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[Flash Cashback] Chemist Warehouse 50% @12pm ($7.50 Cap); Myer 20% @2pm ($30 Cap); Catch 15% @4pm ($30 Cap) @ ShopBack


Boxing Day Flash Cashback only one transaction per store

Chemist Warehouse 50% (capped at $7.50)

Starting at 12-2pm

Not qualified for gift card purchases unless otherwise stated
Not payable when used in conjunction with payment by Groupon Chemist Warehouse vouchers or other third party promotional vouchers.

Myer 20% (capped at $30)

Starting at 2pm-4pm

Not qualified for Purchase and/or Use of Gift cards (whether Partial / Fully)

Catch 15% (capped at $30)

Starting at 4pm-6pm

Not qualified for gift card and store credit purchases


Additional transactions made during the respective flash sale periods will be rejected. If you wish to make additional transactions then please make them outside out of the flash sale period.

Cashback is also not qualified for:
* Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
* Returns, exchanges & cancellations

Please refer to the individual T&C for full exclusions

Times in AEDT

If you have any question, it would be faster to get support directly from the Shopback website as I don't believe that the reps are checking this post regularly :)

Referral Links

Referral: random (3882)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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  • +10

    Just for clarity, each person is only eligible to receive the flash sale cashback for one transaction per store. Additional transactions made during the respective flash sale periods will be rejected.

    • +2

      rejected entirely, or do you still get the normal rate?

      • +2

        Will be rejected entirely. If you wish to make additional transactions then please make them outside out of the flash sale period.

        • +9

          The Iconic cashback from a month or two ago, I put in two orders. You rejected them both. Then I brought it up, and you approved one of them and rejected the other.

          I would have assumed you could get the bonus cashback for one transaction and usual rate for the other. Why get zero if someone simply wanted to buy multiple things?

          That one was not a flash sale but a whole day I think? But Iconic was running a promo of their own which I think ended that day. So if I waited out the day, I would have missed their sale.

          I'll have to read your fine prints with a magnifying glass next time. I've ended up making purchases I wouldn't have made if I knew I wouldn't get cashback for them. A lot of them are because they didn't track. I don't blame you, I blame myself for getting too excited.

        • +7

          Or use shopback for fist purchase and not for additional ones.

        • Off topic, but you need to just come out and say that shopback doesn't work for David Jones.
          I clicked through from the shopback site to "activate" shopback tracking.
          Even though the Chrome extension icon wouldn't turn green no matter how many times I tried this I assumed that's just a bug so moved on.
          Couple days and a few enquiries later I'm told I didn't click through. I have my browsing history and invoice but not good enough.
          Never had this problem with Cashrewards.
          What a load of rubbish.

          Not your fault obviously, but whoever I was dealing with over email wasn't providing this feedback to the team.

          • @coldazure: Shopback has always worked for me when purchasing from David Jones, that said I always use the app and not a browser. Browsers have historically tracked poorly for me with both SB and CR.

            • @SydEP: Oh you mean the mobile phone app?
              Yeah I've never tried that. Maybe I'll give that a go next time.
              I always feel like something's missing when I do my browsing or shopping on a phone :P

    • +1

      Is chemist warehouse 12pm or 11 QLD time?

    • hi ebay purchase $2 or more for $2 cashback, does that including gst?

      is that mean i must purchase $2.2 or above item on ebay, due to 10% gst?


      • In the thread it is exclusive of GST and shipping

  • I'm guessing Catch 15% cb doesn't stack with unidays 10%?

    • Correct

      Cashback is not qualified for

      • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
  • +29

    I see big % discounts. You got my attention.

    Then I see small caps and lost my boner.

  • Hey guys,

    Does anyone know if I will get the cash back at Myer if I use gift cards?

    • Not eligible unfortunately

      Cashback is not qualified for

      • Purchase and/or Use of Gift cards (whether Partial / Fully)
      • +1

        Not happy Jan.

  • How about baby formula? Do i still get 50% CB?

    • +1

      Cashback is not qualified for

      • Prescription purchases
      • +3

        Baby formula =/= prescription? Can you clarify please?

        • Agree with you.. this makes no sense?!?!

        • -7

          If you have to send a script to a physical address then yes it is a prescription and won't qualify for cashback.

          Otherwise if you don't need to then it's not a prescription and as such qualifies for cashback.

          • @gotyourback: This makes less sense, so baby formula yes or no?

            Baby formula doesn’t require a formula and is just an on the shelf product

            • +4

              @Ignig: Some baby formula require a prescription. So presumably, if the one you are after doesn't require a prescription then it qualifies for cashback.

            • +2

              @Ignig: Prescription baby formula = No
              On the shelf baby formula = Yes

  • Hey gotyourback
    Does the 12% Cashback on Amazon today exclude subscribe and save orders?

    • +2

      Yes it still excludes Subscribe & Save.

  • Does Catch allow split payment? I am thinking of using my AMEX offer (spend $100 and get $15 back)


    • Why do you want to split payment. Just pay with Amex to avail both offers.

      • Thanks.

        If I can split the payment,I can use two AMEX cards. I tested it last night and didn't see anyway of doing it. One AMEX card then.

