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2,000 Flybuys (Worth $10) with $50 Gift Cards - eBay, Netflix, Uber, Ticketek, $100 Coles Mastercard + More @ Coles


Good Flybuys bonus deal from the upcoming catalogue sale starting on 04/12.

Bonus points can be collected once per flybuys account.

$5 purchase fee applies for the $100 Coles Gift Mastercard.

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  • I had a look at the picture of the notice from the upcoming catalog and there is no mention that payment by Coles eGift cards is excluded. Is that exclusion a known thing? @taoz? @Zippy7?

    • I think no need to mention exclusion as it literally wont let you pay with gc

      • see comment from highdealerand me above. In my experience the system allows it some operators refuse. I find there is one store they will not do it in another they will.

        • I used the self-checkout, worked perfectly fine. You just scan the gift card barcode and enter the pin, no question asked.

  • Why Coles only give one bonus point per flybuys account?

    Woolies has no limit on bonus points from buying gift cards when they have promotion.

  • How does adding Netflix Gift card work when you have been paying for the subscription in a different currency?

    • +1

      It doesn't. You've actually got a Netflix account for that country so only gift cards from there work.

  • Does anyone know if the system will let you use flybuys dollars to buy gift cards?

    • +1

      I have tried several times and it does not. Use GC and save flybuys for groceries and petrol.

    • I bought the Mastercard today and he asked me if I wanted money off shop (To use Flybuy points)

      • I tried to use flybuys dollars buying petrol and the guy had no idea what i was on about or how to do it. Last time I used flybuys points it was automatic. Their new system seems to depend on competent staff…

      • +1

        Ok, Pam.

  • -1

    you can buy these using coles gc as well right

    • right? at self serve apparently!

      • +4

        Bought the Coles MC GC today with Coles eGift Card at Self check out as below:
        1. Swapped my $150 Prezzee card which I bought with recent $15 bonus promo (9.09% discount) to Coles $150 eGift Card.
        2. Paid Coles MC Gift Card ($105) with the $150 Coles eGift Card.
        3. Earned 2000 FB points = $10.
        4. Basically paid $85.45 (14.5% discount) for the $100 Coles MC Gift Card.

        • +1

          Wow!! True spirit of Ozbargain.

  • Does this mean i can only buy 1 $50 gift card (netflix/ebay etc) at one time or for only one time during this promotion period? and get 2000 bonus flyby points?

    • +2

      1 gift card per account gets the points, not 1 of each type

      • -5

        So lets say I buy 2 gift cards at one time with 1 account, I get 4000 points?

        • +1


          1 gift card only

    • One time 2k points is always the case with Coles.

        • +4

          Geez, youve asked the same question 3 times and 3 identical answers

          Changing the way you say it wont change the answer

  • +1

    Do people still use Uber?

    What with the Ola then Didi then Ola again 50% discounts I don't think I've used Uber in months.

  • Hi guys, How long until I can see the bonus point in my flybuys account? Thank you

    • Tomorrow night if you purchase today.

    • Tuesday 3:46am.

  • Is it supposed to say on the receipt that you earned 2000 bonus flybuys points?

    • +2

      I didn't see it on my receipt. check your account online for points after few days.

    • +1

      Didn't see it either. I asked one of the self-service checkout staff and she said don't worry, just keep the receipt and if it doesn't show up in your account give Flybuys a call.

      • Always keep receipts and if the offer is not in a catalogue take a screen shot showing you activated. But to be fair I have only had a problem once out of maybe over 100 offers.

      • +1

        LOL. "Just give Flybuys a call"… Yeah, like I did weeks ago for that 10000 points for spending $xx per week for 4 weeks. I phoned them, they fobbed me off saying they'd escalate it and I'd get the points in a week. Two weeks later no points. Contacted them on facebook instead, days go by then they asked for additional personal details which were irrelvant (they had my name and flybuys number), and again I haven't heard anything from them since.

        • The 2,000 bonus points are already in my account. :D

          • @AussieDaddy: So after my first facebook message that I mentioned above they took ages to answer, and asked for more personal details. I just checked and only NOW (third contact on fb) they ask what my minimum required weekly spend amount was!? It's as if they're deliberately splitting up their requests over weeks, hoping people will give up.

            • @GregMonarch: I called for missing pts on quite a number of occasions and always had it resolved in a single call. Not sure what had happened to you but that is not the norm.
              Normally the pts will be credited within a week after the call.
              If you have enough flybuys accounts, you can strategically not scanning your flybuys card and add it later so that you can qualify for more bonus pts promos. It just takes 10s to add ur flybuys at any manned checkouts.

              • @truetypezk: Apparently there's a huge backlog of people missing points from that 10,000 deal. I suspect it's something to do with the fact they had several attractive points offers overlapping in those few weeks. i.e. I bet activating #2, 3, etc. and receiving those smaller points amounts 'broke' the 4x consecutive weeks 10,000 one.

    • +4

      Coles bonus points for gift card never instant, it will be loaded with 24-48 hours together with your transaction.

      • ok im at about 36 hours now and points/transaction not showing yet, will check it agian tomorrow

        • +2

          Points appear between 5pm to 1am+. It seems old accounts get points earlier, unfortunately.

