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(MORE STOCK) Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum $449.25 Delivered @ Roborock via Amazon AU


@3:41pm out of stock at discounted price
@3:36pm 5 left in stock

Edit: more stock back on

Probably the cheapest it's been in months. Purchased this back a few months ago and it "rocks". Pun intended.

Has zone cleaning in beta mode in settings and does well with virtual walls through the app you can set up.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +1

    Thanks, was thinking this model or Mi Robot, just placed order.

    • What made you pick this one over the Mi Robot? I'm currently contemplating the same.

      • I read some reviews and IMO S50 is more like the next gen model compare Mi Robot($399 on ebay one), currently no Mi robot model is better than Roborock S4 or S50 in actual use.

  • whats the normal price of these things?

    • +2

      The cheapest outside of a sale like this hovers around ,520-650 depending on the sellers. I got mine during the eBay plus sale earlier this year and it hasn't come close to that fire sale.

    • +1

      RRP is $629, 20% off on ebay which is $503 from time to time

  • +1

    This or the alfawise:

    Decisions.. decisions….

    • Just going off a seller's I'd pick amazon for better warranty. First time I've seen that brand though

    • This is amazing, genuinely shocking how much better it is than anything else at this price point, you won't be disappointed.

      • Can you shed some more light as i want to get one and don't know anything about these!

    • I'd rather go with Mi robot instead of this never-heard brand.

      • +2

        Roborock is just what Xiaomi call their robot vacuum range.

        • They are different conpanies, Roborock used to make all models for Xiaomi, but the newest model from Xiaomi is not made by Roborock.

          • @noodlefan: A lot of conflicting info online, mainly just comments in threads like this one discussing it.

            I did come across this on Roborock's site though:

            Company milestones:
            In July 2014, our company was established.
            In September 2014, we received the investment from Xiaomi and became a member enterprise of Xiaomi ecological chain.
            In September 2016, Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, our very first product, was launched, which has become the bestselling robotic cleaner in China.
            On March 27, 2017, Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner was marketed in Taiwan, selling 15,000 units in one month with a turnover of NTD 130 million.
            On September 19, 2017, we launched our second product. The Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, crowdfunding over CNY 10 million in 4 hours. <

            • @cameronp: Seems all right, Roborock used to make all models for Xiaomi, but the latest Mi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner model is made by dreame tech.

              Roborock and Mi robot vacuums used to share similar parts, but won't happen on the now model.

    • Wow, this is great price wise.
      Never heard of it but looks like it ticks all the boxes.
      I will be looking to see if there are more reviews.
      Also cant see what is the difference in v10 vs V9 models

  • +1

    I just bought my second one for upstairs… I friggin love this thing :)

  • Mine broke on its own under a year, light usage. Laser sensor error…

    • That sucks , I have had my Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (1st gen) and it still goes ok, I've found them pretty easy to dismantle from videos. Could be repairable?

    • Must be just bad luck.

      I've had a first gen for about 3 years and it's used probably every second day without any issue.

      I do keep on top of the cleaning of it and replacing the consumables though.

  • Thanks - finally pulled the trigger and upgraded my first gen which is still going strong with daily use 2 years later, 2x dogs and 2 x kids. Only problem is battery is not what it used to be. Hope the new mop feature will go alright on the wooden floors.

    • +1

      It's more like dragging a wet towel then a real mop with elbow grease. I ended up using mine as a disinfectant with isopropyl alcohol 99%. Kill anything on the floor . Normally spray the mop head thing wet so it helps the liquid come out easier. But the vacuum will try climb anything man it tried to climb over the sliding wardrobe railing , it's definitely got some go compared to the first gen

      • 99% strength is a great idea

  • OP, how do you turn on zone cleaning/enter beta mode? I can’t find it in settings

  • Thanks OP. Do you guys know how much would cashback be?

    • +3

      Electronics department (Not 100% sure about the category):
      Shopback 5% -> $426.79
      Cashrewards 3.5% -> $433.52

    • +1

      If you pay using ZIP as this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/500397 you will get an extra 10% off

  • Hiya, does this work with Google Assistant natively or via IFTTT?

    • +1

      works natively

      • Thanks, I tried googling this, have you got a link to something? Everyone talks about needing a Pi

        • +2

          nah, i just linked the vacuum to the xiaomi home app, then link it to google assistant

        • +1

          Just link it through Google Home, Xiaomi Home is supported third party app.

  • So does this one Mops and Vacuum's?

    • Yep

  • which is the best robovac???

    thinking roomba 600

  • Thanks op.
    Got one..

    • I've been trying anb I think they just run out

  • +1

    Tried to buy it but says no longer available

    • Same problem for me and a couple of friends too :'(

  • Price has been jacked back up

  • Still available if you select Roborock Australia (Fulfilment by Amazon) from sellers list. Pricing $449.25, but took me a few attempts to get it to add to the cart for some reason.

    • Yep, keeps telling me 5 in stock at that price but just after you pass the payment section it says they are out of stock. The madness.!!

      • Yeah, it eventually landed in my "Saved for Later" list, and I could then "Move to cart" and it worked… Odd, but I got there in the end.

  • Back to normal price.

  • +1

    Looks to be expired now $620

  • +2

    Back to $619.99

  • Sold out already. Anywhere else that has it for this price?

