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Samsung Series 9 Q90R 65" QLED TV $3320.25 @ JB Hi-Fi


Some great deals tonight online and tomorrow online and in-store during the Wicked Wednesday sale.

My pick of the bunch is the Samsung 65" Q90R which comes down to $3320.25 after the additional 5% discount via instant deals (sign up via email).

Part of the 5% off Sale

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    Good price. This or C9?

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      Tough call… C9 for dolby vision, dolby atmos passthrough, eARC, both freesync + gsync support, and officially certified HDMI 2.1, whereas the Q90 has zero risk of burn-in.

      It's taken until the series 9 for QLED to become comparable with OLED, but the price point has been the differentiator. Till this deal that is, it's only $300 more than what I paid for my C9…

      Depends what you want to use it for; if you intend to use it for gaming then burn-in is a big concern with any OLED screen. Just for movies then C9 edges the Q90 on picture quality and future proofing. I'd probably pick the Q90 if had a choice now purely for the burn-in issue as I do a lot of gaming, but don't get me wrong the C9 looks amazing and I'm extremely happy with it.

      Here, compare for yourself, and don't forget to read the full reviews too:


    What I love about this and the 7 series, is the "One Connect Box". One fiber cable connects with the TV and that is all, the box where you connect the power cable and everything else, can be installed anywhere. Perfect for wall mounting.

    I have the old 2018 QLED Q7FN 65" and what a beast. I can play all day with no issues. The only main difference between QLED and OLED is the black where the led is turned off on a OLED. Samsung has improved a lot this "black discussion" and things are far much better now. Even my old model, you can play with the settings and enjoy it.

    I'm still like a kid every time I watch 4k on it, or playing my Xbox games for 5h+

    This is a premium TV so before buying it, check with Samsung if you can request a spare remote control and spare fiber cable. It has to be done within 3 months the purchase.
    They both might be worth $400+ and you can have for free, but it is applied to the series 7 and 9 only coz the One Connect Box, at least back to 2018
    It is worth a shot :)


    Anyone bought this tv for the sale price? I’m in the market and hoping to get jbhifi to match the price specially now the 2020 has been released.