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Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector $500 Delivered (50% off) @ Curious Planet


Saw some deals from this store popping up recently so had a dig through their sale items and found this.

Never used a metal detector before, so no idea if this is good.

Looks to be about $400 cheaper than everywhere else.

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Curious Planet
Curious Planet

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    do you even Detectorist?

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      Such a good series.

    • The theme song even made it into my top listens for the year on spotify

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    Plus 7.2% Cashback at Cashrewards.

    • In-store only for CR.

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    That’s an awesome price. Has anyone ever bought from here before? They’re a great machine

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      Hmmm…it is a good price for this detector…quite a good one. I was tempted until I read that though!

      • It's probably a good thing they've had Administrators appointed - as once this occurs, you're no longer dealing with the original company, but the Administrators who have been appointed (in this instance, PricewaterhouseCoopers). In the event you place an order, pay for the goods, and aren't able to have them supplied, the Administrators would be the ones required to refund you - not the original business.

  • Maybe I can use it to find a better bargain.

  • Good price. Worth noting that this detector is for coin/relic hunting etc, it doesn’t detect gold. It is waterproof to 3m which can be handy for beaches/rivers.

    • Lol wut? Have you never used one? It's perfect for gold, you just gotta know where to look. Or just do what the scavengers on the beaches use it for…

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    be very careful buying this

    is one of the trading names of the coop bookshop who just went into administration earlier this week


    neg for that - otherwise good deal

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      Pricematch like jfsmoose suggested below

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    Price match at Anaconda to get an extra 10% off.

  • Any use for a gold digger?

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      Now, I ain't sayin' she a gold digger

      • But she ain't messin with no broke broke

    • Yes big time
      But this is top line stuff so will have a steep learning curve

  • You may never recoup the price of detector itself.

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      Glass half empty! There's gold in dem hills. Unfortunately this won't detect gold though..

      • Of course it does

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        Where is this rubbish info??

        This is a metal detector. Last time I checked the periodic table 15 years ago. Gold was a metal.

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          Your information checks out

          Let's head for the hills!

  • I wonder how this would go surveyors finding steel spikes. Schondstedt locators are $1000+

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    If the 800 was half price id be all over it, but this is a great price for this model.

  • For you who have never used them or say that the 800 is better, do your homework. It comes down to performance and if setup 'properly' and used in same or similar conditions and you know what you're doing, side by side they're identical in performance. The 600 hasn't been dumbed down or anything. The 800 has Gold mode to search for small gold nuggets, and that's stressing small

    • Yeah…you do get a couple of higher frequencies with the 800, which would be nice. The 600 is still an excellent detector though, and very nearly an 800. I had been looking at a Garret Ace 400…but I reckon this would be a fair bit better. Just a tad nervous about buying from these guys.

      • And it’s probably just a jumper or firmware update from being the same machine.

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    Priced matched anaconda. 450 in the end was bit of an ordeal to get them to do it.

    • Any tips? Did they need it to be in stock with a local Curious Planet store?

  • Under Anaconda's own terms they should beat this.

    There is no discretion listed as a reason not to do it. Curious planet is under administration NOT liquidation/clearance. They have a physical store in AU. The item appears to be in stock. The price includes shipping. It is easily verifiable off the website.

    As for the concern of this being delivered, as stated above under administration you are no longer relying on the original entity supplying the goods, PWC are taking on responsibility of supply or refund so unless they go under you are good.

    Deep discounts are a common practice (IMO) under administration as retention of title from my experience will have a clause that once the goods are sold the title automatically passes and the money gained belongs to the administration entity not the wholesaler and not directly to the original retail entity.

  • Thanks op. No matter what the price is I've never had any issues with Anaconda's price beat policy as long as it fits their written criteria. I've found they're much more honourable than say supercheap, officeworks or HN (at HN I was even told no because there was an extra 0 at the beginning of the website barcode for the exact same item).

    Was waiting for the 800, but could not go past this price. It's not like I'll ever go out and prospect for slivers of gold anyway.

  • Anyone go for this deal? I am highly considering it although maybe a bit risky. Went into store but did not see any (Marion SA).

  • Looks like the next model up 800 has the gold mode

    • As far as I am aware you can still find gold with 600.

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    Keen to get into this. Ive emailed Anaconda for a price match. I take it you'd need a permit for state forests etc but what about your parks/ beaches? I can't imagine digging holes around your local park would go down well, even if you did fill in afterwards.

  • Any full time prospectors out there?

  • Initially anaconda declined due to it being listed as special order. However calling some stores they had stock. All be it just 1

    • Within your State? I’m in SA and only WA and east coast states have stock so wondering if that will be an issue.

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        Don’t know I’m in vic. And Southland had 1 this morning

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    Was able to grab one for $450 at Anaconda Ipswich. Thanks OP!!

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      Any trouble getting the price match?

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        Nope, the lady said she was going to get one for herself. She only had to make a call to confirm the price was correct.

  • Link is not working now for me. Still no update on my order placed. Assuming it was hit hard and no stock and will await refund. Fingers crossed.

    • Got a response via email saying my order is currently sitting in distribution centre. Looks like its all good.

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    Bit late seeing as the link is now dead, but I ordered this from curious planet around 5pm Sunday, received dispatch note from highpoint (shopping center) around 2pm Monday, auspost confirmation around 3pm Monday and this morning (Tuesday) I got an estimated arrival of tomorrow or Thursday.

    • That's great to hear you got one! I've marked the deal as expired now :)

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    I got Anaconda to pricematch $450. Spent 2 days with it and sold it for $500

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      True OzBargain way.
      My best so far is I got a Windows 8 touchscreen tablet on an Office works price error, updated to Win10 for free, used it for 2 years, broke the screen, sold it on eBay broken and made $500 profit.

  • Missed out.

    Unfortunately due to significant volume of simultaneous orders your Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector is out of stock and a refund of $500.00 has been processed for this item.

    • I missed out too. Did you get you refund back yet?

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        Nah taking forever. They said up to 5 or 6 days so hopefully by Friday. I asked for similar discount on 800 instead of refund. They did not seem to like that :-)

        • Yeah I hope we get it soon. Someone else said the delays with refunds are due to voluntary administration, and to give it a further 3-5 business days from today

          • @Scope: Still no refund :-(

            • @robboaustralia: Same here. Did you get a credit memo? The memo says 1-3 business days from Thursday so hopefully we get it sometime next week

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                @Scope: Got told 4-6 business days from email on Friday 13th so I guess that suggests early next week possibly tomorrow.

                • @robboaustralia: Did you get the refund yet? If not I would do a chargeback ASAP.

                  • @videoman: Not yet. Its getting a bit of concern. Can't say we did not get any warnings from other posters. Took the gamble. Will give them the benefit of the doubt due to Xmas period.

  • So still have not got my refund. Went into one of their stores as their customer service centre has completely shut down until the 13th Jan. Said refunds have been delayed from email he received. Anyone else still waiting? Will give em a week from the 13th then they better look out! :-)

    • I think that if they have processed the refund it would have gone through by now. If they did process the refund the only reason I can see that it hasn't gone through is that there is no money in their account with their credit card acquirer and their bank has stopped all credit due to the liquidation.
      I would highly suggest that you start the chargeback process with you credit card company ASAP.

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    Finally got the refund today! Was quite shocked actually. Only took 31 days! Cheers Curious Planet 😁

  • Officially closing stores and items with big discounts. Funny the Equinox 800 has now disappeared from the website.

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