This was posted 2 years 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$288 Return 2020 Flights Sydney to Hawaii @ Jetstar


First time posting, sorry if it's not right.

This is the cheapest I have ever seen. It wasn't actually advertised, I was just playing around with dates after seeing on Flight Centres website a 'call to book only' deal. Those dates were for Oct - Dec 2020, so I'm guessing this might work for any dates within that time frame. I booked 5-16th November with 20kg baggage each and it was around $1000 for myself,my partner and daughter.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    Damn, that's cheap! Nice first post my man.

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      *Woman :P but thank you. Yes I was stoked to come across it, I'm obsessed with Hawaii, this will be my 6th trip, so if anyone books and would like to know the best off the beaten path places to check out, let me know :)

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        Oops! Either way, great first post. Cracker deal.

      • Yes please!

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        Want some company?

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          Wow, so many negs for a cheeky comment!

          Any neggers out there want to say why?

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            @Snoovey: Me too don't understand why people are upset about a funny comment

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          OP has a partner.

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        What's a good place to stay, cheap, obviously?

        BTW, I'm a woman too and even though I often put 💐🤗 in my messages and posts, I still get called a dude. Lol

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          Hawaii is really expensive for accommodation. I'd go AirBnB all the way! I don't think you can get AirBnB in Honolulu/Waikiki anymore, but you can outside of these areas. Hire a car and drive into town… the North shore and out of the city is much nicer anyway!

          And yes… damned patriarchal society haha. But being a surfer girl, dude doesn't bother me at all.

          • @surfsiren85: any suburb reccomendations?

            • @furythree: It really depends what you're into. My personal favourite is Haleiwa on the North Shore. But if it's your first time to Hawaii, it's probably best to stay as close to Waikiki as possible. I usually spend one or two nights in Waikiki just for shopping etc, then a few nights on the North Shore, then head over to one of the other islands (The Big Island is my favourite), inter-island flights are quite cheap and the other islands are cheaper for accommodation etc. I'm an avid diver, free-diver , surfer and hiker so I really prefer getting off the beaten path and going on adventures. But if you're more into the touristy stuff Waikiki and the island of Oahu and definitely more for you.

              • @surfsiren85: it would be my second time, except this time with kids. Having already done the touristy stuff, i wasnt sure if theres other parts of the island that has activities that people always come back to

                because if it was just humid beaches, id rather go to cairns which is cheaper lol

                • @furythree: If you're staying on Oahu with kids, then I'd recommend visiting Kuoloa ranch, Haleiwa (doing a shark snorkel with One Ocean Diving is always great), and also heading to the Windward side for the 'secret' mermaid cave at Waianae, and hiking out to Ka'ena point for the endangered monk seal and albatross colonies :)

        • I have stayed at the Ala Moana Hotel which averages about $300 a night, which is way cheaper than the Waikiki Hotels. There is a huge shopping mall attached to the hotel, and buses are handy to get around.

  • do they refund taxes and fees if the ticket is cancelled later on? the actual fare is only $35 or so one way

    • Yes

    • I doubt it will be cancelled as Flight center are offering a very similar deal… only you have to phone them to book it and it costs slightly more. It's how I managed to come across this deal.

      • Sorry i meant i cancel

        • Oh, I think you'd lose full payment in that case. Not positive though.

  • +1

    When I do 2 return + baby + Meals + 20kg

    Total is $1072

    Good deal!

    • +2

      A hack for the luggage is book the 40kg as it's cheaper and you're allowed to split it between 2 bags :)

      • +1

        40kg is $74
        20kg is $37 ($74 for 2)

        it's the same price or am I missing something?

        • +3

          Oh it must have changed, I hadn't even checked recently sorry. It used to be cheaper! Lucky I'm blonde!

  • Good deal. Already books at their previous sale, $820 for two adults and a child with a baggage.

  • Any easy way to see jetstar prices for the month?

  • Is it allowed no show for the return leg?

    • It's only $179 for one way

  • Hmmm daughter is starting high school next year so I now need to start booking holidays during school holidays :(

  • +1

    I guess I'm going to Hawaii then…

  • Not so easy to find a cheap departure date

  • Anyone find some dates?

