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ToolPRO Socket Set, Go-through, Metric, 15 Piece $29.99 (Was $49.99) @ Supercheap Auto


SCA is having a secret santa sale, i have found few items this happens to be one of them, don't know whether i'll use it or not but the idea of having a go-through socket was good enough to pull the trigger for me
you'll get further $1.05 as cach back i used shopback

list of all items for this sale:

Edit: Added this impact socket, which i have ordered, again i have the full range but having colored sockets will kick the festive season for me


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    Good find, I'll buy one. I'll pass on the coloured sockets though ;)


    This one is the same price but has more pieces. what are the differences?


      I'm guessing the sockets are better quality.

      The fact that its a simple socket set with no stuff I don't need appeals to me, I already have bigger tool kits full of stuff I'll never use. But if you need those extra tools it's probably a no brainer to go with the one you found.

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      The one posted has a hole straight through the ratchet. This lets you slide it over a bolt.

      The one you have posted does not. So if you have a long bolt you might have to use a spanner instead.

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      Based on Google answer
      Drive Pass-Through Socket Wrench Set allows this set to tackle jobs that standard socket sets can't. The hollow sockets and ratchet heads enable threaded rod and bolts to pass completely through the tool for unbeatable access, virtually eliminating the need for deep sockets
      the link above seems like a standard socket,obviously with more pieces, if you don't have standard set you can go with these, if you are like me with maybe 3 or 4 standard sets probably pass through will be a good addition to your toolkit

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    Got a Toolpro spanner set and the Bathurst socket for a great price. Cheers OP

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    Only needed occasionally but so convenient. Bought a set.


    Maxtrax reduced from $299.99 to $299.00. DEAL!

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