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Toshiba N300 NAS HDDs 6TB $227.46, 8TB $276.91, 10TB $354.39, 12TB $445.05, 14TB $642.85 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Following on from my recent Seagate/WD NAS drives deal, I noted that Amazon has a Cyber Monday special on Toshiba N300 NAS hard drives from Amazon US. Given the pricing is very competitive (even before considering opportunities for Cashrewards/Shopback and/or Zip money 10% and 5% bonus credit on Amazon giftcards), I felt compelled to share this and let the community decide if they want to go with a US-sourced Toshiba drive over local Australian stock Seagates/WDs. Note that I have included the Zip money 10% (capped at $50) since it's open to everyone, but have excluded the other aforementioned potential for more savings.


Best bang for buck is 8TB at $276.91 ($34.61 per TB) before any discounts. With 10% off from Zip, it's $31.15 per TB!

Price per TB Analysis

Model Size (TB) Amazon (2/12/19) Price per TB Less 10% Zip Money Price per TB URL
Toshiba N300 6 227.46 37.91 204.71 34.12 https://www.amazon.com.au/Toshiba-Internal-Drive-128MB-HDWN160XZSTA/dp/B06Y2KCXCM/ref=sr_1_6
Toshiba N300 8 276.91 34.61 249.22 31.15 https://www.amazon.com.au/Toshiba-Internal-Drive-128MB-HDWN180XZSTA/dp/B06Y2TSZBV/ref=sr_1_3
Toshiba N300 10 354.39 35.44 318.95 31.90 https://www.amazon.com.au/Toshiba-3-5-Inch-Internal-Drive-HDWG11AXZSTA/dp/B07CSDP4HY/ref=sr_1_14
Toshiba N300 12 445.05 37.09 400.55 33.38 https://www.amazon.com.au/Toshiba-N300-Internal-Drive-128MB/dp/B07N8WP6VC/ref=sr_1_12
Toshiba N300 14 642.85 45.92 592.85 42.35 https://www.amazon.com.au/Toshiba-N300-Internal-Drive-128MB/dp/B07N8Z821L/ref=sr_1_10

Per the Amazon description:

Built for small office and home office NAS
Designed for 24/7 operation
High reliability with up to 180TB/year workload rating
High performance 7200 RPM drive with large cache size
Integrated RV sensors to compensate for rotational vibrations
Includes Toshiba 3-year limited warranty


Keep in mind that Toshiba NAS drives are not as well discussed vs Seagate/WD, and this is US stock so you'll deal with Amazon for any warranty issues. There has been some feedback from alvian that post-sales warranty support from Toshiba US may be lacking.

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    Given past experience with DOA toshiba drives and also DOA on replacements, proceed with extreme caution… like pain, go ahead and buy.

    • +3 votes

      imagine 14tb kaputz without backup

      • +1 vote

        The standard practice is to configure mirroring (RAID 1) for anything important. It's part of the reason why people buy NAS. You should expect HDD to fail and be prepared for it.


      Well mine is completely opposite. Have 3x5tb in my qnap and have had no issues for almost 5 years. Was looking for another 5tb when this lot fills up.


        As an aside, when you do pop anther drive in does the NAS add it's capacity automatically or do you have to reformat the whole array again?


          Depends on the type of provisioning used in the file system at the time of creation. I used Thin provisioning which allows me to expand without reconstructing the array.

    • +1 vote

      Ditto, they refused to honour warranty. I had to get a US acquaintance to do it for me


      umm hitachi/hgst are widely regarded to have the lowest failure rates, and their tech's flowed onto WD & toshiba…

      this wouldnt be my first choice, but its still a solid drive at a decent price.


        True, my Toshibas have been rock solid too. But lowest failure rate is not zero failure rate, so someone is still going to get a dud, and that's when you need warranty.

      • +2 votes

        lowest failure rates

        what's their market share


          Spot on! WD and Seagate have a bigger market share than Toshiba, hence a higher number of failures.

          That being said, I had two WD and one Seagate fail on me so I picked up a 8TB Toshiba (X300) in 2017. It's still going well so yesterday I got another X300 (10TB). Fingers crossed it's not going to be DoA.

          P.S. I have 2 other WDs in my NAS running well for the last 5+ years.

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            @mihait: That's not how failure rates work - failure rate is independent to how many are sold - if a HDD has a 1% failure rate, then 1 in 100 will fail and this will remain true whether they sell 1,000 or 100,000,000. Failure rates are measured using Mean Time between Failure, or how long on average do they last before failing. HDD with a large market share will obviously have a physically higher number of failed HDD than a HDD with a small market share, however if both HDD have a 2% failure rate then they have identical reliability (2 in 100 will fail). Someone posted a link earlier to failure rates - some have less than one percent failure rate while others have over 2.5% - these numbers are extremely low compared to 10 years ago when HDD failure rates over 10% were not unusual - the improvements are mainly due to reduced power requirements which reduce heat.


        umm hitachi/hgst are widely regarded to have the lowest failure rates, and their tech's flowed onto WD & toshiba

        More so WD, than Toshiba though.

        The Hitachi/HGST brand (along with some former HGST manufacturing plants) was acquired by WD in 2012 and as part of that acquisition, they traded some former HGST assets with Toshiba but kept the lion's share as well as ownership of the HGST brand and as of 2018, HGST branding was entirely phased out, with all of the former HGST-specific models (Deskstar, Ultrastar, etc.) being sold as WD now.

        The recent WD Ultrastar DC HDDs I bought still retain the same firmware naming convention as their older HGST counterparts and seem to be very much just re-badged HGST drives.