    • I want to know as well. I only see $179 in Jetstar website. Did you book directly from Flight Centre??

      • +2

        It's $179 departure but only $109 for the return flight… which is what makes it $288 overall

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    I booked for 14 - 22 October for a whopping $288, thanks OP. Anyone down for an Ozbargain meetup at the airport bar on the 14th?

  • all the saturday return flights gone from $101 to $1169 LOL far out , had to come back on a thursday and lose 2 days in paradise, guess i'll just use the weekend to recover from jetlag

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    OK so now I'm off to Hawaii, thanks for making me poor for 12 months OP.

    Any recommendations for accomodation?

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      Hawaii accommodation is super expensive, I'd recommend rentign a car and getting an AirBnb, or keep an eye out for cheap deals on US scoopon/groupon etc. The Ohana hotels are quite good but you're still going to be looking at around 200 a night for a 3 star hotel.

  • +1

    First time going to Hawaii, thanks OP!

  • In Hawaii now with the family from the $300 return sale, I love it BUT, its friggen expensive, think australian prices for food but in US currency then add on top tax + tip

    • yeah and our dollar is so shit too :(

      my plan is to rent a car, get an airbnb and check it out like a local.
      don't have to go to a fancy 5 star hotel

      • +2

        that's what i'm doing, trip still costing me thousands for my week here…its ok because its pretty nice here…my tip is find a airbnb with free parking if you're staying at wakiki, free parking has been awesome

        • i'm only there for a week but wanted to split it with a trip to maui as I prefer maui than oahu as it feels more authentic and nicer but damm when i do dummy trips the price of the flight is like $200-$300 each way and thats in USD too ! bloody hell

          worst case, i'll just stay in oahu and yeah try to find an airbnb with free parking if i had to stay in waikiki
          can easily do alot in oahu with the 6 days we are there easy lol lets hope our dollar recovers a bit too!

          EDIT: just found southwest airlines does inter hawaii flights!!! did some dummy flights and you can get it cheap with $39 flights! i did a $39 and $59 and that fare includes luggages so reckon $150 return AUD? hmmmm i'm liking this, definitely gonna try maui for 4 days, arrive honolulu on thursday, flight to maui then stay until monday, flight to honolulu and check out oahu tuesday & wednesday then fly out thursday lol, probably pushing it so might have to make an executive decision if i wanna stay in maui longer (shame i couldn't get the jetstar flight leaving saturday but i was (profanity) slow slaps myself on forehead )

          • +1

            @prankster: Lol I Went through the same, depends on the type of trip you want, an adventurous one or lazy one, I got a small kid so I went for the later. What also swayed me to Oahu only was I read if it’s ur first time and it’s only a week there is plenty to do in Oahu…and I found it true, couple of days shopping like I was in proper America with all the discount outlets etc, one day at toa luau cause it inc the gardens walk and water fall, and the rest if on various different beaches / touristie locations, I could have done with a couple more days to go to a couple more places but a week was fine. I missed out on Perl harbour and Waikiki beach lol not that I cared but wanted to do some more snorkeling.
            I definitely want to come back and do Maui when my kid is older and I’m be a little bit more richer lol
            Have a great trip whatever you decide!

  • -1

    great deal, super place. accommodation is expensive in hawaii.. do your research before purchase flight tickets.

    with number of jet start deals… 4 weeks annual leave is not fair! (and i get forced leave during chirstmas when there is no deal at all).

  • What a great first post dude :)

  • I think the prices have changed. Can't find $288 anymore? cheapest is $407 from IWantThatFlight

    PS: great post!

    • +2

      Username checks out

    • The cheaper prices are for a few seats, not the entire plane.

  • I cant find anything under $1100 seems gone.

  • Just checked. The deal is still available

    • Where are you seeing that price still?

      • 20 OCT - 21ST DEC and dates around that time of year

        • Can you give me an example set of dates, I checked over the weekend and there is nothing from October to mid December? Perhaps I am doing it wrong…

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