This was posted 2 years 1 month 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bose Soundlink Mini II Special Edition (Luxe Silver) $101.97 Delivered @ Bose Australia (Hack Required)


Black out of stock

I know this post has been flying around last 2 days.

Some of you have issue with over-charged $157 instead of $143. I'm struggling with it either. I bought one and they charged me $157 (but I already make a claim through Paypal)

Today I try again with Code SPEAKER20, but i don't know what it does. Price now even goes down to $101.97.

Please note: voucher codes are case sensitive.

Method 1

What I did. I install Honey add-on into Chrome, when adding speaker to cart and use Honey, It drops down to $101.97 by itself. Wondering if this is price error. Pay with PayPal.

Here is my proof

Method 2

Open two tabs to the deal. In tab 1, click Buy Now to add product and go to cart. Switch to tab 2 and go to cart. Enter coupon code HOLIDAY15 and apply. Switch back to tab 1, enter coupon code SPEAKER20 and apply. Proceed to checkout and pay with PayPal. (Thanks to OO.)

Happy Hunting everyone

Original Coupon Deal

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    Learned my lesson when ordered A7iii from Qantas with unauthorized promo code.

    • Order asap?

    • Just about to put the same comment

      only this time I'm not expecting too much

    • Are you on holiday?

  • -1

    My order has been sent, fingers crossed

    • as in shipped? what info did you get?

    • Proof?

    • Were you one of the first to place an order?

  • +1

    OMG i paid 150

  • any idea how can i cancel my yesterday $143 order through paypal?

    • just refund in paypal will they nego with bose and cancel the order

    • Why? If you have ordered another one for $102, just return the one you bought for $143 to Bose. No need to cancel.

      • -1

        i ordered 4 today for 102. so i need to wait the 143 one come and return it.

        • +2

          Yeah, just wait for all of them to come in before you return the 143 one. Bose offers 30 days money back returns. Just make sure you keep the invoices.

  • Bose best sales day ever

    • Only if you get it.

      • he was being facetious

        • Probably

  • +1

    OP, any email update? I haven't got any confirmation. Thanks!

    • +7

      Op must be regretting putting this on ozbargain.

    • +1

      I got my order confirmation for this

    • +2

      Thank you for your order, XXXXXXX
      Your Bose order has been processed. We’d like to take this moment to thank you for your purchase. We hope you had a great time shopping with us and enjoy being part of the Bose family.





      QUANTITY: 1 $199.95



      Voucher (SPEAKER20)

      Voucher (HOLIDAY15)

      (10 % VAT included)

      • +2

        Nothing to be happy about… Until you get the shipping confirmation.

    • +1

      Hi mate, I'm happy with the previous deal which is $143. I'm not gonna order this deal. But wanna share for community to get it

      My speaker is on its way

      Cheer mate

      • my speaker is delivered yesterday. LOL….

        • check your credit card bill today mate, make sure BOSE didnt charge you $159.95

          • @MauTauAja: got charged $101.97 :)

            • @Jackkkkkk: Check again mate within 1-2 days after the item delivered to you … gud luck on $101.97

          • @MauTauAja: sorry to clarify my speaker. the delivered speaker is at the price 143. 102 one is cancelled.

            • @miguellin737: @miguellin, you also will need to double check within 1-2 days how much did BOSE charge your paypal… hopefully $143 not 159.95 or $199.95 !

              • @MauTauAja: you are right. i found it was 159.95 pending in my bank account. Thanks to remind me that.

  • Black back in stock now for full price $199. Strong feeling many here will not have purchase honoured. Saved me $101.97 I guess =)

    • The terms and conditions relating to an order may be changed by Bose as long as Bose has not confirmed the order. Bose will inform the customer of any changes to the terms and conditions and, if the customer does not agree with the changes, they may decide not to proceed with the order.

      Any change to the order by the customer after a change by Bose to the prices of the product(s) will automatically result in the application of the new prices to the order. If Bose changes the price of any product(s), the customer may decide not to proceed with the order.

      Bose reserves the right to refuse any order. In such cases, an e-mail will be sent to the customer using the email address communicated by this customer instead of sending an acceptance of the offer.

      If order confirmations are received (which I have mine) I reckon we'll be OK.

      • +1

        That's not how it works.

        • How does it work then?

          • @KangaDrew: Lot of people received order confirmation and the PayPal transactions have now disappeared… Bose is not honouring this deal.

            • @RSmith: I just received an email from Bose advising that they cancelled my order in error and will honour the original price I paid. I just need to contact them tomorrow and quote their reference number to re-order and arrange delivery. So… yeah… there's that. :-)

          • @KangaDrew: Order confirmation isn't acceptance of the offer, it's acknowledgement of receipt and usually automatically generated.

            • @bxpressiv: I got the the same speaker on the weekend deal so I'm not too concerned. I'll still be contacting them to try and put up a fight :-)

            • @bxpressiv: but but…the Order confirmation email says "Your Bose order has been processed. We'd like to take this moment to thank you for your purchase. We hope you had a great time shopping with us, and hope you enjoy being part of the Bose family"

              (bold font added by me, for emphasis)

  • Anyone's PayPal transaction go through. Mine is still pending.

    • Still pending.

    • Paypal still pending, but cc been charged

    • Pending

    • Authorisation so far, no charge to my card

    • still showing $101.97 pending on my bank. Still showing on Paypal

  • It's back in stock, but coupons no longer works?

