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Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G 128GB (Onyx Black) $559 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi



End of year madness!

Ticket $699
$140 off^

Key Features
  • 6.39" Full Screen Display
  • 93.4% screen-to-body ratio
  • Supports 5G Network
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855
  • 24MP + 2MP front camera
  • 12MP + 12MP rear camera
  • 960 fps slow motion video
  • 6GB + 128GB Storage
  • 3800mAh(typ) battery

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  • The best phone at this price?

  • Discounted price is already active

  • seems like a cheap 5g phone

  • This phone is ok but very heavy

    • Can Confirm. Bought it last time it was on sale.
      Also very slippery. Put it on a 5% incline and it will fall off every time. Must have slid off my couch/lap 50 times already.

    • Err heavy? Here I am with a mi max 3 which is heavier than the mix 3. I don't consider these phones heavy. Hit the gym a bit more perhaps.

      • I moved from Mi A2 to this phone and I can certainly feel a huge difference.

        Btw your Max 3 is just 3gm heavier than Mix 3 :)

    • Heavier than the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

  • if apple sold a notchless 5g phone like this it would be over 2k

  • is there any benefit ordering direct from jb as opposed to the xiaomi official store on aliexpess? the xiaomi store says they do 1 yr warrenty
    they dont have this exact model on there, but they appear to have very similar specs (provided you dont care for 5g) for $100-200 less

    • +1 vote

      IF you break your phone you just pop into your local JB and they'll likely just swap you for a new phone or repair it over a week or 2. Ali/gearbest/banggood/tobydeals warranty is going to be complicated and arduous, with lots of money going into postage (you'll besending it back to china) and handling and back and forth emails which will leave you without a phone for months. Esp aliexpress, they'll repair it at their own discretion and you might not even get your phone back because they're the ones who decide if it falls under warranty.

    • It's been that price for a while. A question of whether Australian warranty is worth the money. In this case, I think it is.

  • I think it's a great phone, especially for the price and 5G.

    For me personally, 5G does not add any value since I can't access it in my area.

    Might wait for a year or two, by then 5G devices will become a norm, and I will hopefully get 5G coverage in my area.

  • I am so conflicted right now. I have pretty bad internet at home and am really keen on upgrading to 5G. I live in Hawthorn and I know it is active in parts and should spread soon. I don't know whether to go with Optus and get a handset on installments to obtain double the data, which means paying $1k+ for a handset. Or should I just buy this 5G phone for cheap and use some of the saved money on a higher plan, or potentially telstra plan… hmmm

    • How about 5G broadband plan? Unlimited data as long as you live in an eligible area.

      • Yeah I was tossing that idea up as well, however I have an S7 that I'd like to upgrade from, plus I am already on a vodafone 125gb plan for $65 a month. So I guess realistically, any choice isn't really a bad one haha

        • You might want to try a cheap sim from Telstra/Optus to make sure the reception in your area is good before going all-in.

          I was with Lebara (Vodafone) and switched to Boost (Telstra), the reception has been shit.

  • Is this phone Qi enabled for wireless charging?

  • Under the ACL phones sold in Aus have 2 years of warranty yes? Just wondering as it states 1 year.

    • The ACL does not say phones have 2 years of warranty, just that they should be warrantied for a reasonable time which most retailers have interpreted as 2 years. Even Apple only provides 1 year warranty officially.

      • If im not mistaken ive read on ozbargain several times that the acl has statutory warranty for phones sold in aus being a minimum of 2 years

        • Bigger companies like Apple and Google are very much likely to offer 2 years minimum warranty (statutory), even if they officially advertise 1 year of manufacturer warranty.

          With smaller companies, in this case, Xiaomi, you might have to fight hard to have your statutory warranty claimed. This means potentially having to escalate to the complaints department, and mention taking the company to ACCC a few times.

    • Warranty = manufacturer guarantees it for that time.

      Consumer rights = seller must refund, repair or replace for that time (seperate to warranty)

      Warranty is just an extra convenience (/inconvenience) where you can bypass the seller and get a repair directly from manufacturer. Doesn't relate to consumer rights. In fact, a seller can not deny a request for repair/replacement/refund based on the manufacturer providing warranty - they still have to provide the service(s) directly in a timely manner. Seller can still forward to manufacturer warranty claims, but if warranty would take a month or two, that might not be considered a "timely manner".

      The legislation says it must be covered for a period that a reasonable customer would expect given the price, product type and expectations of similar products. This is currently accepted as 2 years though 3 years is emerging (ie 3 year handset contracts are becoming common)

  • I asked for a better deal in-store and the staff member gave a $30 discount. Can't complain about that :D