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250g Bag of Any House Coffee (except Limited Release) from $4.40 Delivered @ Five Senses Coffee


Just got an email from Five Senses Coffee offering a free 250g bag of any house* coffee, just pay shipping ($4.40 for Perth Metro, $7.70 rest of Australia for orders under 2kg).

From the email:
* House Coffee: all blends and single origins. Excludes Limited Release coffees.

Plus if you order before midnight on Friday, 13 December (WST) you are entered into a draw to win a prize package that includes a La Marzocco Mini espresso machine. Most of their house coffees seem to be priced at $15 so it's a good deal for nice coffee.

Happy caffeine!

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  • Thanks!

  • I ordered the Dark Horse blend this morning and got an email saying it had shipped at 5.42pm. Pretty fast.

  • I wonder if we will get entered for this competition! https://www.fivesenses.com.au/referral-promotions/christmas-...

  • $4.40 delivery to Perth

  • Webpage not loading properly now. Must be too many people hitting their site :)

  • I am getting 503 error

  • Any suggestions for good choices?

  • +2 votes

    Website is struggling. Can't add anything to cart

  • Code is still working, if you can get the page to load to apply it

  • ozbargained "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable | openresty"

  • PayPal working

    • Adds 1.5% fee = 26c on $7.70
      Only saw that after agreeing & couldn't be bothered going back to change to CC after waiting an hour to pay!

      But after paying in Paypal, directed me back to purchase!
      Wants me to pay (again), with PayPal the only option showing.

      Given up!

      • Paid via paypal. Initially showed $7.96 but only $7.70 charged to my card.

      • When I finally placed same order paying with CC, it thought it was a 2nd order (so code gave no discount!), showed code but CHARGED FULL PRICE!

        Orders shows
        1 PayPal order not paid, with discount
        1 CC order full price
        Option only to cancel the not paid order!

        Sent an email reply to my order acknowledgement. Hopefully will be fixed, but may be cancelled or receive full price order😣

  • Any recommendations for which one to get?

  • +7 votes

    For the first time WA pays less than the rest of Australia :)

  • 503 error..haha :(

  • Use a different email for each order and you can checkout as a guest multiple times.

  • Took a few goes but I made an order of the Dark Horse blend. Stoked to try something new.

  • So slow on checkout….

  • just wasted like half an hour trying to get the bastard to checkout, still no success.

  • Finally made it through the checkout process. Ordered the Ardi and Dark horse blend. Have had their Ardi before it was fantastic. Thanks OP.

  • thanks, ordered Dark Horse to try it out

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 250g Dark Horse blend for $0 with pick up.

  • Wow great deal. Also got a bag for $0 with pick up.

  • Anyone know how fresh these brands are? When were they roasted?

    • I could not say for sure but based on my experience I would say a few days tops. Of the two types I ordered yesterday one was roasted on the day and the other 4 days earlier (and yes, my order arrived the next day).

    • From their website: "All of our coffee is freshly roasted to order, and packed within one working day of your order being placed."
      I had their Dark Horse bean before and they were great.

  • I am getting “coupon usage limit has been reached”.

  • Just in time, thanks Op

  • $7.70 delivery for Perth now, did they change it?

    Edit: nvm, my adblocker stopped price from updating. $4.40 it is!

  • Had a few issues yesterday when the size was ozbargained. Transaction successful this morning.

    Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP ordered the Ardi Filter Roast

  • Worked. Thanks OP.

  • Free pickup

  • Thanks OP. Ordered the Dark Horse as that seems to be a popular Ozbargain choice. Can't wait to try it out :)

  • Worked for me too. Thanks OP. Five Senses also do really great tips in their emails. Highly rated coffee, service and advice.

  • bugger… just expired, just before I could get in.

  • Getting a 'coupon has expired' message

  • Hmm - I'm getting this coupon has expired :(

    Ah that's a real shame. I really wanted to try Ardi sometime and I'm not too far away from running out of my current batch :(

  • says coupon has expired

  • Expired so fast, had 50 single origin order, no advertising for café :(

  • Managed to get a bag of filtered coffee beans this morning. Cheers OP!

  • Wow, i think we smashed this poor little bean roaster like it was a youtube like button, i bet they woke up this morning and were like wtf happened!? quick cancel that coupon!!

    • May be "quick cancel those orders!!" Especially with some saying they made many orders each. 4400 clicks!