  • I don’t understand how they allow so many orders to go through with the error? It’s not like it was posted at 2am on a Sunday morning and a staff member wouldn’t notice hundreds of orders coming through…

    • +1

      Well maybe they are going to honour it. After all, most companies know that if they keep customers happy, they are likely to buy again and spend more.

      • 🤣

      • +4

        I doubt it because it was made via a glitch, so I'm not gonna be annoyed at all if they decide to refund.

        Those soundsports price error though, annoy me because it was their fault.. they did the pricing and then they didn't send a cancellation email for multiple days (still haven't gotten one) then they have the nerve to give people that ask within live chat about their order that it has been cancelled and heres a 15% code (HOLIDAY15) to make up for it and pretend like we not smart enough to realise this is obviously a generic code that they were gonna release during Christmas anyway (Funny enough, this is the code that caused this whole mess so guess its a bit of karma maybe?)

        The way they handled that situation left a really bad taste in my mouth from Bose

        sorry, just felt like ranting

  • 13500 clicks lol

    • +3

      I clicked 5 times or more bought nothing I think I saved $100 for a bargain that I may only use couple times

  • +4

    My PayPal pending charges of $202 has just been cancelled so the deal didn’t go through. Pack it up everyone, we got greedy.

    • +1

      Same here. Paypal cancelled and funds are no longer pending in my bank acc.

    • LOL…. same here. I got the cancellation without any notification.

      • Same. No notification, it’s just disappeared from PayPal. CC still shows as pending but it will prob catch up during the day.

        It’s a pity, they would’ve created a lot of new Bose fans if they’d honoured. As it stands they have made people excited by confirming they are ‘buying Bose’ only to then be rejected; that’s going to push a lot of people to other brands. Also I wonder what the legality is of sending an order confirmation and then simply pulling the plug with no prior communication.

  • PayPal payment is still showing for me and my card has been charged as well.

    • For the $102 price?

      Lucky if so

      • Yes but I’m sure it will be cancelled after all.

  • +1

    My paypal and bank had the charge disappeared without any notification.
    So it's hopeless afterall

  • News update. Bose didn’t honour the error, the double coupon codes, my Paypal payment $101 is no longer shown on my PayPal account.

  • My PayPal transaction from Bose vanished from my account history and the payment successful email now says "Your payment method will be charged when Bose Pty Ltd completes your order.". They have sneakily cancelled it on PayPal but didn't send a cancellation email..

  • +1

    Same here
    PayPal records vanished from my credit card transactions :(

    No emails yet
    Not sure if anyone noticed but the order mail had VAT instead of GST
    Don’t know what other glitches / bugs are there in Bose website
    Like I mentioned in one of my post, they are just the speaker company, don’t expect much on technology from them,
    Same applies to their website
    Happy mourning :(

    • VAT (Value add tax) is just the EU name for GST (Goods & services tax). I think you're reading into it a little too much.

  • So far, has anyone got a positive progress? i.e. shipping notification or an invoice from Bose?

  • +4

    I have invoice from bose, and paypal still pending on my account/amex

    • well thats good. is the invoice amount for $102 or higher?

      • just the 101.97, no shipping info though =/

        • Looks like they are cancelling the orders and still going, I made 2 transactions and the later one still shows pending

        • +1

          You meant the order confirmation email right?

          • @dingdong3000: No, the order confirmation email is sent when you have placed an order, the invoice is sent separately once the order is processed, this clearly tells us that they have processed the order and product is being shipped out. There may not be a shipping info with it but what counts is the invoice from them.

          • @dingdong3000: Yup, you’ll see it says VAT and not GST

          • @dingdong3000: apologies I misunderstood, correct, just the initial order confirmation email with price - no separate PDF =(

  • +1

    Bose website is now under maintenance

    • probably could do with a few fixes hey?

  • Same here….
    Paypal transaction and CC pending charges disappeared without any notice.
    Oh well.. this is as expected anyway

  • How is it legal for them to just cancel the purchase without notification?

    • +1

      The power of "Terms and conditions" of purchase

      • Bose reserves the right to refuse any order. In such cases, an e-mail will be sent to the customer using the email address communicated by this customer instead of sending an acceptance of the offer.

        • Yes so the two things are - (1) we can probably expect a reply sooner or later, reasonably delayed bc of the volume of orders; and (2) they're saying the purchase wasn't 'complete' and no agreement made because they haven't accepted our offer to purchase the goods.

          • @pifts: I still have the soundsports charged to my card.

            Not one word of correspondence and that was last week.

            Not sure what’s going on at Bose.

            • @johnno1987: I just got the money refunded to me in my bank account from the soundsport 'deal'

              • @BarginGrabber: Still there for me, got confirmed on Monday.

                Gotta be in it to win it I guess. That’s the price we pay lol.

                • @johnno1987: I'll say this, if you didn't get tracking info then I still wouldn't get my hopes up

  • Transaction is not yet on the recent activity list of my PayPal home page. However, if I go into the email titled "You submitted an order to Bose Pty Ltd", and click the transaction ID, the details still appear and the order isn't yet stated as cancelled.

  • If everyone just bought 1 speaker, not multiple, and not use it on other things to save hundreds we might’ve had a chance. My pending PayPal charge is still there so far

    • if we all buy RRP we get tracking numbers ASAP

    • Nope, they were never going to honour it.

  • Has anyone who purchased, tried to take the confirmation over to JB or someone and asked them to price match? arbitrage the situation a little?

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