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Melbourne to Beijing, China Return on Beijing Capital Airlines from $326.70 @ BravoFly via Skyscanner


A unique route but pretty great price.

Fly to the new Beijing International Airport from Melbourne on Beijing Capital Airlines.

Stopover in Qingdao for up to 19 hours if you're the type that loves a day visit into a city.

Skyscanner shows $330, but when you click through to Bravofly it's $326.30! Return!

Two pieces of checked luggage included.

Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/LHqaNPj

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    WOW, 24th Jan spend the Chinese new year there


      Lots of places closed around CNY though. It's kind like visiting Australia at Xmas, not like New Years or Easter wheres there's lots of parties or events.


      don't go to China during CNY. It's a bad idea.


      Worst Time to Visit China

      It’s simple: Avoid every single public Chinese holiday. This is a little bit tricky since some of them follow the lunar calendar and vary from year to year. However, they’re still around the same months so we can roughly estimate them.

      The first date to avoid is Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year or Chunjie. This is China’s most important holiday, with millions of Chinese on the move all over the country.

      Getting a flight ticket will be more expensive, finding a train ticket will be nearly impossible, and tourist attractions will be packed with visitors from all over China. So for travelers seeking to take their time at China’s landmarks, Chinese New Year is definitely not the time to visit.

      While many big shops and chains remain open during Chinese New Year in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, many places in China will close for at least a couple days or even a week. So, there will be many missed opportunities to enjoy a small Chinese eatery, and countless other more traditional venues.

      Chinese New Year normally happens around mid to late January or early to mid February. While many Chinese people use Spring Festival as an opportunity for an overseas trip, most of the traveling takes place within the country, resulting in the biggest annual mass migration in the whole world.


    During the CNY, almost all Chinese go back to their hometown and Beijing is more like an empty city. It is still a good chance to avoid the crowd, but you have to server yourself.

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    This goes to the new Daxing Airport in Bejing which only opened 3 months ago!

    Can also go to Qingdao without going to Beijing for a little cheaper if thats of interest.

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    Nearly booked, but a quick check shows the tempature is +2 to -8c that time of year. Now off to look for some Fiji deals LOL.

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    not sure about that 32hr travel time though


    If you’re staying longer than 72 hours you’ll need a visa - $$


      I believe you can get Visa free travel and stay up to 144 hours if it's an Australian passport and you're travelling from Melbourne to Beijing. Qingdao or your next destination may change this however as there are all kinds of restrictions on it, and I don't know them all. If anyone is interested I would recommend researching it, just try searching for Visa Free Travel, and I would highly recommend talking to someone who has done it before.

      When I travelled through Beijing earlier in the year I thought I knew what to expect, but was unaware that they won't accept an Airbnb as a legit address and that their one working printer for the VFT broke, costing many hours to sort out all together. Next time I would just go for the visa!


    Why would you go through 30 hours of travel + air port time just to spend 19 hours at some place?


    Bravofly only scores 2.4 / 5 on the Skyscanner ratings … given the other comments - e.g. 30+ hrs travel time, this deal doesn't enthuse me

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