        Nowadays, this is not a big deal anymore. You have bigger storage, the games load much faster, without opening the console :)

    • Sometimes you have to cast your own Patronus

    • Sounds like a jv comment to me

    • Well it's certainly a fair price!!

    • Still plenty of life left in the PS4, just put a 1 TB SSD in it (keep the old drive, incase it helps sale\trade-in values later)
      EB Games have had a few decent trade-in programs for the PS4 Pro (earlier one was $149 + 2 games), so you could be one step closer to a PS5.

  • This or Nintendo Switch.

    I used to have a SNES back in the days.

    The price for this seems amazing compared to the switch. Hence the question.

    • Tough question, I'd take the Switch but they both have very good games.

    • This. The PlayStation hits game range can be bought for super cheap and are outstanding games

    • Do you game at home or on the move?

      What do you game eg Fifa (which is terrible on switch) or Smash Ultimate?

      That should answer your question.

      If it were me, Id get both.

      • Not really a gamer as such. Just want to play occasionally with my son and maybe some friends. I played the Mario kart 8 at the shops and I loved it.

        I do like the sound of portability, especially for travel.

        But I’m thinking I might get equal enjoyment from the PS4 games.

        • Well mario kart is a nintendo exclusive and if you like those kind of games then nintendo would suit you better than the ps4. Plus its only about $120 difference as the switch has beem around $350 at times

        • Sounds like Switch is a better bet for you when it comes to family fun and local multiplayer games unless you want to play online games with your friends who already have PS4s.

        • PS4 has mostly adult action solo/online multiplayer based games, switch mostly has PG singleplayer and couch multiplayer based games.

          If price is a priority 100% get ps4, every AAA switch game is $60+ and almost never go on sale, AAA ps4 games are constantly <$20 every few months

    • Any good deals for the Switch? Really itching to get one if something comes up.

    • If you value multiplayer, portability, Nintendo IPs, indie games, or taking your console to a friend's house go for the NS.

      If you value much cheaper triple A games, Sony IPs, much higher graphical realism, better online features go for the PS.

    • If it's more for your son+yourself just get a switch. Like no hesitation.

      1) More co-op games or games made for two players which are family friendly and fun. Future released will probably keep including these modes, think for example Luigi's Mansion 3 (great game) includes an option to drop in and out the game as a second player.

      2) More quality first party games, and more age appropriate at this stage.

      3) Portability will come in handy a lot for any road trips or even just short commuting if needed.

      4) If you visit family you could in theory very easily carry the switch, cables and small cradle to set it up if there's no entertainment for kids (Ie. Christmas etc).

      Tbh the main downside to the Switch is that it's not really a media centre like the xbox and ps; and it will lack some multiplatform support or performance for "big games" but if you don't plan to religiously play FIFA, COD, Gears and such, they really aren't missed.

      And honestly, at this point I'd prefer a cheapy Xbox one s, because game pass is an infinitely better deal than 'cheap PS4 games'

      • I agree with most of your sentiments, however I am in a similar enough boat to the OP, and game pass doesn't really work for me. I only buy games very occasionally when they are uber cheap, and play them even less (I have a large collection of unplayed games), so spending a monthly fee doesn't interest me at all, and even xbox games with gold aren't playable unless you have and active membership, unlike with the 360 (OP should buy one of those! :-))

        Having said that, 229 is definitely approaching the 'i can make an excuse to have both' region with the PS4, but since Switch games are also relatively expensive, I've satisfied my nintendo needs with a 3DS (at least for myself, that might not work for OP as no multiplayer without another DS).

        I guess an xbox one is also an option, if you wnat to play rocket league or overcooked e.g. console could be had for just over 100 bucks second hand, and games for for dollars in the single digits. I think that's hard to go past myself.

      • I would say Wii is better for young kids probably 4-6 then they can move to switch

        I've kept my Wii console until kids can play it

        I've got PS4 Pro already and plus sub for two years. So that should cover until ps5 is more mature.

        As for the switch I have it as well, in addition in keeping my ps3 which has served me well
        Lots of backlog no time to play

    • Thanks all for the feedback. I think I am going to jump on the $399 switch bundle that comes with Mario Kart 8. I guess I don’t need any of the smart features as my tv can do those anyways. The portable screen is the deal maker over the PS4.

  • Glad I held out for this. Was going to go 2nd hand. But for some reason 2nd hand market seems to hold it's value at around $200… Unbelievable!

    • Yer…. people have no sense lol…. or should I say patience to buy at a good price

    • Good call. I did the opposite, and ended up paying close to $300 for a second hand console with a few games and accessories. I was hoping to sell it after christmas for a small loss, but now I'm wishing I had waited.

    • I just listed my OG PS4 for 200 on gumtree and had multiple msg me within the hour, kinda shocked people are buying at 200 when we have deals like this!

      • 99% of people have never heard of OzB, or seen these deals.

        • you would think people would at least check online at some of the big retail stores, before jumping on a 2nd hand marketplace.

          • @damontyler: I'm sure they do but JB Hifi was selling the PS4 500GB at RRP for the last weeks. Check Amazon now, its $399! So $200 for 2nd hand is a pretty good.

  • Will this be available online too?

  • Xbox one s vs this?
    Which one has better gameplay?

  • One month ago, when the PS5 was announced I sold my PS4 for $272 on ebay (It was used, but complete in the box). This is a good deal.
    Also, if you ever plan to re-sell the used console, always keep the box & all it's contents.

    • Your ebay handle must be different to your OzB one, I wouldn't want my PS4 turning up stained and smelling like bong smoke

  • Hi can I connect this wirelessly to my phone hotspot and watch Amazon prime video.