  • -1


    Plus $86.31 shipping
    Plus $42.64 taxes
    $468.93 total
    Not as good as Amazon had it not expired

    • +1

      That's USD.

      • Woopsie you are correct. Ignore my comment

  • have my Gen1 2 years now and it has lost a lot of suction. This is with new filters. :(

    • Check the rear filter, I had mine slowed down heaps and it's like a sponge material that's in the exhaust out ,you'll need to open the vacuum up to get it all out and definitely wash it or blast it with air. Now she sucks like the good ol days. Also check the suction settings in the app could be stuck on low or quiet mode

      • Thanks will take a look

  • Damn missed out

  • Anyone know how to change the status of a listing? Unsure how to set it to expired

  • +1

    These things suck real good.. Always leaves me satisfied

  • +1

    Next best price is this one, for now: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/499039

  • -3

    Great Deal due to an Amazon Price Error
    Actually that is a below the COST price :-(

    • Why do you think it was a pricing error?
      Could it just be that their cost price is cheaper than yours?

  • +1

    Back in stock

  • +1

    I just ordered one, looks like it is back in stock

    • -1

      Anyone, Go quick get it!
      As soon as Amazon fixing the error

      • Mans not wrong go go go

  • Sweet, just bought it. Well done everyone.

  • +4

    Bought one:
    So $449
    - $39.85 (8% shopback off pre-GST price. Cash rewards is pre-GST, so I assumed the same but don't know)

    - $44.90 (10% Zip Pay discount, assume this is off the marked price, and does not consider shopback credit)


    Amazing deal, thanks OP. Nearly purchased a second for upstairs… but demonstrated good restraint.

    • You beat them at their own game that's the cheapest I've ever seen one

    • Real reason was that ZipPay credit is capped at $50 per customer.

  • does robot vacuum worth it? never use one before, and what will happen if the floor is not on same height? like in this picture https://st.hzcdn.com/fimgs/b772a81709562753_8392-w240-h135-b...

    • It'll probably climb over it, it tries to climb my sliding wardrobe rail if I don't close all the mirrors up it'll get over it, reviews claim it can climb a 2cm lip

    • I have had one in the past (Cheap One from Aldi) and it actually cleaned quite well, even after a thorough vacuum with the Dysons.
      We have carpet and tiled areas at different heights and a variety of rugs and it coped quite well.
      The only annoying thing was the build quality was ordinary and the random cleaning pattern drove me nuts.
      The roborocks S50's have one of the most efficient cleaning patterns, the S60 is 20% better but more than double the price!!

  • 5 left in stock as of 2 minutes ago

    • +1

      Back to 619 - I was signing into cashrewards and then by the time I did … gone

      • I just missed it too!

        • It is available via backorder at the discounted price.
          Click on the "New (7) from $449.25" and then add to cart. Remember to have Shop Back activated BEFORE adding to cart.

      • It is available via backorder at the discounted price.
        Click on the "New (7) from $449.25" and then add to cart. Remember to have Shop Back activated BEFORE adding to cart.

        • Where did you see the discount price? I can only see New (6) from $619. And no option to add to back order.

          • +1

            @SR9: Same now, earlier when you clicked on the "New (7), the top listing was $449 and said BACKORDER, but it's gone now.

  • Available now. Just ordered. Thanks OP

    • +1

      Lucky you. I added to cart but couldn't pay.

      • +2

        I just kept refreshing the page. Eventually it showed up in stock. Hope it helps

  • +1

    I can see it, but cant buy it, soo painful!

  • +1

    Back in stock. Just got 1 finally!

  • +3

    Fingers crossed for more stock!

  • Looks like they are selling with original price now, $649

  • Will it come back in stock on cyber Monday!?

    • Maybe

      • I just checked. Not available.

  • Well Vicky arrived today and I have buyers remorse. She sucks so good, I need another one upstairs. If I move her, her map needs to be reset.
    Virtual Walls, and no go areas work really well. Put a no-go zone around the Christmas Tree.
    Quite an efficient cleaning pattern and a lot of suction.

    Google voice controls work really well!!
    Need to keep an eye out for another sale.

    • You got your order already? Mine still says not shipped when I check Amazon …

      • Yes it arrived.
        If anyone missed out consider an S4/S40as the mopping function is over rated.
        But still very happy with the s50.

        • Would you ease shed light on what's the issue with mopping function? Is it basically just a wet wipe down of the floor?

          • @yellowfever: Sure, it’s hardly wet. I have two issues
            a) not very effective (does t seem to have any water coming out after 5 minutes), minor marks stayed.
            b) Unlike the cheaper and more expensive models, this one does t support rooms. So have to manually add a zone clean each and every time selecting the tiled rooms so it stays off the carpets and rugs. The other models you can save a room/zone and tell it to just clean that room.

            I’m not unhappy as I didn’t expect much from the mopping feature.
            Completely blown away by how clean the carpet is. (I have Dyson vacuums hand held and barrel and this thing still gets more dirt on auto with carpet detect power boost.

            If the code gets upgraded to support rooms then I am very happy.
            Zones cleans are quick to setup, but I need the phone.

            Overall still recommend this over the s6/60 as better value

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