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Free The Apple Press 1.5L Juice @ Woolworths via Woolworths Rewards


Just got an email, should be targeted?

This is apple juice unlike you've tasted before! The apples are given the 5-star treatment, hand-picked at their peak ripeness, cold-pressed just once, then bottled without preservatives or added sugar.

Choose from 3 individual varieties: Pink Lady™, Jazz™ and Envy™.

Offer starts Wednesday, 4th December!
Activate now, scan your Woolworths Rewards card AND your FREE The Apple Press 1.5L juice, when you’re next in-store at Woolworths by Tuesday, 10th December.*

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  • Targeted

    • +7

      no it's Woolies not Target

      • +2

        For once you are funny. Thank you

        • +1

          "/s" detected.

  • +10

    targeted, Is it just me or do I never get any of these woolworths rewards deals ?

    • +2

      I used to never get them too. This is my first one haha

      • +3

        I never got a single one. Sadd 😭

        • +1

          me either. Even ppl always get 10c fuel discount ,but …

          • +4

            @dealhunter-au: I often get targeted but the joke is as I am in WA and half the products they give me for 'free' they don't sell here so I can't get it. Which is worse than not being targeted! Great marketing ehn? How hard would it be to check postcodes before you offer it to customers?

    • Me either.

    • This is the first one I have ever got.

  • +6

    Got one for a free G Active Sports drink instead

    • +1

      Me too

      • I got this offer also.

  • +8

    I got an offer for 1x Free Nothing 1L.
    Apparently a lot of people have tried it.

  • I buy this juice so I imagine I don't be targeted lol

    • Is it in the fridge or aisle? I can’t find it at Blackburn South.

  • +2

    I got a free Obela dip (200g or 350g).

  • so the apples were in a 5* freezer or does it mean frozen for 5 years?

    • +4

      Don’t quit your day job.

    • Yes.

  • I got the orange juice one and G Active Sports drink. None in stock though when I went :(

  • Got it.

  • Not for me :(

  • +1

    Woolies app just sh*t on me. Try again later. :(

    • Which app do I use to find the offer? Without having to open a browser Coles flybys so easy to check

      • +1

        The APPle Press juice.

  • Got one

  • -1

    Do the apples explode on 1st press or just crumbles into submission?

  • I got free dip.

  • +1

    Cheapest apple product I've seen this week.

  • How do you clean mit? Do I just scan my rewards card?

  • Well I was lucky enough to get the email, but no stock left at store :(

  • I got the pink lady that has something black one inside. Is it normal?? Does anyone know?



    • +1

      Update : I sent an email to the company and got a reply. they said because crushing the apple whole. Fine to drink it.

      • Errr ok… i got the envy one

  • +1

    Visited twice, both stores out of stock

    • Thanks yeah I thought about going back in store and trying again, but maybe I won't waste my time. Thanks

      • UPDATE: I actually went back into Woolworths today and they had all The Apple Press juices in stock. I got the Pink Lady one and am pleased to say it was really nice. 90% pressed apple, 10% crushed apple. Probably better than my go to non-reconstituted Nudie juice. Might get this one again, thanks Woolies!

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