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$50 off Any Mobile Plan @ numobile (New Customers Only)


New telco by Macquarie Bank on the Telstra network. Their model is to combine second-hand phone + mobile plan.

You get to keep the phone when you pay it off, but if you want to change a phone and it's in good condition still, you just return the phone (I think… their website FAQ here) or swap to a different phone.

Example of some plans:
Step 1- Phones

  • iPhone 7 32GB/128GB/256GB ($15/$18/$21pm) - from $360
  • iPhone X 64GB ($41pm) - $984 total
  • Samsung S7 Edge 32GB ($14pm) - $336 total
  • Samsung S9 64GB ($22pm) - $528 total

    (combined with ….)

Step 2- Combine with a plan

  • $10pm - 1GB
  • $20pm - 5GB
  • $30pm - 30GB + Ultd text and talk to 15 countries

Data bank for unused data up to 200GB.

So the iPhone 7 on the 1GB plan is $25/pm + new user code. Works well if you're ok with a second hand phone for cheaper - probably going to set up a high schooler with one.

Thanks @theoddjob for a far better code.

$50 off $30+ plans "nuisthenewblack"
$10 off any plan "nuwelcome20"

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5GB-10GB Data for referrer & referee

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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