    • no, it never has before

  • +4

    Effectively got 40% off eBay cards by combing with the AMEX Myer offer. Used the Coles Myer $200 gift card to buy 4 x $50 eBay cards on separate FlyBuys accounts

    • Yes I am planning to use AMEX offer to purchase the Coles Mastercard and use these to pay my electricity bills.

      • Don't think u can buy gift card with a gift card?

      • as far as I'm aware the eftpos card can't be used for online payments.

    • +1

      I wish I saw this earlier. bought $200+ aesop for my wife.:(

    • +1

      @thriftee Really? Interesting that you could use Coles Myer GC to buy eBay GC. Would Coles eGC work too?

      • +1

        Probably. I did it at self checkout I clicked gift card for the pay options and then scanned the gift card. I’ve done it at two Coles and both times there was a comment from the Coles person. First one said he wasn’t sure and “we’ll let the system tell us” which I found bizarre. Second time the guy said you can’t use a gift card to buy a gift card. I was on my second transaction by then and said I just did. He said “Oh, ok carry on”. So maybe you’re not supposed to but the system clearly allows you to. Perhaps don’t make it obvious you’ll pay with a gift card when they come around to put the date on the card.

        • Yeah really depends on the person. One guy said not allowed even if the system lets you. He even asked his manager. He didn't want to get in trouble cos they have to approve (when the system displays attendant required for the date or something) the gift card when you scan it and their ID gets logged in the sale.

          • +1

            @CVonC: For the Coles Myer GC just select regular card payment. Swipe the card and put in the PiN

            • @Thrawn: Yeah physical gcs are fine. This is for egift cards that need to be scanned.

      • I got some Coles Mastercards yesterday at self checkout using one Coles Myer GC and Coles eGC. No problems and the attendant cleared it without comment when the machine required her to fill in exp dates. The GC I used were over $105.

        • To pay Coles MC with Coles eGC, the Coles eGC needs to have over $105 as the self check out does not allow split payment for GC payment. However, this does not work when I tried to pay Coles Express GC with Coles eGC. I'm wondering if paying with Coles eGC only works for Coles MC purchase? Has anyone pay eBay or Bunnings GC with Coles eGC?

          • @F1ngolf: I have read a few times that splitting coles gc is possible, even without the full balance

            it says insuffiecent funds or error and then processes it and asks for another payment

            however I havent tried it yet

            • +1

              @Samsungnote10: I read that too. I tried the method at self check out yesterday with insufficient fund eGC and it does not work anymore. I'm more interested to know if we could pay other GCs like eBay with Coles eGC of sufficient fund.
              Previously, I've tried paying Coles Express GC with Coles eGC WITHOUT success.

              • +1


                we could pay other GCs like eBay with Coles eGC of sufficient fund.

                I have bought eBay + Ticketek GCs with a Coles eGC.

                • @CVonC: Strange. I was not successful when trying to pay a Coles Express GC with Coles eGC. Just to confirm that this is done via self check out with a Coles eGC which has sufficient fund.

              • @F1ngolf: Ahh thanks for the clarification.

                So ecard split doesnt work.
                Maybe a physical one will

                • @Samsungnote10: I'm not sure as I recalled that someone here said eGC split payment works. Maybe Coles has plugged the gap recently?

                  • @F1ngolf: Ill give it a try by the end of the promotion.

                    • +1

                      @Samsungnote10: Wonderful! Do post your finding.

                      • +1

                        @F1ngolf: I have used 2 egift cards at a manned checkout but only 1 that covered full purchase price at a self checkout.

                        • @Yola: Urh…so are you saying that you can do split payment with eGC to pay for GC at manned checkout? Wouldn't the staff use the standard phrase "You cannot pay GC with GC"?

  • Is there a shortage of the Coles $100 Coles MasterCard? Went to both Coles stores at Knox and neither had them.

    • Many stores run out during these deals.

      • These stores had plenty of ebay , Uber, etc, but eventually found a store with stock

        • where

          • @capslock janitor: Knox, but that was last week

            • @unity1:

              $100 Coles MasterCard? Went to both Coles stores at Knox and neither had them.

              oh no worries just had me confused about the $100 MC

              but eventually found a store with stock

    • 2 stores at Hurstville had none but my usual store did, lucky for me

  • How about linked accounts? I have linked mine and husband's Flybuys to one 'family' account. Would I get 2 lots of bonus points if I purchase on our own cards?

    • No. Need to have separate accounts. Someone must be the primary on the family one just create another account in the other name and one each for the kids, cats and dogs :) Make sure to keep a record of the birthdates you use as they use that to identify you in the future.

      • Can register few new flybuys cards to get bonus points for each new flybuys cards? Thanks.

        • Yes

  • +6

    Ah guys, I bought two different cards (ebay and mastercard) and got 2000 points for each card.

    • That is good!

    • Maybe it's a glitch.

      • Maybe? Both of my cards got the extra 2000 points.

        • Definitely a glitch. I bought three of the eligible cards and got 2000 points for two of the cards but not the third one. So, buying two of any eligible types seems to be most rewarding bet.

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