    • Yes, if you have sufficient data plan and signal strength. Download the prime video app and connect to phone via WiFi.

  • Hi I recently bought PS4 and was wondering if PS4 PLUS membership is worth it since membership is on special these days. Not a frequent game player though

    • If you play online then yeah but the monthly games are pretty rubbish nowadays, especially compared to Game Pass Ultimate which has way better value.

    • If you want to play online or have certain online features then it's worthwhile. If you prefer single player games then won't need it at all. You do get free games monthly and some exclusive discounts but nothing major. Suggest check the PS store yourself and see if it's any value to you.

    • I would say you subscribe to it only for the free games. Nothing else.

      PS4 multiplayer isn't something you got time if you are a casual gamer it is not worth it.

      Sony should use a timer for the hours you spend rather than annual or monthly timeline to cater for casuals

      • Is it really worth it for the monthly games? There's only 2 and one is usually an indie title. I think $80 a year for a selection of 24 games is pretty bad value, especially when many of them aren't very good or can be bought very cheaply.

        • Well you missed the discount $59.95 and the pricing error which was $45 a year

          If you go out and buy a game or two already cost that much for AA or AAA titles

          Comes with save games to be stored on PSN so you don't need to worry about losing save games.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just checking if any of the experienced fellows here would know if this would be good for the PlayStation VR with camera bundle that i bought sometime ago from one of the deals?

    • Yep, it'll work perfectly fine. The PS4 Pro will naturally give you a better experience as has more power under the hood but this is more than sufficient.

    • VR works fine on the Slim, although stepping up to the pro some scenes will appear less blurry in the distance, but close up scenes should be the same.
      Some of the experiences have far fewer objects\interactions on the slim vs the pro, but the core experience is the same. (eg: less fish in the ocean, less birds flying around).
      Astrobot is well worth getting, and works well on the slim.


    I'd get a Xbox with game pass, and wait for the ps5 to come out, and if you do not like the Xbox one X, sell it for ps5. But buying a PS4 original now isn't really worth it as of now, two years ago sure a year ago sure, now no, but alot will be trading in PS4 for ps5, so make your own conclusion.

    • That would depend on what games people want to play. Cross-platform then maybe but PS4 has far better exclusives to enjoy for the next year or so till PS5 is out.

      • That would depend on what games people want to play

        theres like 200 games on game pass im sure people could find something they like

  • This or the 1TB bundle ($349)?

    • The base model is the better deal if you have an old external hard drive floating around. Even better if you've got an SSD that you're not using. The premium for extra hard drive space (slow, mechanical laptop style storage) is not worth it in my view. You'd be better to get a Pro for the $369.

  • gud deel

  • Can someone help me make up my mind - I have an OG white PS4 and am sick of the constant jet engine every time I play. I have had to remove the eject button over those issues of overheating (or whatever) and randomly ejecting games as well. Plus not sure whether the Bluetooth is having issues too as all my 3 controllers often have issues with inputs not registering in game.

    Is the new regular PS4 good enough of an upgrade or should I stump up the extra and go with the Pro. I don’t have a 4K TV yet (a few years away based on how well my current TV is running) and I already have an XBox One X which I’ll be using going forward for any non exclusive games.

    • I don’t have a 4K TV yet (a few years away based on how well my current TV is running)

      Sounds like you already made your mind up. Don't need a Pro if you don't have a 4K HDR TV.

      Pro will still look better with better framerates on 1080p but not sure it's enough to justify it. Alternatively, you may want to future-proof if not planning to get a PS5 at launch.

      Also, you're missing out big time without a 4K TV.

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply.

        I most likely wont grab at PS5 launch - I’d prefer to put that cost towards a 4K TV first (I might just have to retire my current TV earlier instead of waiting for it to die) so perhaps the Pro is the better buy at this stage.

        An extra $140 to future-proof and the improvements over the regular PS4 might be justifiable spread over a few more years.

        Cheers for your help!

        • I would agree with your assessment in that case. I'm sure there'll be some Pro deals coming up soon, keep an eye out. Good luck!

      • while he may not have a 4K tv
        supersampling is a thing for 1080p displays

        • If anything the Pro is more suited to 1080p displays. Cleaner image + higher framerates in many cases on a 1080p display. It's well worth paying the bit extra for the Pro.

  • Good price, but considering games like Red Dead and the new Call of Duty take take up around 130gb+ each, this hard drive will fill up quick.

  • Does anyone suggest to get there when it opens or should it available online/later in the day?

  • Which deal does everyone think sounds better the 500gb PS4 for 229 or the PS4 1tb with those 3 games that jbhifi is doing for 349.

  • Hey Guys,

    i was looking at getting the nvidia shield TV, primarily i am a PC Gamer (steam), but as my kids take up most of my time i dont play much anymore.

    main reason to get the shield was to side load Mobdro, also my "samsung smart tv" no longer supports Youtube and never supported Netflix..

    this or PS4? i like that this has 500GB HDD, can you record live TV to this?

    i dont think mobdro works on PS4 looking at online..

  • +1 vote

    Is this offer (ps4 slim $229) still available as Black Friday deal? Following Deal link it shows up at $409. Or do I need to wait till Friday.
    Edit: Doh… just found link to catalogue. Starts Friday…..

  • Does this also apply to the white ps4 slim?

  • Heads up, this is live on the site right now. $229 for the Slims (including Fortnite bundle):


    $389 for the Pros, too, but Amazon/eBay have better deals right now.

  • I just went and bought this at JB. wicked deal. Also applies to thw White Slim.

  • Just bought it for pickup. Is it possible to sell the fortnite stuff? V-bucks and all?

  • hmm do I need another console?? cheers for the deal