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Bitdefender Family Pack (Unlimited Devices) 2 Years - $35 USD (Using $5 Coupon)


This is a better deal for those who have more than 5 devices which is quite easy these days.

It added automatically to my existing subscription.

XE converts the pricing to Aus $51.76

No need to use a VPN like last year to purchase on Fry's

Sign up to their mailing list and they email a coupon code for $5 discount coupon straight away. Mine was 2288. Could be generic.

I used my old Fry's account from last year's purchase. My new credit card had a fit and I had to confirm with bank it was a legit purchase.

Looking at the time stamps on my email it took 7mins to get the activation code emailed.

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    Where do the cheap antivirus deals on ebay, that always work in my limited experience, come from? Leftovers from bulk buys by a business? Employee theft? Direct from the antivirus company?


      They sometimes sell one serial to so many people and the product will be deactivated after a period of time.
      My friend bought a Kaspersky on eBay and eventually, they got a refund.


        How much time between purchase and dispute on ebay before they resolved it? I find ebay only covers you for 90 days.


    Maybe a dumb question but

    it includes multi-layered ransomware protection, Bitdefender Parental Control for your children’s safety, Bitdefender VPN and Bitdefender Safepay for your privacy, anti-theft and anti-loss tools, and more. You can manage all your devices’ security from

    Does it include Total Security (AV and Firewall) or at least Internet Security? I don't need VPN or Safepay.


      Yes, it says Total Security - expires in 731 days

      My BD sub ended a couple of days ago, so I searched this post from last year. Over VPN I created a Frys account with Aussie CC but could not purchase. So asked a friend in the US buy it for me.

      I can confirm the code worked in AUS, just not sure if I was still on VPN when I activated it.

      Hope others have success with the account/purchasing.


        I'm guessing your credit card company may have blocked the purchase but didn't send you notification if it was okay to authorise it. I got a msg from my bank saying after 15mins I will be able to purchase


    Didn't work for me. I ended buying the yearly subs.


    i was able to do this from NZ with a NZ CC and no VPN

    Just waiting for the activation code to come in


    I tried all of my credit cards and was unable to purchase this. All ended in errors :(


      ring up your bank and ask them. Im sure its your bank blocking the transaction. THey can allow it through temporarily and then you try make the purchase again

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