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Dell XPS 13 9380 Laptop 8th Gen i7-8565U $1439.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Great price on this XPS 13 with the 8th Gen CPU

Dell XPS 13 9380 Laptop
8th Gen i7-8565U

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  • Nice. I went with the Inspiron 13 a couple weeks ago for $880, spec: 8th Gen i7-8565U, 8GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, Nvidia MX250 2GB DDR5, FHD VA LCD.

    Glad I did, pretty decent spec for the price.

    • How'd you get that price?

      • With a 20% off ebay selected sellers code posted here a couple weeks back.

        Was heavily reduced already, RRP was $1800, had been reduced to $1400 on Dells website but was $1100 on Dell's Ebay, so with 20% off was $880.

        I should have posted the deal, silly me thought no one was interested because someone had posted a deal for another Dell laptop at the time already and I thought anyone interested in other Dells on sale would have given their ebay page a glance. Next time I'll have more faith in the deals I find.

      • Because it's an Inspiron 13; the XPS 13 is in a complete different league

        • Well… Usually you would think so… But spec wise, that Inspiron beat the XPS 13 in pretty much everything (Even the price :)

          It also had a dedicated MX 250 so it would work pretty nicely for any light gaming

          imk, the Inspiron is a much better deal compared to this XPS 13

          • @Zackeroo: Different build materials..
            Check youtube vids where they pop the bottom open, you can see the joints and the plastic in an Inspiron

    • Haha same. One of my friends needed a new laptop and their budget was $800. I told him about that laptop and boom… The next day it turns out he bought it

      Quite an amazing laptop for the price 👌

      • Inspirons are great value, but I'd compare them to Asus zenbooks not the Xps series.

        Both inspiron and zenbooks have a thin metal exterior layer with a plastic interior

  • I guess ram and SSD are not upgradable, correct?

    • Ram won't be, SSD should be.

      I have the 9360 version from 2016. Has been great but am looking to upgrade it to an updated 16gb ram variant at some point soon.

      • Wish I had the same experience, coil whine, flickering screen and the fans go off pretty much ALL the time.

    • Generally Dell allow you to upgrade everything

      • SSD is a standard m.2 from memory, but the RAM is soldered to the board, so not up-gradable later. It seems like Dell no longer sell the 9380 in the 16gb/512gb config, only the more recent with 10th gen CPU.

        I bought the 9380 16gb/512 config a while ago from JB, got a steal as when price matching the guy price matched dells prices before GST. Great laptop, although doesn't get much usage as my desktop is more convenient for me.

  • ?

    "Plaid" in the code

    eBay hurt my feelings …

  • Look at the delivery date: end of December start of January

    • For what it's worth I ordered one recently and it arrived way before the given delivery date, took about a week and a half

  • Damn, the delivery is like 24th of Dec, probably won't make it in time for those wanting to claim TRS…

    • I ordered from them in July and it got delivered to QLD metro within 3 weeks. I think I will risk buying one before heading to overseas again before Christmas.

  • Help, someone remind me about all of the alleged XPS issues (coil whine, etc) to stop me from impulse buying this..

    • i got u mate. remember how the xps allegedly had all those issues like coil whine and others?

    • Only speaking from my own anecdotal experience with my XPS 9360 I bought at the start of this year, I haven't had any coil whine issues.

    • My 9570 runs smoothly except when it dies after closing the lid and opening it again (sleep mode doesn't really work in XPS).

      • Hah, that doesn't sound like it runs smoothly. I have a Dell Precision 5520 (same as XPS) and it had constant driver and sleep issues. Not to mention the black finish being extremely prone to finger print marks and always looking dirty. Dell generally has very crap QC.

    • I have a 9630, never had coil whine.

    • I have a 9370 and here are the issues I can name:

      -The charger makes noise when the laptop reaches 100% (yeah, what?)
      -If you put the laptop on sleep and charge it, the fan spins at full speed for no reason. It stops after an hour or so
      -If you laptop was in shut down or hybernate and you turn it on while charging, you get an error that the HDD couldn't be found. You have to turn it off again, unplug the charger, and turn it on

      No coil whine, however the laptop makes random low noise clicking noises. I have no idea what that is. Your brain learns to tune it out after while.

