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Jinvoo Smart Wi-Fi Plug 1-Pack $10.39 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $39 Spend) @ JinvooAU Amazon AU


Lightning deal.

App is a bit clunky but does the job. Works with Google Home/Alexa. Handy to have around for kettles, heaters, or hard to reach spaces.

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    You can use tuya smart with it, will be better then its app

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    Certified for use in Australia?

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      What's so special about Australia? Products are self certified so it means nothing.


        Because it is law that electrical items such as these are compliant with Australian safety standards. If a non-certified device burns your house down, and there's any chance your insurer can prove it, have you really saved a few bucks?

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          No it's not the law. This is not a prescribed item and it's certified in the EU.

          And no your insurance company is not going to deny the claim. You can import even prescribed products into Australia from overseas and legally use them yourself.

          Read your insurance PDS because clearly you have never done this.

          This is a level one device.


            @Maverick-au: Rather than a back and forth, let's just review the relevant documentation:


            Reads as in-scope to me.


            Sounds like Risk level 3 to me.


            Requirements to sell in-scope equipment
            If your product is in-scope electrical equipment, then you are a 'responsible supplier' and to sell it you need to:

            have appropriate evidence your in-scope electrical equipment is electrically safe in accordance with the risk level
            register as responsible supplier under the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS)
            register your equipment (depending on the risk level 1, 2 or 3) under the EESS
            mark your product with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).

            Level 3 equipment requires a Certificate of Conformity issued by government regulators or a Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS). To obtain these certificates you need accredited test reports that must show the equipment meets relevant safety standards. Find out about obtaining a Certificate of Conformity for level 3 equipment.

            You must register Level 3 equipment on the EESS Registration Database and link it to a responsible supplier.

            As for my insurer:


            What we don’t cover


            Breaking the law - You don’t comply with relevant laws and regulations

            That's not a clause I want to test the hard way.

            you clearly have never done this


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              @tromboc: It's level 1, why do you think it would be level 3?

              As for insurance you can plug in any electrical product that you posess. This was looked into in depth on Whirlpool in the Miele import thread and was confirmed with the various authorities in Australia and insurance companies.

              If you don't know what you're talking about stop spreading misinformation.



                Control or conditioning device
                An electrical device that—
                (a) is a household type;
                (b) is for controlling or conditioning the electrical input to
                electrical apparatus via outlet facility(s) of the condition
                or control device;
                (c) is portable;
                (d) is self contained; and
                (e) connects to supply by means of a flexible cord and plug,
                appliance inlet or pins for engagement with a socket-

                Level 3

                As for insurance you can plug in any electrical product that you posess.

                This really doesn't seem supported by any part of my PDS, or any of the relevant legislation (which I have already linked) but I am happy to be wrong. Are you?

                I am not making any claim of authority on the matter, but "some guy on OzBargain" should provide more sources rather than just attack people for commenting. Even if you are right, which is yet to be proven, you aren't being nice about it.


                  @tromboc: This has been discussed so many times, people keep spreading bullshit about things they don't understand. Correcting information isn't attacking and I provided information earlier about where you can get the answers (the Miele discussion on Whirlpool).

                  Here are two links to help you.


                  Plenty more information in that discussion that goes into detail.

                  The user Batjac in that discussion posts FUD as he is a retailer wanting to dissuade people from importing.

                  And no-one can provide an example of an insurance company ever refusing to pay out on an electrical product that doesn't have any Australian certification.



                    This has been discussed so many times, people keep spreading bullshit about things they don't understand.

                    I've literally copied and pasted from the regulating bodies website.

                    Correcting information isn't attacking

                    So far you've said I've "clearly never read my insurance pds", I'm "spreading misinformation" and "spreading bullshit about things I don't understand" but you have provided zero relevant content to the discussion.

                    Again, I've literally copied and pasted from the regulating bodies website, and my own insurance PDS. A post featuring some anecdotes on an internet forum is hardly verifiable, and I would suggest anyone with any doubt to read the relevant legislation and make up their own minds. I'm certainly not risking my house and family over saving a couple bucks, and I would never encourage anyone else to do so.

                    Have a nice afternoon.

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                      @tromboc: The information in that link on Whirlpool is totally verifiable and totally relevant because unlike what you've posted it's based on facts and contact with Australian regulators and insurance companies. And multiple people have checked and confirmed that it's correct.

                      Using your logic anyone who has ever purchased electronics overseas or moved to Australia with their electrical products would be uninsurable and there would be a lot of insurance claims being denied. But this isn't the case and your won't be able to find a single example of this occurring.



                        unlike what you've posted it's based on facts

                        Wow. I literally posted links to the relevant regulating bodies own website.

                        Using your logic anyone who has ever purchased electronics overseas or moved to Australia with their electrical products would be uninsurable

                        I'm glad you are finally able to grasp how this grey area is potentially open to abuse by insurers. I've never made any claim other than that I would not take the risk and presenting the information I am basing that opinion on.

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      Comment on Amazon said EU cert but not oz

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        We use EU certification in Australia. This is why we changed to 230V so European electrical products didn't need any changes.

        Lack of some bullshit Australian self certification means nothing unless you want to pay five times more.


    You can use the Brilliant Smart app too if you already have the app / devices


      Hi there, trying to get that to work. How did you do yours? Thanks

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        Plug in the device. Turn on power. Then hold the power button until it flashes red on and off. Then in the Brilliant App, add a new device and select power socket/ outlet. Setup your wifi details and continue. It will then scan and pickup the device automatically. You know it has worked when the device makes a click. Note that you must have 2.4ghz wifi operating from your router.

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          I got it to work but had followed the instructions which said it flashes blue. Held the power switch down longer and it started flashing red and was able to see it in the Brilliant app. Cheers mate

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    had one of these from ebay died within a year. wouldnt buy again

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      So if anything fails once you never buy it again? Your sample of one is hardly representative of the product.


        Mav has a point and you haven't given a context as to how you used this device, so for all we know you could have used it outdoors for xmas tree lights in direct sunlight.


          Used indoors to turn a fish tank low powered led light on and off once per day. Hardly high wattage or over use.


            @paulcad44: Sure but any product can fail and these generally use the same reference design like video cards so differences between manufacturers are often limited. Even if you had multiple ones fail for example it could be something specific to your site (say high voltage) if no-one else was having the same failures.


    Are all smart devices using tuya protocol able to be used across all vendor apps or do some vendors recognise only their devices and support those?


    Oooh, anyone have experience with these?


    Still available here: https://www.amazon.com.au/Jinvoo-Countdown-Function-Compatib... for 10.88 at the time of this post. Have 3 of them from previous deal. Works fine, pretty happy with them. Just a tiny bit big to have two of them side-by-side. Bought a 6-socket powerboard from Bunnings for $4 as a workaround.