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NetGear Orbi RBK50 $329.25 Delivered @ Amazon AU


NETGEAR ORBI Whole Home Tri-Band High-Performance Wi-Fi Router & Satellite Extender System, White, RBK50-100AUS
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  • Great price! Love mine!

  • While it is WAY more expensive, the WiFi6 Orbi AX6000 is being released now. If you want the fastest, WiFi6 is the way to go.

    • I have been waiting for the orbi to come down near $300 again (previous $299 at wireless1 multiple times) but have now convinced myself makes no sense to upgrade to wifi 5 when wifi 6 is the new standard. i.e. My Samsung 10 and 10+ series phones already have wifi 6

      The only issue is that the new netgear orbi wifi 6 while out in USA doesnt appear to have actually been officially released in Australia, is there a release date?

      • It usually takes a while for a new standard to be properly adopted by consuming devices and as already mentioned it is going to cost top dollar for WiFi6 right now. You'd have to ask yourself whether you have a valid use-case and devices that will utilise the higher bandwidth, when to be honest, WiFi5 (AC) with Mu-MIMO is more than sufficient for 4K streaming. My thinking would be to buy this now and wait till such time that prices come down on WiFi6 and it is better adopted/ all the bugs are out of the way. Then upgrade to WiFi6 for half the price in a couple of years.

        • i agree…especially considering how slow australia's internet is. Wifi 6 is probably only worth upgrading when there are tons of devices using the router at the same time.

        • Yep wait at least 6 months for bugs to be fixed.

      • Q1 2020. I think the cost will be over $1000.

      • @noise36, when the Orbi Wifi 6 comes down to $300, you'll definitely want to wait a little long as the Orbi Wifi 7 won't be far away ;)

  • I thought wifi extenders aren’t very good?

    • This is a mesh router system. Not a Wi-Fi extender. It is a completely different (and far superior) concept. The main router creates a direct connection to the satellite via 5ghz I believe. If you have a two story or large brick house, these are brilliant. I get 90+ megabit from all of my satellites (on NBN 100/40).

      • Not quite true; there's no satellite involved. 5Ghz can't get through walls, so mesh systems use 2.4GHz to get between rooms, and 5GHz within the room. Also they use beam forming to lower interference.

        Edit: oops misunderstood the satellite reference; the satellite unit is the one not connected to your router, nothing to do with the things in space.

        • 5GHz can get through walls, just not well compared to 2.4GHz. The wifi on a router being weak/inadequate is often a detriment to using 5Ghz, especially if using the rubbish from an ISP. I have been using 5Ghz through a few horrendously solid walls (brick/block etc) for years with an Archer D9 and now Archer C3150. In my situation on 5Ghz with sold walls up to 10M seems to work maxing my NBN100, beyond that it rapidly drops. 2.4Ghz fares a bit better coverage wise, 15-20M depending on number of walls.

  • Seriously brilliant bit of kit. Added one during the last sale, as an upgrade from the ac66u, and the 5ghz performance is magnificent.

    (Incidentally added the ac66u as an extra repeater also).

  • Can’t speak highly enough of this setup. Replaced my standard Optus router with this and now get 40-50mbps downstream in the worst parts of my house where I used to get none.

  • Price seems to have gone back to normal ($439)?

  • Does this connect straight to phone line or do you add to existing modem.

    • Its a router, not a modem.

    • It's not a modem/router. It's a router only. You connect the modem to it, if you need one. See below:

      If you have ADSL/NBN FTTN….Phone line>Modem>Orbi Router.
      If you have NBN HFC….Coaxial cable from wall>Modem>Orbi Router.
      If you have NBN FTTP…..NBN Connection Box>Orbi Router (no modem required).

      • has anyone figured out a way to connect a 4g LTE either phone or USB modem to this? thanks!

      • FTTB—->phone line—->modem—->Netgear Orbi Router—->Netgear Orbi Satellite.

        FTTC—->phone line—->NBN NCD—->Netgear Orbi Router—->Netgear Orbi Satellite.

  • Usually dispatched within 1-2 months???

    • think it was out of stock, it was showing 'only 4 left' the last time i checked.

      • Damn… +1 for the deal, but I’m really on the fence now about this or waiting to see what comes up with in-stock deals from other sellers?

    • Have a pair connected to the arris box (hfc). delighted with it. Full speed throughout the house. Everything is dependent on its wireless backbone, including those devices connected via Ethernet to the satellite. Just what Santa ordered

    • I've purchased items with this timeline before when a deal has been popular and the wait has never been long - I think that's their standard line - I'm sure stock won't take long to acquire (other than it being the Xmas to NY period, which often sees suppliers shut their doors!).

      • Ok, that’s just tipped me over the edge. Would love to have snapped up a $299 deal, but never seem to be quick enough to grab one before the stock is gone. Fingers crossed that delivery is far quicker than suggested….

  • This or Ubiquiti UniFi AC Lite ?

    • Both are great.

      Ubiquiti UniFi AC Lite Access Point needs to be cabled with Ethernet and powered by PoE.

      Netgear Orbi uses wireless or Ethernet backhaul and a power brick.

  • I have these from the last sale. Strongly recommended. Better coverage than the Netgear Nitehawk R8000 I had.

    I have a granny flat and added another external satellite down there connecting back to the base (RBS50). Wifi everywhere!

    If you have a huge house, consider grabbing 2 of these packs. RBK50 = RBR50+RBS50. It's cheaper than buying a satellite add-on alone and then you have a spare router just in case.

  • Does everyone live in a mansion?

  • Double storey with the arris box installed at the “wrong” end of the house and limited options to run Ethernet

  • No more

  • hesitate too much and missed the boat

  • if you have costco membership, they are always around this price

  • i just bought the tp-link deco e3 kit from wireless 1 for $79. What makes this so much more expensive?

    • Netgear Orbi RBK50 kit has faster wireless, dedicated wireless and Ethernet backhaul, larger wireless range and more Ethernet ports.

      • sure seems to be for prosumers that want commercial grade connectivity. I currently have 3-4 bars on all my wireless devices in my bedroom and want to maximize every bit of my 5ghz wifi network and thought the e3 deco should fit the bill. I guess this is one of those purchases with diminishing returns, 4 times the price doesn't equate to 4 times the performance.


    Outstanding price!
    No surprise it's OOS already.

  • Hi guys,

    My order just disappeared from amazon, did this happen to anyone else too?

  • +1 vote

    Mine arrived yesterday. It was easy to set up and the speed is awesome. I get about 95 and 38 from my HTC Aussie Broadband 100/40 plan.

    • Those are very promising wifi speeds. Hope mine arrives soon - I purchased when the 1-months delivery was being estimated due to the in-stock batch being depleted, but I expect it will be a lot less of a wait.

      • As a guide for others, my card was charged on the weekend so it’s in motion 👍🏻