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De'Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso Coffee Machine EC685M - Metal $149.40 @ Amazon AU

  • Brew your Espresso and froth your milk like a real barista in just a few seconds, this machine heats up in just 40 seconds and thanks to the Self Priming System is always ready to use
  • Full metal body - Compact design, just 15cm wide chassis to suit even tiny areas without renouncing the comfort of a home-brewed coffee
  • Thermoblock Technology to control and set the perfect and desired temperature for your coffee, Flow Stop Function to personalise your coffee length
  • Brew a wide range of milk-based beverages thanks to the adjustable Cappuccino System
  • Brew your coffee with your favourite powder, or use coffee pods for extra convenience
  • Create extra space for your mugs and cups by simply removing the drip tray; Cup Warmer on top and Descaling Alarm included

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  • +6

    I have one of these and it's fine, but I can 100% promise you you're not frothing milk like a real barista with this thing

    • Sadly true, hard to get consistency. Good little machine otherwise.

    • Makes good espresso coffee, but froth is a hit and miss. I use the Aldi frother instead

      • I don't have any problem with frothing, even my son can do it. What you need is a thermometer, the Officeworks one is perfect, keep the temperature between 60 and 70 degrees, you will always end up with more frothing than you need and the temperature of the milk will also be always consistent.

    • +2

      Look up the mod to convert the steam want to the rancillio Silvia 2 wand

    • +4

      Take off the panarello and use the rubber tip underneath it. Proper, consistent microfoam. The only issue is the rubber tip does blow off without doing anything so you'll need a way to secure it. I sawed off the metal part and kept the attachment that held it together.

    • +1

      Yea it is a hit and miss but i do find that switch to "hot milk" mode is better than the "cappuccino" mode. But it's a decent machine.

  • +1

    Beat me to it adr8 :)

    $50 cheaper than Good Guys and Myer - nice deal esp given it's the metal version, not the black that the other have on sale.

    Just bought mine.

    • +1

      Been wanting to get one since I missed the last sale for $160. So when I got CamelCamelCamel price drop notification didn't hesitate, even more so with 12% cashback. $131 was just too good to pass up, especially the metal version which I also prefer :)

  • +1

    If I could get into Myer I might see if they price match

  • +3

    Have one of these. Doesn't take up much real estate, but if I had the choice I'd go for a larger one with a burr grinder.

    • +6

      You're actually better off with a standalone burr grinder anyways though. With a built-in/combined unit, there will be compromises.

      • +2

        Breville smart grinder pro is best value.

        • Yep, we got ours for around $160 from one of the previous deals. Works great, well designed and very versatile. Seems to be the most popular grinder here on OzB too.

  • +1

    If I could get into Myer I might see if they price match

  • Sheesh bought this for my dad 3 weeks ago at TGG for about $250.

    Reckon if I bought this one and returned it using the receipt from my dads purchase they’d accept? Haha

    Dad loves his Christmas present ps, so at this price it’s a steal

    • Credit card protection.

      • Unfortunately both the purchase and amazon transactions are excluded :(

        Any item purchased or advertised for sale on the internet

    • How would they know what unit you are returning! Worth a shot.

  • +1

    If I could get into Myer I might see if they price match

  • Geoffs87 doesn't TGG have 30 day price protection? Go check the website. They should refund the difference.

    • TGG, won't even price match their sales on ebay instore.

  • +1

    If I could get into Myer I might see if they price match

  • +4

    If Myer could get into me I might price if they match see…

  • Tossing up between this standalone model… and buy a grinder for $150-200 because apparently it makes the difference.

    Or getting one of these all in one models during the next price drop… paying for convenience obviously.

    Anyone here tried both or one of these?

    $799 @ Bing Lee

    • +1

      Yes, the Breville is definitely better.

    • +1

      DEFFIENTLY go the breville. It makes a far better coffee and built in grinder. I was in the same position and just upgraded to the breville

    • +1

      We recently got that model Breville at one of our offices. It has exceeded expectations and if I wanted to replace the machine at home tomorrow that would be what I would be looking at,even though we have a standalone burr grinder.

  • +2

    If I could get into online shopping, I might never set foot in Myer ever again.

  • Does it come with the metal jar to froth the milk?

    • +1

      No it doesn’t

      • Thanks! Any recommendations for one?

  • Used it for 2 years, thought it was the best coffee until I tried a breville expresso machine no comparison I’d just go for the breville

  • +3

    This is perfect for people coming from a nespresso machine or other pod machine. Same small footprint and foolproof operation. Your benefits in cost and quality is immediate in buying ground coffee, and there's sustainability benefits too of course.

  • Would JB price match this for me? They have the same model but different colour. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/delonghi-dedica-pump-espr...

  • Is this a good machine? Had the Kmart one and was okay with it for the price ($80). Does this really make better coffee all other things being the same?

    Quick search on Amazon showed me these cheaper and similar priced from Sunbeam ($111) & Breville ($159) options:
    1. https://www.amazon.com.au/Sunbeam-Cafe-Espresso-Machine-Silv...
    2. https://www.amazon.com.au/Breville-BES250BSS-Venezia-Espress...

    Appreciate any advice given I am a coffee novice and all I ever make/drink is Cappuccino

    • Yes, this is an excellent choice

    • I have one since the beginning of last year, very happy with it. KMart? What their all Anko brand? I would not touch that for important equipment.

  • honestly i got one of these for 50$ more and i'd say it was worth it about 7 months ago

  • I have this and at this price it's worth it. It's very compact. But I had to buy a $100 bean grinder.
    Yes the Breville Pro ~$650 is better, with actual barista brothing, and grinds beans aswell. I would get the Breville if you looking to enjoy coffee long term.

  • Think the best comparison to this would be the breville Bambino

    • but which is better?

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