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15% off Apple Products (E.g. MacBook Pro 16'' 9th Gen i7 512GB $3299, I9 1TB $3899) @ Wireless1 eBay


Some good deals from Wireless 1 again. 15% Off across all Apple products. Enjoy :)

Note : 16 inch Macbook Pro discount will expire tomorrow can get $500 off with POW15 code ('PILGRIM' is capped at $200 at but 'POW15' is capped at $500 )

Sorry, I couldn't put the prices for all items as each listing got multiple models.

Australian A-Tick Approved
Local Manufacturer Wararnty
and yes TRS etc :)

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  • Grey imports?

    • AU Stock

    • +1 vote

      Bought one a few months ago, for Sydney orders these are dropshipped from Ingram Micro at Eastern Creek. Mine was ordered before midday, released to a courier before 5pm and delivered the next morning.

  • Very good deal!

  • Bought from these guys before. Fast delivery. Au stock.

    • My experience was very different. They falsely advertised items as being in stock and then inform you of a 1+ month wait time. Eventually took 1.5 months in total was very unhappy

      • Same here…had to wait a month.

      • Are you confusing Wireless1 with Warehouse1. I made that mistake before. Warehouse1 is now closed

        • I ordered the Powerbeats Pro from them (definitely Wireless1, this year). They were however advertised as pre-order and they did give me the opportunity to cancel every time they were delayed by more time and a free car charger for the delay. It took them around 2 months to ship, about 6 weeks after everywhere else had stock. It also 'looked like' they forgot about my order until I reminded them as well which might have accounted for another week's delay.

          This was specifically with buying Apple products, which was apparently due to Apple not being great with telling retailers when / if they might expect stock. I didn't have the delay with many other orders I've made from them.

      • same here… ordered ipad pro on 2 dec… two days later they advise that due to "overwhelming demand for black friday deals" they have been advised by their supplier that new delivery date for stock will be "mid december", and ask if i want to cancel my order or keep waiting. I chose to wait since mid dec would probably still get here before xmas.

        "mid december" comes and goes with no word from them… send them an email via ebay messaging, no response. called them this morning and spoke to someone who said that there has been a further delay and the new arrival date for stock is 9th of Jan (!). I asked if they have any ipads in stock at all and after a few minutes of holding, the guy says no, they are all out of stock until Jan.

        at this point i chose to cancel my order

        if you go to their ebay store however all of the ipad models are still available to order (and no mention that you'll need to wait until Jan)….

    • I bought one of the iPad Air's 3 days ago and received it today, no complaints from me.

  • The models are so confusing.

    What's the diff between

    2019 muhp2x vs. Mv962x??
    Both 13 inch i5 256gb

    • 15% off for Apple is pretty darn good. Also they hold their value considerably better compared to Windows laptops.

    • The reason is because Apple is the sole source of their product & they sell to their resellers at 10% off RRP. When you see 10% off Apple sales, usually that store is making literally $0 on the product, they hope they can make it up on other accessories/warranties/products etc on the sale.

      That’s my experience as a former retail manager of 12yrs in 2 countries selling the them.

      At 15% off they’d be losing money, which would be why quantities are limited.

      • My experience is different,

        When we had 10% off sales Apple would support the sales by reducing our wholesale price or offering a rebate on every unit sold.
        If you are an authorised reseller with local stock being supplied by apple they often go a long way to allow you to have deals and offers on their products.

        Apple themselves do not discount as a rule but they spend a lot of money in marketing etc via their resellers and through offering discounts

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          That's interesting @jimboaus
          I owned an Applecentre for 15 years and Apple never reduced wholesale prices unless a product was discontinued.
          They'd offer rebates occasionally or you could earn extra margin by making other targets but

          'If you are an authorised reseller with local stock being supplied by apple they often go a long way to allow you to have deals and offers on their products.'

          Er no. they wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire

          • @kaos: @kaos that too, is my experience. About the only Apple product we made more than 10% on was AppleCare.

          • @kaos: I am talking as early as last year (2018)

            We for example had a 10% sale on the Mac Range (MBP, Imac etc) Apple were the ones who arranged the offer for us, they refunded our lost margin on every unit we sold.

            Boxing day last yer they just reduced our buy price on stock incoming as well as refunded difference on stock we were holding so we could offer discounts to customers.

            My understanding from the rep was resellers got a fair bit of help, Apple Authorised centres (like MyMac etc) were expected to stand on their own two feet cause they also got income from repairs and warranty work which we didnt as we purely sold the goods.

            • @jimbobaus: thanks for the extra info @jimboaus
              Sounds very much like this must have been JB
              I'm not 100% surprised that Apple would do this for JB, and it also explains why I could never get them to do 10% off on CTO- if Apple drove the offer then they were purely interested in moving incoming stock.
              It also explains why there were several of those sales after Dick Smith went under, as it's not about competition, more about shifting stock for Apple.

