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Pay with Zip and Get 10% Back (Max $50) @ Amazon AU


Just saw this deal on the Amazon landing page on Shopback. Great deal for shopping on BF!

  1. What purchases are eligible?
    Any items available to purchase on Amazon.com.au or the Amazon mobile app except:
    (a) Digital purchases including Ebooks, apps;
    (b) Subscription purchases including Prime, Prime Video, Audible, Music Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited;
    (c) Purchases made at Amazon.com (USA) or any other non-Australian Amazon site, mobile app marketplace or location (Amazon Global Store purchases are eligible);
    (d) Subscribe & Save purchases; and
    (e) Amazon gift cards.

Click here to create a Zip account.

Below from Zip rep -

Hello everyone,

Mac from Zip here. We're really sorry that some of you are having problems with linking your accounts, but we have a workaround for you!

If you are having issues with linking your account, please log in to your Zip account here https://zip.co/customer/account-selector

After logging in, open a new tab and go back to Amazon.com.au to link your account https://www.amazon.com.au/cpe/managepaymentmethods?ref_=ya_d...

If you continue to have problems please email Zip on [email protected] with the subject line "Amazon linking issue" so that our team can prioritise your request.

Happy shopping!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • can it affect your credit score if you have an account but never used it?

    • I'm going to say … yes? I would think so since you've still effectively applied for and been granted credit.

  • +1

    For those still trying to link their Amazon wallet to Zip pay, here is what I did. Go to the Amazon app on your phone and sign out. After a few minutes sign back in and go to your payment methods and choose zip. When entering your phone number, start with 04.. instead of 4.. (0412345678 instead of 412345678). Hope this helps

    • Cheers. That worked for me

  • Anyone ring them this morning to get help linking the account to Amazon? If so were they able to help and how long were you on hold?

    • +2

      Yes and they got me to link my zip account using a Chrome incognito window. That worked.

      • Yeah i got through after about 15 minutes on hold but all it got me was an email with this advice:

        Would you mind trying the following troubleshooting steps:

        1. Clear your browsers cookies and cache, or try a different browser - we recommend using Google Chrome.
        2. Try on an incognito window in Google Chrome
        3. Try signing in to Zip with this link https://zip.co/customer/account-selector before returning to Amazon to add Zip as a payment method.
        4. Please update your Zip app on your mobile device to the most recent version before returning to Amazon to add Zip as a payment method.
        5. Try using a different device.

        Haven't tried anything yet…

        • +2


          I first tried opening a new private window in firefox, signing in to Amazon, then trying to link zip pay from there: no luck same problem.

          Then I tried following step No.3 and clicking on the big green Zip Pay logo which then loaded the standard Zip Pay account page.

          Didn't feel like I'd achieved much, but then I just F5 refreshed the same Amazon Wallet tab which I'd had open for hours and been trying and failing from all along and tried to link Zip Pay again and bingo, account linked!

          I don't know for sure that step No. 3 actually fixed anything, it could just be a coincidence. But after a dozen or more attempts it just worked so I'd suggest starting with that :)

          • +1

            @uvbunny: Step 3 is what did it for me. Thanks!

          • @uvbunny: Confirmed, step 3 worked for me.

      • +2

        This is what finally worked for me too…I'd been trying via PC using Chrome, and the Amazon app on my phone but kept getting the error that my number wasn't associated with a zip account. Ended up signing into Zip and Amazon in an incognito window and linking again and it finally worked.

  • +3

    Tried all the methods listed here to no avail but what worked for me was opening the zip app and going to Amazon thru their link and linking it with no 0 in front of mobile number and it linked right away……hope you link your accounts soon

    • Thank you, this method worked for me.

    • Thank you so much. This worked for me

  • -1

    Anyone manage to pay for something over the zip pay limit with Amazon?

  • +1

    Been over 13 hours still 'Sorry, we couldn’t find a Zip pay account associated with this mobile number', wasting time ;(

    • +1

      Try it while in incognito mode.