        Toshiba HDDs have been very sketchy with their reliability as of late, with plenty of reports on OzBargain and Amazon about premature failures, especially with the onslaught of low-cost Toshiba HDDs posted on OzBargain this year.

  • -3 votes

    WD RED @ $157 probably a better deal if you don't mind the smaller size


  • +1 vote

    Wow 14tb…

  • +2 votes

    Recently got an Ironwolf Pro 16TB for $921 AU. I wanted the peace of mind of the 5 year warranty, and it was local AU stock so no warranty issues, and was willing to pay a bit more for that


    I got a Toshiba enterprise grade drive a few years back as one of my inferior drives failed with total data loss and I wanted enterprise grade: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/310209

    Unfortunately it's developed bad sectors and as it was OEM, shorter warranty period. It's still working but I am wary of this deal.

    I got an Ironwolf 8TB with shopback for similar price as this offer, in October. $321 AUD less $38.53 shopback and mirrored the Toshiba drive.

  • +1 vote

    These will be shipped by Fastway.

    If by some miracle; yours does arrive; don't be surprised if it's DOA after it's been handled by fastway.

    • +1 vote

      You downvoted the deal because Amazon uses Fastway as one of it's delivery companies?

      I've ordered stuff from Amazon US before and sometimes it's Fastway, sometimes it's other companies. Even buying from Amazon AU, my recent Corsair RAM (fulfilled by Amazon AU) was delivered by Fastway.

      Not saying that I think Fastway is a great delivery company (because I've had mixed results) but I think downvoting Amazon deals because one of their courier companies is Fastway might be a bit… much.

      • +1 vote

        downvoting Amazon deals because one of their courier companies is Fastway might be a bit… much.

        I agree with you on this one, and I'm not downvote all the amazon deals.

        For more robust / less essential things like headphones I might leave a comment without a down vote or just ignore it.

        A hard drive is fragile though, and a hard drive failure can destroy irreplaceable data, family photos, etc (let's be honest, not all Ozbargainers are systems administrators with a backup system).

        There's also the cost aspect. If someone buys 4 of these things for a respectable RAID5, they're out of pocket over AU$1000 for a couple of weeks if Fastway keep delaying / losing the package.

        I think it's reasonable to warn the community that perhaps Amazon + Fastway aren't the best way to ship something as essential and expensive as a bunch of hard drives.

        That's the rational aspect of my downvote^. But to be honest, there's also a more personal reason:

        Hard drives + Fastway have traumatized me after they lost a 10TB external drive, and I could only get a refund via Amazon credit (meaning, another Fastway deal down the line) because I'd cancelled the credit card I used for the purchase during the 2 months of Fastway making excuses.
        I'm glad I don't have any credit left over now, and the only reason I'm keeping my amazon account now is for the kindle store.

        • +1 vote

          Fair enough. Not saying I necessarily agree with your position but rather I understand and respect your reason for your vote.

          Honestly I've had pretty good experience with Amazon in general, and have had a variety of different delivery companies and when there were issues, the refunds/credits to compensate were surprisingly forthcoming (maybe with a nudge or two on the chat/call). I haven't had any issues with hard drives personally from them, but take your point that if this particular brand of drive is already a little fragile, then mishandling during the shipping process isn't going to help.

          Btw when you say 'lost', I initially thought you meant they damaged it but then after rereading it sounds like it never made it to you. That's a shocker.

          • +2 votes

            @jace88: I had a horrible experience with fastway recently. It was going to take 3+ weeks to deliver a phone case from AmazonUS (prime expediated? lol)

            close enough to the three weeks, after arriving in AU 2 weeks before but still not delivered or updated, i contacted fastway. Took a few days before they eventually told me "ok we need to check our entire depo and get back to you in 72 hours"
            by that time i had contacted amazon, gave them a blast about how bad fastway was etc, they got back to me in 30mins, refunded the purchase, gave me a $5 voucher and promised to follow up with FW etc.
            five days later, fastway delivered my phone case.

            So yeah, order from the US site with caution and if you see they decide to use fastway….hammer them constantly about tracking updates as they are HORRIBLE.

            • +2 votes

              @cam83: I've had similar experiences ^

              Good thing with amazon is, eventually you get a refund. I didn't get a refund from one of those shitty gearbest/zapals kind of sights when they sent me a $70 watch, Fastway lost. They wasted a chunk of my day by making my drive out to their Depot on the other side of town for it, where they told me it'd been "destroyed".

              People have the occasional bad experience with other couriers like Star Track and Couriers Please, even Australia Post (myself included), but Fastway are different.
              There's actually a reason why Fastway are so terrible and have no incentive to improve, which this video explains.

              As a NASDAQ:AMZN shareholder, I believe they made a terrible mistake partnering with this Courier for Amazon US deliveries to Australia and it's going to hurt their reputation here in the long run.


          I got the 10TB X300 drive I ordered on the 3rd of Dec delivered on Tuesday, the 10th of Dec. After reading the horror stories I was prepared for a DoA but I'm happy to see it working fine.

          I believe that in my case, the difference was the franchisee that operates in my area and the fact that I had it delivered at my office. Maybe it's easier to deliver it at a mail room or Fastway has a higher standard for corporations than for individuals.

          A corporate delivery address may be a solution when Amazon uses Fastway for a secure delivery.

          Timing wise, I'm happy with the 7 days it took to get it although the parcel looked a bit beaten-up (cannot say it happened in US or AU); thank God for the retail packaging.

      • +2 votes

        We started using sendle at my workplace, they use a bunch of couriers to make deliveries. Fastway were the only courier that we had trouble with, the problem was 90% of the fastway deliveries there was an issue. We had to stop using sendle because of them. They are the worst of the worst and I would never trust hard drives to them. I'm surprised anyone uses them, they are actually incompetent.

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