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Kogan Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Blue/Brown Switches) $49 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Red Switch variant already at $49 as per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/495212 (credit: Bilzbargain)
Blue Switch URL: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-wireless-mechanical-keybo...

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  • Can anyone who owns one comment on the quality, battery life, and latency when gaming?

    • Also interested. Wanting to cut the cord myself whilst retaining mechanical switches.

    • I got the brown switches variant from Bilzbargain's post and use it at work so can't comment from a gaming perspective, but no noticeable keystroke latency from every day use (E-Mail / Communicator / SQL). Too soon to tell in terms of battery life, have only used it for 4-5 days so far but I have the key lights switched off and I turn the keyboard off and place in locker (have hot desking :|).

      Keyboard itself feels sturdily constructed (and a little heavy) but was not a fan of the wrist rest which folded/came off easily when moving from desk to locker so took it off (it was fine on the desk itself though).

      Keystrokes on the brown variant are louder than your standard office keyboard as to be expected but not excessively loud that I feel like it's annoying co-workers (was concerned about this when I started using it).

      • Awesome, thanks mate. Might get one, at 49 bucks there's not much risk

      • I find the standard office keyboard to be pretty loud… How loud we talking for this one?

        • That's pretty hard to gauge really, I can really only give you my experiences. I'm in a fairly open plan office with low partition walls, when the office is quiet (ie. first thing in the morning) I tend to notice people typing on regular keyboards. Once the background noise of the office kicks in with people talking and typing away I don't really register/hear them anymore. I don't believe the brown switches are loud enough to stand out against that but am conscious of it first thing in the morning. It's probably more noticeable given the sound of the key click is different as well.

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      no idea but i bought one to replace my keyboard with broken switches. it can be connected via wire if it lags too hard i guess but it shouldn't.

      • it can be connected via wire if it lags too hard

        This comment sold me on the item. I would prefer to keep it plugged in and just use wireless when I need it

        • It's a standard USB to Micro USB connection too and in a convenient place (unlike the on/off switch which is underneath and another minor gripe).

  • can the light be turn off?

    • from the pictures it looks like you hit fn+f9 to disable the lighting.

    • Yep, I think it has from memory 6 light modes that you can cycle through using FN + F9. I have the key lights switched off completely (there's a mode to have the keys light up as you press them as well).

    • yes it can be turned off…. I leave mine off 90% of the time….

  • to be honest..the light is a bit annoying

  • Does the actual key symbol light up or is it just around the keys as in the pic? Are the symbols actually visible in the dark?

  • I got the red switch one last week. Pretty good since I upgraded from a laptop keyboard. Be aware that the red switch one is very sensitive, I always mistouch the space key.

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