  • So does:

    (c) Purchases made at Amazon.com (USA) or any other non-Australian Amazon site, mobile app marketplace or location (Amazon Global Store purchases are eligible);

    mean you can purchase USA items thru Amazon AU or not?

    • It's saying purchases made on Amazon.com.au are eligible (including global store purchases sold by Amazon US) but purchases made on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, etc. are not eligible.

      Yes you can purchase US (global store) items sold on Amazon AU and be eligible.

  • Made. A purchase through Amazon using zip 8hrs ago, but still no shopback confirmation email… strange…

    • +1

      How so? I usually don't get Shopback tracking of Amazon transactions until the next day at least.

  • Used it, but item wont be available from Amazon for a week. Wonder when ZIP see the payment to get the $50 off?

    • +1

      Interesting point since Amazon don't usually take payment until shipment. A strict reading of the terms would suggest it shouldn't matter as long as you made the initial purchase within the offer period.

      • +2

        Yep all good. Confirmed with Zip direct.

  • +1

    Hello everyone,

    Mac from Zip here. We're really sorry that some of you are having problems with linking your accounts, but we have a workaround for you!

    If you have signed up to Zip today and you are having issues with linking your account, please log in to your Zip account here https://zip.co/customer/account-selector

    After logging in, open a new tab and go back to Amazon.com.au to link your account https://www.amazon.com.au/cpe/managepaymentmethods?ref_=ya_d...

    If you continue to have problems please email Zip on [email protected] with the subject line "Amazon linking issue" so that our team can prioritise your request.

    Happy shopping!


    • Hi Mac, can you also confirm what I have in email that backorders with Amazon will still be honoured?

      • Also keen to know the same.

        • +2

          Hi both,

          We'll certainly honour backorders and payments that process after Cyber Monday.

          If you place your order with Amazon during the eligible dates and it takes longer to process you may just need to get in touch with our customer service team and provide proof of the order time to have us manually apply it. Anything processed during the eligibility times will be automatically applied.

          Happy shopping.


          • @macleancherry: Fantastic!

            I was just about to ask the same thing. I made purchases on Monday but it appears that the transactions didnt process at zip pay until the following day. It looks like because of that, my account wasn't credited automatically like some of the other transactions.

            I was looking for the actual ToS all day today but couldn't find it. I do vaguely remember that the suggestion is that purchases made within the offer period are eligible

            I was planning to just cancel the order just to be safe

  • +2

    This is bs. As per the reps comments here, I applied for a Zip Pay (not Zip Money) account through this link. It provided me a $1.5k credit limit instead of the $500 max for new customers as promised. Buy beware!

    • Hi Kego,

      Could you please let me know where you read the $500 max credit limit, as this is incorrect.

      Please see the account limit information here - https://zip.co/amazon

      If you require further assistance please don't hesitate to contact our customer service department on [email protected]


  • Nope. Still can't get it to work. The login for zipmoney.com.au doesnt work for that link. But i did send email but no reply yet. Tried all the suggestions and even tried it inside the amazon app.

  • Nope. Still doesn't work for me.

  • Just got the email that the 10% registered and is now pending :D

    EDIT: Zip account has already knocked off $50. Nice!

    • Was yours a back order?

      • No, item was shipped out last night.

  • Still can't link accounts. Have tried everything in this thread except emailing them.

  • Anyone know if I want to buy something that's $750, but only have $350 ZIP credit and pay for the rest with my bank account, will I get 10% off the $350?
    Or does the full purchase have to be through zip?

    • +1

      It says you have exceeded your limit when you try pay for something over it and doesn't give you any options to split payments

      • Sigh….that's a bummer. Ok thanks for letting me know AB.

    • I am in the same boat … signed up and got approved for $350. The item I wanted to buy was $515 (Sonos Move) - (perfect to use the $50 limit). Ah well … looks like there is no option to increase the limit - even when paying instantly. Off to delete the account again. Too difficult.

      Update: Argh … deleting an account is not even possible online. You need to write them a message! (negative rating now!)