              And yes, that sounds exactly like Apple telling the smaller stores to go (profanity) themselves.
              BTW if you want a high turnover, high stress business where you make absolutely no money, but you can lose heaps of money- do Apple repairs.
              Their explanation about not giving independents $$ because they run repair centres is appalling, but about what I'd expect.


      • Wow that is awful. Apple giving a big Fu to retailers. I wouldn't even stock their crap, 10%, what an insult.


          It’s the same business model many other “premium” brands like Miele have traditionally used.

          That’s why you always see them excluded from sales.

          On the flipside, they usually support retailers who end up with surplus stock of old models… unlike most suppliers who just leave the retailers to deal with clearing out stock of a flop of a product on their own.

          Basically, it’s a low risk, low reward model. And the retailers make their usual margins on selling accompanying accessories to go with the item.

      • that'll be reason for me not to buy apple. disrespectful.

  • good deal!

  • Can I claim TRS?

  • Wish my workplace had instead of the 4 yr old Macbook Air they handed out. All about the developer experience at a "tech" company.

    • "techies" in Australia means you know how to install some software and read the instructions

      • And what does “techies” mean outside of Australia? :P

        • It means: Turn off your device for 1 minute and turn it back on.


          It means you know how to draw boxes around bicycles on the 10,000,000 sample images you were sent for annotation.

    • I've been using a 2012 macbook air to code at work. Had to switch from Phpstorm to Sublime as 4gb of ram isn't enough. Add photoshop to it too lol.

      • It was funny when they hired a contractor and gave him the same Macbook Air model. He tried to use Jetbrains and eventually gave up after wasting a day. Great use of time.

      • Obviously your employer does not value your time. If you add up the loss of productivity plus low morale, they could probably buy you an insanely high spec-ed MBP with significant change leftover.

  • +2 votes

    +1 for the absence of jack. This looks like a genuine 15% off!

  • I’d wait for a 20 percent off coupon. These were 20percent off with wireless1 ebay just recently.

  • Any AirPod Pros?

  • Very good deal for 16” MacBooks….I hope if I wouldn’t have overspent this season on synology, Dji, gopro, seagate drives, etc etc… 😓

  • Is there likely to be any better deals for Apple on Monday?
    Or is this as good as it’s going to get?

  • Does anyone know how come the Macbook Air CTO 256GB 16GB is $100 cheaper than the prebuilt one?

  • anyone knows if we can use this to claim 28 degree price protect? I bought a 16" one (i9 version) 7 days ago from the Apple store using the 28 degree card.

  • +1 vote

    Why is this listed as being part of black friday / cyber monday deals? It has existed for over two weeks already (similar deal posted here).

  • Not possible to get Macbook Air via click & collect?

  • Can you do warranty repairs at any Apple store or must they be taken back to the retailer?

  • seems like memory is capped on 8gb for all of these macbooks which is a shame

    • Yeah, looking at 13" MBP and they all only come with small 8GB RAM, so no deal from me.

  • This is awesome for most items, just consider the more expensive ones will be less than 15%. E.g.maxing out at $500 means the top of the line MBP will be about a 11.3% discount.

  • anydeals for Pencil 2? Otherwise the savings just go towards that haha

  • the best deal (and to me the only one worth considering) is this one (not linked in OP:

    Was very tempted buffer an hour googling decided against it (glossy screen, just can't move passed that).

    Everything else considered, if you can put up with no port other than usb-c, then this CTO Macbook Air with 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD is the best one I think (2018 model)
    Just my 2c. they have 3 available, hope someone find this useful.

    • Agree. This one seems to be the bang for buck winner of this deal, RAM and SSD upgrades usually kill the equation with Apple but this is pretty good.

  • Has anyone tried price matching with Apple Store?

  • macbook pro 16 pasts $500 cap :(

  • Thanks for the post. I had been tracking iPad Pro for a while now and had decided that I would buy whenever I can get around $250 off and finally the time came. It Can't get any better with Apple with iPad Pro I guess, or at least I didn't want to risk losing this deal hoping for another 5%. Got $262 off on the iPad Pro 512 GB version.

  • Look, I get a discount of 15% is great, but how can they say it is 15% when they cap it at $500 dollars. To me, this is false advertising, yes, it is in the small print, but 15% of $4399 is $3739.15 which should be a saving of $659.85. In reality $500is only a 11.37% saving…so why not just call it as it is.

    • They should advertise as “up to 15%” maybe.

    • You can still get officeworks to price match good guys sale price and get an extra 5% off, making a total of about 14.5 % off as described in an earlier post total is 3761. TRS off this to about 3422.

    • damn u have to buy a $4399 macbook? does ur company require it?

  • Do retailers post invoices with the discount taken out or at the original price these days?

  • Does it make sense to buy the 256GB version for 300$ more, or just replace the SSD separately?

  • stupid question. can i buy Apple Care from the apple store and add it to a macbook bought from Wireless 1?

  • For POW15, I receive the following error message: Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.
    However, PILGRIM works. Any ideas why?

  • Yes I just tried POW15… didn't work :(