      • haha yeah could be, i don't know how people had the patience to go through that slow checkout process more than once, damn it took ages.

        • True!

          Had a quiet chat with the business about a problem with my order. They've had so many orders & so many emails about problems ordering.

          As I repeatedly couldn't pay by PayPal, I paid by CC.
          BUT code wasn't accepted as system created 2 orders from same cart, using the code (other unpaid via PayPal).
          I pressed pay too quickly without checking price as had spent about an hour ordering 1. My regrettable mistake!

          If there are any cancelled orders - I think mine will be the first😣

          Got a very swift response:
          Thanks for your email. Yes, unfortunately our website was inundated with orders via ozbargain so you caught us at our slowest and clunkiest! I’ve just refunded your credit card the $15 you would have been discounted, apologies for the inconvenience.

          That's great customer service, as I replied👍

    • +1 vote

      You bet’cha @lordezekiel. But all good, we’re still honouring all orders.

  • From 5 Senses Coffee:
    "Yes, unfortunately our website was inundated with orders via ozbargain so you caught us at our slowest and clunkiest!"

    They quickly fixed a payment problem with my order.
    Order accepted.
    That's great customer service👍

    Will order through them in future!

  • Amazing customer service. I got the 503 Error after I had entered my CC details last night so my card got charged but I didn't receive a confirmation email. I emailed in the morning and they replied straight away. Think the company got hammered. But definitely keen to order more if the beans taste good.

  • +3 votes

    Jusst got an email that the coffee was shipped!

  • Received delivery in Brisbane☕
    Kitchen smells of delicious coffee!

  • Got mine today in Melbs, roast date 11-Dec. That's might fast and mighty fresh.

  • Did they delivery by aust post??? I’m in Perth

  • Received mine today - roast date yesterday! How long are you supposed to keep coffee beans after the roast date before you start using them? I thought you had to leave it a week or so?

    • -1 vote

      Varying opinions but general golden rule is sooner the better basically. Keep them in an air-tight container once opened. Do not refrigerate!

    • Depends, but usually 24 hours and they're good to go, they've released all of the CO2 they need to. Some beans need 48 hours.

    • +2 votes

      Hey @k23man, ideal is to let it sit for about 4 days as those first few days the coffee is degassing, which makes it a little difficult to brew with. Then try and use it all within about 2-3 weeks. Enjoy!

  • Got mine today - great service.

  • +10 votes

    Whilst we were a little surprised our 'start-brewing' coupon code made it onto the web, we were happy to send out some early Christmas cheer before the coupon finished up. Shoutout to our awesome team who worked through the night and managed to have it all roasted and dispatched within about 24 hours … and the courier guy who rolled up yesterday to pick-up the mountain of additional orders for delivery: on ya' Keith! (I wish I could post a pic here). And let’s not forget OZ-Bargain member @jollybeggar for making this all happen ;-)

    For those that missed out on the deal, we still wanted to share the love so here's a 20% off coffee coupon for all OZ-Bargain members that will sort you out for orders between now and Christmas:

    Merry Christmas from everyone at Five Senses Coffee!

    • Amazing service👍

    • Hi,
      I sent an email yesterday. I received someone else’s order by mistake, in addition to my own one. Can you check your email?

    • Hi fivesensescoffee, you guys are champions! I hope my posting this didn't cause you too much grief. I'm loving your Dark Horse blend (which arrived crazy fast) and I'm sure lots of Ozbargainers are enjoying their coffee too!

      Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work and for the great beans! Merry Christmas!

      p.s. love the coupon code! Cheers

    • Got your Guatamalan single origin and am very impressed! Spectacular as a double flat white, hitting all the notes I love! Great coffee!

  • Got my order, but not particualy impressed with the coffee tbh. My wife (who uses almond milk fyi) said it was no good and made me take it out of the machine and replace with the other beans we had (dark roast 1kg coles brand - cheap, i know, but nice.) edit - this was a tightrope blend

  • Any other coupons going for these guys? I liked what I ordered but with postage and such and is prohibitively high in cost to continue to buy a 1kg a month off of them.

    • They sent out an email on Boxing Day with a code for 10% off, which looks generic (not targeted): BOXINGDAY-2k19

      NOTE: This discount can only be used on the Five Senses website (not redeemable in-store) and excludes all packages, kits and vouchers. EXPIRY: 31 December 2019

      • Thanks. I have that one already but quite frankly, need to save a lot more than a $1.50 on a 250g packet to make it viable for me.

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