  • Has anyone been able to add a zipmoney to amazon? I am trying to buy something over $350 so I signed up for zipmoney but the rep on the phone said there's a problem with it currently.Just want to know if I should just give up and buy it with just shopback discount

  • Is it limited to 1 $50 credit per account or can you use it multiple times during the promo?

    • it says in the T&C as many orders as you want up to the limit

  • Whats going on with Zip? I have made 3 purchases through amazon today but after a few hours the payment method is declined, there is definitely $1000 in my zip account as well my bank card.

  • +2

    this is what your payment should look like inside your transaction history, if you were succesful with the 10% cashback


  • Are payments with zip pay instant? Been thirty minutes since I completed my transaction and nothing has gone through yet on my card or zip pay account…

    • +1

      I don't think any Amazon payments are instant. If you check your Amazon tx you'll be able to see that it was paid with Zip - I'm in the same boat as you though, will wait till it ships out to see :)

      • Thanks for that! Was worried my order might not have gone through. Been ages since I ordered from Amazon so I couldn't remember what it's usually like.

  • I am new to this Zip thing. How do we pay the balance to avoid the fees? Will it be automatically deducted from my registered credit card or I have to send payment?

    • Has to be a debit card, will deduct automatically if you've set your payment schedule to do so- choose shortest time (but will remind you) - that said there's nothing stopping you from paying early to be safe.

      • Cheers, but they asked my credit card detail during registration?

        • Credit card? I'm 99% certain Zip only does debit cards (otherwise they're essentially offering credit on credit)

      • If I don't want to pay any fees, assuming the closing balance is $400, do I pay the Minimum Repayment Amount $40 per month over 10 months? Or do I need to pay the Closing Balance in full by the Due Date?

        Is the amount of the 1st automatic debit payment to be taken from my linked debit card $40 or $400?

        How do I schedule a manual payment to pay the full amount $400 by the 1st due date?

        • +1

          You can click the Make an additional Payment button in the Zip app (same with webapp) to make an additional one (not sure if you can automatically schedule it to pay off in full). I'm not really an expert on this. You'd definitley want to pay the full closing balance though - I believe there's a $6 a month account fee after the first 60 days if you've got more than 0 balance.

  • Got approved 1000 I have never had credit with anything not even a credit card or any loans. So I guess I can't have any bad marks against me either.

  • Zip credit is being applied as soon as the item is shipped. Got my $50 credit already

  • I purchased 3 seperate items, got 10% back on 2 of the items.
    For my last item, I only get 5% back, strange. This was a Nintendo Switch, will need to message Zip Help.

    • May be you have already received $50 in total so last transaction would have lesser cashback

      • Thanks, you are correct.
        All my zip credit backs totalled $50.

  • Is cashback capped at $50 dollars maximum per account ?

    • Yes but you can only have one account. If you mean zip pay and zip money, they are technically the same account (or at least they are in the eyes of Amazon)

  • Mine randomly fixed itself today so I now have my zip money account connected :)

    Does cash back with shopback apply before or after zip's 10% off (or does zip count before or after shop backs)? Like say if I purchase something that is $500 and shopback are doing 10% back (theoretically for the sake of the question), do I get $100 back ($50 from each company)?

    • Zip Pay's 10% bonus is a reduction in the amount you have to repay to Zip and is completely separate from any cashback, so both the cashback and the zip bonus are based on the original price you paid in checkout :)

      In your example you'd save $95.45, a $50 payment reduction from Zip Pay and $45.45 cashback from ShopBack (because GST is deducted before calculating the 10% cashback).

  • So does this stack with cashback?

  • Wow I lost 50 pts in my credit score after being approved for zippay. Due to the "type of this credit".
    Be careful guys -_-

  • So incredibly frustrating!

    I have been trying to add my Zip pay account to my amazon for over 24 hours.

    I have had my zip pay account for about 6 months so not sure what is going on and have tired every step posted here.

    • Yeah I couldn't link too. Emailed cust service and hasn't gotten reply yet

      • yup same..

        Not sure if they will be able to do anything but give a generic answer though.