    • I've never seen an online store allow split payments. Except for the Google Store where you can use google credit and credit card.

  • I was just about to check out on Myer with 9% cashback. Hopefully they still have stock at 2pm tomorrow.

  • Anyone who has Aussie math or has the bees. The Myer deal is best with $150 spend.

    • +1

      I think it's $165 since cashback doesn't count GST

  • However with chemist warehouse you need $50 minimum for free shipping.

    • +6

      Click and collect my friend

      • Works in Sydney too? :0!

        • Sure does

    • They have recently started click and collect. C&C was unavailable until few months ago.

  • So gift card are permitted to use for catch purchases?

    Catch 15% (capped at $30)
    Starting at 4pm-6pm

    Not qualified for gift card and store credit purchases

    • I would interpret store credit purchases as paying with gift cards?

  • What does it mean of "capped at…"? Thanks

    • +1

      Cashback is limited to…

    • Maximum cashback.

  • Will using Myer GC attract the normal cashback rate or not at all?

    • +1

      For Myer, it clearly says in the original post:

      Not qualified for Purchase and/or Use of Gift cards (whether Partial / Fully)

  • For Catch: if I try LatitudePay and get the $15 off the first purchase, will I still get ShopBack?
    The terms for the LatitudePay deal say: "Select LatitudePay at checkout & discount will be deducted in cart".

  • What about Apple product (eg. Phone,Mac) at MYER still eligible for 20% Cashback ?

    • You are probably better off with the normal rate given the cap.

  • +1

    Does this work on m.shopback.com.au?

  • Does anyone know if once you've reached the cap, the cash back rate will revert to the lower amount? E.g. Myer 20% cash back has $30 cap, normally 9% cash back rate. So if I made a purchase of $200 would it be $200-$30 = $170. Then the 9% cashback rate applies to the $170? Thanks!

    • +1

      I believe that $30 would be the maximum cashback that you could earn during the flash sale period
      (i.e. not stackable with normal cashback rate)

  • I am looking at buying a food processor from Myer during the flash back sale. It’s price is $500. Do I get the 9% cash back discount plus the $30 flash discount as well so that I would get $75 discount in total ($45 + $30)

    • +1

      Cap = max.

  • Hi rep. Does the Myer offer include portable electronics like portable speakers?

    • Electronics are eligible for cashback.

      See T&Cs here for exclusions.

      • Does zipay qualify for cashback?

        • Yes if you are referring to using it as a payment method on Catch

  • +3

    the $ cap ruins the deal

    • yeah, I wouldn't mind a decrease in cashback % for an increase in cap for Chemist Warehouse

      • now 100% cashback (Shopback) at eBay au.
        sadly capped at $2. Lol.

  • +1

    So these offers should work when purchasing via the Shopback app?

  • Are there any issues having the items in the cart ready for go for when the increased cash back time frame starts?

    • +1

      I think it is best not to, I know you can't do that with Amazon

  • +1

    Increase caps please. I asked nicely :)

  • When I click on the Shopback icon thing in Chrome it only shows 1% for Chemist Warehouse, am I still getting 50% if I make a purchase?

    • The deal starts later today as per description. 12-2pm

      • Is it another 5 minutes ?

        I'm in QLD , 10:55 now

      • oh, I thought it was 12am so already active lol

    • wait another 10 minutes ?

    • Haven’t started yet. 12pm

  • Just want to ask if i have catch gift cards and store credit. If i use those methods to pay for my purchase, do i still get the cashback?

    • Answer is literally in the OPs post.

      • +1

        The description for Catch is different than in Myer. Myer one says for purchases and or use of gift cards. But for Catch it says Not qualified for gift card and store credit purchases. I take that to mean the cashback doesn't work for purchasing gift cards or store credit for some business like boozebud.

        • Yep you can take it as it is literally written in the post.

  • Can I still get cashback with Student 10% discount? Please answer shopback!

    • It was answered!

    • dont risk it!

  • No, Iconic this time around? I was hoping for another 20% cashback before end of the yr.

  • ok this one done.

  • For Myer do I have to wait to 2pm to click through from the shopback website? Or can I click through, load the cart and purchase at like 2:01pm?

  • Crap!! Just ordered Sealy Uni posture single for $411 as I thought there wouldn't be any sales … Should have waited for that we extra 20% SB

    • +2

      No you would have just got a $30 discount.

  • +1

    and.. there is no email yet from chemistW… usually fast..

    • same. i'm sure it'll happen.

      • got the 1st email:

        Click & Collect Order Confirmation
        We Are Currently Processing Your Order

  • Protein powder is not qualified for this promotion?


    Invalid Voucher! or Order does not meet the condition!

  • +2

    Placed an order with Chemist Warehouse 15 minutes ago, and no order confirmation has been received. Is this normal with Chemist Warehouse?

    EDIT: read above. Looks like I'm not alone.

    • mine took 20 or so mins

      • Still nothing

        • Probably just delayed given the amount of orders.

          I ordered at 1:10pm and still waiting :)

          • @applechewz: Says Pending in my account

            • @DisabledUser27274: Received sms that the order is processing but no email.

              • +1

                @applechewz: I received both an email and an SMS 5 minutes ago.

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