      Apart from that, fantastic laptop. The issues above are good enough to deal with given the quality of the laptop.

    • The only issue i've had so far are the USB-c inputs stopped working after 3 months (known issue). Only charging the laptop works. USB drives etc. don't work. I have a technician coming to fix it this week.

      I love this machine. I got a 16GB i7 model in July with a 20% ebay code. On paper the specs make it look like an average laptop, and even if you go to JB Hi Fi and test it out, you'll think what's all the fuss about? But after a few days of using it you'll love it.

    • Have had a 9360 since the start of 2017, no issues, been a great laptop. Need to replace the battery soon though.

    • I have my XPS 15 already 6 years - best laptop I ever had :-D

  • Sorry for the ot but after all it's still about Dell. Is it worth buying a laptop from the outlet? The one I'm looking for has a saving of about $800

    • Which Dell have you owned?

      I have had Latitude 7000 series for 4 years and want it to die so I can upgrade but no luck so far. In fact, my older Latitude 6 something still works.

      Latitude/XPS are significantly better than their Inspiron/Vostro lines.

      • I'm after an xps 2 in 1 but I nreally scared to buy from the outlet.. I wish I could add some extra warranty for peace of mind

        • They have the new model in the Outlet? If its the older one i would avoid it, i owned it and its slow, particularly when unplugged from power as the firmware majorly underclocks the already underclocked CPU.
          I would be a little scared too of a new model given there was a little but of QC issues i read about and some returns.
          That said, mine arrived on Friday and its BEAUTIFUL. Best small laptop ive ever used, and ive used almost every decent model ever released.

          • @Danthemanz: the new one. the model I want now sells for $2500 (i7, 16gb,512gb, FHD) brand new and $1779 for the exact same model on the outlet.
            If you have any suggestions i would really appreciate.

            • @ets27: Dont have anything more than what i said.
              Looks like a good deal (thats what i got), wish i had seen it two weeks ago and saved myself $700. You get warranty, so if you are unhappy with what you get, send it back…

        • You can get extended warranty from the outlet, you just have to ask.

    • Is it worth buying a laptop from the outlet?

      There should be Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

      As per DeluxeBull, Latitude and XPS are on a different league than Inspiron/Vostro plastic lines

  • I guess the size is the draw? Cause the rest of the specs aren't anything to write home about at this price.

    • Specs aren't everything. XPS 13 regularly wins awards for the best 13" laptop. 9380 was a great package.

      • Why does it win awards. Specs are important for people who use their machine instead of just showing it off.

        This has a decent CPU but small storage and memory is only 8GB. It has built in graphics so forget anything that needs to do rendering and games are out of the question. So what do people use this as? A media player? A web browsing and office document machine? I can get something 1/2 the price that will do all that.

        I honestly don't get it.

        • Most laptop users are corporate and as one of those user types this is the best laptop I could find.

          • @1st-Amendment: Look harder!

            I mean check out these reviews. Only 1 review for the 9380 variant and it is negative.

            Lenovo, MSI and ASUS all make better laptops for this price. I don't know about small though.

            • @syousef: Small is important. I doubt you'll find the same spec in something so compact (It's 13.3" laptop with the footprint of an 11").

            • @syousef: Can you name a model number for Asus? Last time I checked they had zillion variations and each one had a limitation.
              MSI equivalent has a good screen but XPS 13 is superior in every other way.
              Lenovo is good. X1 Carbon never seems to be on a sale.

              • @DeluxeBull: There have been many models on sale recently posted here and each one has a discussion many of which include more models. Just search Ozbargain for "Laptops" and "Notebooks" and you'll get much more information than I have time to give you. Google and Youtube are also your friend. I am not your personal shopper.