  • Finally got the zip account to link, but then when I tried to change my existing Amazon order to use Zip money it failed and gave me an error :S

  • Just to double check will we still get the 10% off if we order something during the promotional period which has a shipping date in two weeks time? (at which time the payment will also finally be deducted)

    • +3

      It appears not. Ordered stuff yesterday, shipped today, no credit in my zip account for those transactions. Rather shoddy.

      • +1

        Me too. Anyone has contacted Zip to rectify?

        • +2

          Is it just me, or is the 'Chat us!' button not working? Sent in an email anyway, will see what comes of it and report back

          • @aether: Cashback credited after a little back and forth with the customer rep. Everything sorted itself out yesterday.

        • Same issue! 5 Amazon purchases placed around 9 pm on the 2nd of December - all charged to Zip today (3 Dec) - no cashback applied. I contacted them earlier today and I was told to wait a couple of days for the cashback to be applied. I do not believe this will happen though. My first 2 transactions placed on the 1st of December were charged to Zip the day after and the cashback was applied immediately. It seems like they haven't figure out that Amazon only charges when dispatching the orders. It's disappointing but not surprising…

          EDIT: I called them again at 7 pm today. I was told that they are aware of the issue but this only after the lady who answered the call spoke to the relevant department, beforehand she had no idea what promo I was talking about. I was advised to screenshot all the transactions I placed on Amazon yesterday and respond to the email that was sent to me from her end. This is apparently going to be rectified.

      • +1

        Damn that sucks. You'd think that if these two companies got together to run this promotion they would think of things like that and make sure these cases track properly without having to contact them. Especially since many items take a while to ship

    • The 10% did not track on orders that shipped out today even though order was placed over the weekend.. What a shameeee…..

      • Contact Zip. They will honour.

        • Did you get this sorted?

        • Yes, they have now credited the account.

          • @yht: Hi, can I ask how did you contact Zip? I didn't get cashback for purchase made on 2nd Dec too.
            Looked everywhere but can't find a phone number? Thanks

            • @mike82: I didn't. Seems the credit given after someone else emailed them?

          • @yht: Just wondering, did you end up emailing them or use other means of communication to get it sorted. I'm still trying to chase after my 10% for purchases made on Cyber Monday, DEC 02. All my other purchases have tracked but just not the ones on that day. I've already emailed them once and they told me not to worry, that they are still in the process of applying the credit back. But still no result so far and its Friday already.

            • @griffith 101: I had mine credited this afternoon. Emailing is the way to go, everything in writing.

  • Didn't work. Couldn't link. Missed the item I was trying to buy due to their failure.

    Not enjoying the constant spam sms's, emails & notifications either!

  • Can someone confirm when this offer expired?

  • Zip Pay charges you $6 a month if you do not pay entire balance off by end of month. Make sure you pay off entire amount or you will be charged $6 per month

    • Just to expand on this, it's incredibly silly the way this works. If your account is charged for a purchase on Nov 30 (e.g. this is the day Amazon processed the order for the Note 10 I purchased on Black Friday on 29th), then you will be charged the $6 keeping fee on Dec 1. You literally have a few hours to clear the money you owe, which was not possible in my case as I could only clear via BPAY (which has ~3 day processing time).

      • Wow that is annoying. If true I shouldn't have bought anything in November as the fee charged negates any savings from the promotion for the few purchases I made before the end of November. Need to read the T & C's carefully next time it seems

        They should do it by 30 day billing periods from the day you open the account (like every credit card out there) rather than by calendar month.

        • That is exactly what I was saying on live chat. I can't believe I've been charged a monthly fee when my account has been active less than a week.

          You can check "your recent activity" to verify if you've been charged the keeping fee for purchases made in November.

          • @mmustica: Confirmed to be correct.
            Beware: if you make a purchase on the last day of the month, then you will be charged $6.00 the very next day. Yes, that's right, you will be charged a monthly fee after 2 days of account activity.
            And if you ever want to seek clarification and/or assistance, then you will be waiting half a month for a response.

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