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Sony A7iii Sony Alpha ILCE7M3B A7 Mark III Mirrorless Camera $1899 + Delivery @ Camerahouse eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Finally the a7iii has fallen under the $2000 mark. Get in ASAP before it sells out.

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    wow, This's a really good deal

  • +12

    Bought one without thinking about the budget consequences:(

    • Is there any other way to do it?

  • Definitely a buy!

  • Bought mine for $2200 one month ago. It's a beast.

  • Bought! Thank you OP.

  • +1

    trigger pulled


  • Now is the time to jump on

  • +6

    Holy crap got me a Sony A7iii wow. Used $1k worth of ebay vouchers I got at 20% off

    • i only had 700$ worth of gift vouchers at 10% plus TRS and all, 1650$ out of pocket. Pretty worth at the end of the day

      • If only I was going overseas soon haha. Cya later M43 it's been fun

  • This is an amazing price for an amazing camera. I'm salivsting over the thought of upgrading from this to the upcoming a4r but at this price, I'd get it again!

  • +9

    Sony full frame lenses are too expensive 😭😭

    • I’m hesitant to upgrade (?) to this from m43 because of the size, weight and price of full frame lenses too.
      Anyone went from m43 to FF? How did you find the transition?

      • +1

        Lenses are bigger ofcourse and more expensive, but Sony lenses are top notch like Olympus lenses are.
        The full frame dynamic range sensor is amazing and you'll get heaps of bokeh if that's your thing.
        Olympus is unfortunately pricing themselves out of the market with their gear.
        I'll be selling my m43 gear and pro lenses.

        • Yes I currently have an EM10 Mk3 with a 12-40mm lens and was thinking of upgrading to an EM5 Mk3 but the body alone is pretty pricey.

          I was eyeing one of these during Click Frenzy but weight, cost and size of an A7iii put me off. A similar Sony set up would have bumped all 3 factors up by quite a bit!

        • Do you have the pro 7-14 2.8 in MFT going up for sale? If so ill dm you :)

          • @camshandez: Sorry no, I have the 12-40mm f/2.8 pro lens and still not sure about whether I should stick with m43.
            As a side note, the 12-100mm f/4 IS pro looks rather tempting :p

          • @camshandez: I have the following lenses

            Oly 7-14 2.8 pro
            Oly 12-40 2.8 pro
            Oly 40-150 2.8 pro with tc
            Pana 25mm 1.7
            Oly 75mm 1.8
            Oly 60mm macro 2.8

      • +1

        Its a lot bigger but well worth it! Lens generally get bigger and the body itself is a lot bigger (eg 600 grams on my a7r2, 900 grams for my lens).

        If you care about workflow, its a lot easier and quality is a lot nicer imo

      • +4

        I preface the below by saying a full frame sensor is VERY noticeable in low light.

        Depends on your use-case. I've got my trusty GX85 with a 12-35 f2.8 lens on it and it's brilliant. Body was i think about $500, and the lens (ok 2nd hand) was $600. It's a fairly compact setup. Given some fairly forgiving lighting, I'd say it stands up to my mates a7iii! For, mostly, the amount of money he spent (towards 4k all up i think?) and the weight/size difference, there is no chance i'm leaving mft!

        Keeping in mind i take holiday snaps and stuff around the city. I'm no professional photographer or loaded entrepreneur.

        • Yes I haven't been impressed with the low light performance and high noise at relatively low ISOs (anything above ISO 6400 is too noisy for my liking) of my EM10 Mk3.

          Use case is pretty typical I guess; travel (once or twice a year), dogs, food, etc.

          Price is a big factor given how infrequently I actually use the camera!

      • I haven't made the transition primarily because of price. My brother has the A7iii and the 24-70mm lens.

        Whilst initially it feels huge if you are an APS-C or M43 user, it's not that bad, weight whilst heavier again isn't too bad.

        Performance is fantastic, better in low light, better bokeh, fit more in frame, less noise at high ISO etc etc.

        But when I mainly take photos while travelling (maybe once every couple of years) or out and about, how can I justify spending that much coin on what is merely a hobby? Especially when any futur lens purchases will also be way more expensive?

        If you have the extra cash, I'd go for it.

        • Hmm I guess I’ll just have to wait out for another deal like this and hope that I have a spare $1,899 + enough for a lens lying around!

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    And it is all gone. Damn!

  • +2

    Watched it drop from 9 to 0.. so many people sitting on spare cash..

    • +1

      Same! I have two other cheapo cameras that I bought a couple of years ago that are collecting dust so I can't see myself dropping this much money on a camera I will probably use once or twice and lose interest in.

      • Doing your part in stimulating the economy

        • +1

          Yeah, stimulating the economy inside my bank account. :)

    • To be fair, I've had eyes on the A7 models for three years… saving and waiting… been looking seriously for about six months. Sub $2k was my trigger and I pulled.

      • Haha yeah I get what you mean. It’s a great price. I tried my luck when the Qantas sale was on cause I had spare cash from bonus but I just bought a new pc so :/

  • Out of stock!

  • +3

    I have been watching this camera the entire week and I miss the half hour it is posted lol

    • +1

      You can create a notification so it sends you an email as soon as a deal is published.

      • Could you please explain how? I only see an option for notifcations when a post is made on a particular category, e.g. electronics. Would be really handy to get notified on a specific search term.

        • +1

          You can create a search alert. Search for what you want and on then on the results page there should be a "Create Alert" option.

    • Same! Refreshing ozbargain and various store websites most of yesterday evening, then took a nap just before the post was made. Woke up an hour later and all sold out lol.

    • Notification would not have worked. I had a notification enabled for a7 and by the time I got the notification email it was already sold out (11.12pm) so there is a bit of a delay.
      I just happened to check OzB at the right time.

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    It's the lenses of these that get you…

    • Resell is very good though, sold my Zeiss 55mm for 18% depreciation after 2 years of usage.

    • +6

      Really? I think the chances of there being a significantly better deal than this are very low.

      • -1

        We're about to find out 😁

  • I dont think it can go lower than this, I really wanted this!

  • Great price, for those that got one.
    FYI, mc11 adapters still available from amazon us for 244.74 for anyone with a collection of canon glass.


  • Brilliant price. Shattered I missed it.

  • Sold my em10 and d7200 for the a7iii + tamron 28-75mm. It was worth it!

    • How's the Tamron lens? What does it go for?

      • Took it to Vietnam recently and am happy with it. I've even printed a shot I took on canvas.

        Price is roughly around $1100 by the looks of it https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/495323

        • Some reviews say the bokeh is quite busy and not great. Have you experienced this?

  • $2088 here for those that missed out. Almost sub 2000


    • +3

      Technically 2088 is still above 2000.
      1899 was a sweet deal. Hoping to see a repeat in the morning for everyone who missed out.

  • brodened

    • You mean ozbargained, that means something else.

  • +2


  • So what lens ya'll getting? I've heard the 28-75mm 2.8 Tamron is a good pick which isn't crazy expensive at about 1.1k although does have some issues with bokeh rendering so not sure.

    • Tempted by two options:

      24-105mm f/4 G (1500ish)
      28mm f/2 prime in conjunction with the 85mm f/1.8 prime (1200ish)

      Can't justify any GM lenses.

    • the tamron 17-28mm is on sale at leederville camera. Seems like a good pickup

  • Order shipped thankfully no cancellation

  • +1

    Got Sony store to do a price match to this deal successfully!

    • Wow!

    • How?

  • Camera arrived deal pulled through

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