            • @syousef: @syousef Look harder!
              If you investigated the link you sent a little more you would have noticed that the reviewer gave the Dell XPS 13 2 stars**
              but gave the Lenovo that you stated "make better laptops for this price" only 1 star*.
              It's quite ironic, when you're telling people to "Look harder"!!!

              • @PukeyLuke: What's ironic is that you don't see your own brand loyalty. I didn't say EVERY device from those manufacturers would be without flaw, or even good. I said this one isn't very good based on reviews and that you have other options.

        • Besides being solidly built it's lightweight for someone who flies for work every week and doesn't like to check in luggage. Went with Lenovo at similar price for 14" screen and cry every day because the fans run if there's a cup of coffee in it's vicinity.

        • I guess people here are not the target market for XPS, Latitude, Thinkpad X1 Carbon or any other premium lines. For some people like me reliability, lightweight and screen quality are way more important than other specs. From everything I have read XPS 13 9380 has one of the best matte screens in the market. Only other competitor is Thinkpad X1 Carbon which costs more.

  • The express postage option isn't showing up for me.
    Do they even offer express postage?

  • Is this as cheap as it gets? Or should I hold out for black friday/Cyber Monday at the Dell store?

    • The specs are awful for the price point. I would suggest purchasing a good laptop with a larger screen.

      • You're paying for compact chassis and build quality. Shocks me how many people can't seem to comprehend premium ultraportables. I already have a gaming PC, I don't want my 2nd computer to be a 15" gaming laptop that lasts 2 hours on battery, sounds like a jet engine, and cooks my thighs once the discrete GPU fires up. There's a market for that type of machine, but lots of people also want thin, light, and sturdy, with all-day battery.

  • I'd urge everyone to wait a couple of days and see what Black Friday and Cyber Monday come with.

  • Hello coil whine, bad battery and problemAtic wifi

  • Warning. I ordered the i5 version of this early November and keep getting updates with a change of delivery date because they ran out of parts. I only get an email notification of the change after I go and check myself. Discussing with them at the moment and the options seem to be to cancel the order and buy locally or put in a new order. Grrr

  • Noob question here, but would this be suitable for playing the new flight simulator game on when it's released next year?

  • I would recommend getting a 9370 over the 9380 as the specs are relatively the same, however the 9370 has a Windows Hello face recognition camera. The 9380 doesn't.

    If you haven't used that before, trust me when I tell you that once you start, you'll never go back.

    • only get 9370 if you're ok with a nose cam. Make sure your boogers are cleaned out before a web conference.

      Also, it uses kaby lake R as opposed to whisky lake.

      • Yes that's correct. I don't use the camera at all so makes no difference.

        If you do use the camera, you'll need to consider that vs Windows Hello.

        • if all you use it for is windows hello, why not just use the fingerprint scanner?

          • @lostn: Because Windows unlocks itself as soon as I open the lid, and without any effort on my end. It can't get any faster or convenient than that.

            Fingerprint scanner isn't bad if you're willing to use it.

            • @sax: seems like a waste of a camera if that's all you use it for. It doesn't take much effort to touch the finger print scanner, and it's also fast.

  • Is $1,400+ for a 13 inch screen, quad core CPU and integrated graphics really worth it? Sure it's a big discount, but it seems that the original product is egregiously overpriced.

    • XPS line is all about the max performance in the smallest possible size with best build quality.

      So yes it is worth it. If the size and weight doesn't appeal to you, you're not the target audience.

      • the performance usually suffers from thermal throttling because of the aggressive thinning of the device

  • Can you hook up an external GPU to this bad boi?

  • Is there no 9th gen? I see only 8, then the new SP7 are 10th gen.

    I have a 6gen SP, will only 2 gens be worth upgrading?

  • Any Huawei ultrabook deals?

  • I really would like a thick heavy laptop with 16gb ram, 512 ssd and fhd panel but now all I see it’s extrathin that I don’t need

  • Currently sold out. Hoping they restock at some point over the weekend.

  • Restocked