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Hisense 65R8 $1185.75, Samsung 65RU7100 $847.45, LG 65UM7400PTA $801.55 (Expired) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Videopro eBay


Greetings everyone, Videopro have dropped the prices on these TV's and you can combine with the 15% off sale to get some great prices :)

Free C&C is available at their Eagle Farm warehouse, or delivery for extra.

LG 65" 65UM7400PTA 4K Smart TV Expired

Samsung 65" UA65RU7100W Series 7 4K UHD TV

Hisense 65" 65R8 Ultra HD TV

As always, enjoy :)

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This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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  • damn shame they wont post to me that lg looks like a good deal

  • Nice one, cheers. That Samsung price is one of the lowest I've seen this year. How come the discount code doesn't work for me though? "…can't be applied to this order."

    • +1

      Make sure your eBay account is definitely registered to Australia. It's usually just easier to jump on eBay live chat and they'll fix it for you to be able to use the coupon :)

    • As below from ebay chat support ::

      The reason why the promo code does not work is because the item is not eligible.

      Checking on the terms and conditions of the Promotion, "4. ‘Eligible Items’ means all items listed on eBay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PLATEAU is displayed in the item listing."

    • LG 65" 65UM7400PTA doesn't seem to be an eligible item for the coupon

  • my tv broke this morning so I'll be buying a new one tomorrow regardless. So far this was what I was getting


    • i had my eyes on that too but upon further reserch i think that the samsung ru7100 has better picture for movies coz of deeper blacks and punchy contrast which i like, but i hate that there is no blutooth and no android tv. at the same time idk how smooth the sony is as far as menu goes. and it was on sale for 1199 beginning of the month

      • We must be thinking the same. The bluetooth is what put the Sony TV over the Samsung one. I feel like all the tvs around the 1k-1.5k that I have been looking at all have pros and cons. Just can't narrow it down to one selection

        • well now im also looking at the hisense oled one for $1015 (price match) posted on the other deal, down side is all the oled downsides and its only 55 inch
          the hisense 65r8 which is a bit higher $ but kind of ticks most of the boxes, ULED screen priced at $1262 from videopro ebay

          • @striker5950: I need something now as I currently don't have a TV. Videopro I will need to get delivered then most likely take a day off from work to accept the delivery. in store the hisense is $1495. Looks good though! There are too many options lol

            • @sauce2k6: the hisense deal is sweet though , it is better than the ru7100, the sony 800g and the lg 7400.
              now about a month ago there was a deal from ebay for the 65 LG sm8600 for $1200 which was a sweet deal, i wish i could get that now.

              but right now the 65r8 is best available, if can get one of the gg or binglee to match video pro without counting shipping it would be a decent deal.

              • @striker5950: dude below "Just went to Lee and Good guys and they won’t price match it"

                If there was C&C or if postage was a day or two I would get it but don't want to go a week/two weeks without a TV :( Was looking at Hisense OLED but 55 inch. Looking for something 65inch

                • @sauce2k6: im gonna wait for the 65r8 to be 1200 again, thats my best move, honestly look up some reviews its called the h9f in usa, it performs like an oled

                  • @striker5950: I might suss it out in person tomorrow and see if they will budge on price or throw something in to sweeten the deal. Even a dececnt HDMI cable lol. if not probably just go with the Sony. What's so bad about the sony TV? I heard OLED is bad in bright rooms and my living room is bright af :(

                    • @sauce2k6: I have the Sony 85g - so happy with it. For the functions I utilise and the picture from different angles - tipped the scales into Sony's favour. It's like asking someone about a gym membership, your experience may require different qualities/components that the gym provides.

                      But that's my experience from purchasing on cyber Monday happy chappy

                  • @striker5950: Thanks for mentioning its called h9f in usa..because looking for r8 reviews on YouTube brings up nothing.. Driving me nuts.

              • @striker5950: I was thinking about 65R8, but a rel recently bought 65R8 said probs with occasional lip sync & picture sync. He had to box/repack and return it to store, then paid extra for discounted LG 65 9 series also bought LG 55sm8600.
                Apparently it's a major hassle to repack a large TV.
                I am now thinking 55PX with nvidia shield box or LG 65SM8600, leaning towards 65.
                Also for me it will be quicker and cheaper to arrange Black & White Taxi van pickup, apx $40, with free C&C.

                • @CheepAsChips: sm8600 is the sweet spot for price and performance, but its not on sale, its been on sale nov for 1199 and i missed it..

                  @auce2k6 the hisense hf9(65r8) is not oled its eled which is just another led VA panel with some new tech that gives dark blacks and punchy colors. hmm so your relo had some sync issues? are you sure he was not quick to jump the gun? did he try like netflic or blueray or fta tv to see if the problem goes away?

                  • @striker5950: Y, apparently store talked him thru setup & tuning and again later when probs developed.
                    (Rel is not tech challenged)

        • I've got a 43" RU7100 and it definitely has Bluetooth. Have connected my headphones, laptop and more :)

          • @mrkrazy: ur kidding? wtf man every review and tech spec says no bluetooth to connect headphones or those aftermarket mouse/keyboard units, are you sure its the exact ru7100??

            • @striker5950: Yeah can confirm I got the 55" RU7100 and it has Bluetooth. I'm pretty sure it's just for audio but I've used it with my galaxy buds and it worked perfectly

              • @Lorenzo98: id like to connect those handheld keyboard/mouse things, idk if you know which im talking about its like agamepad but for tv browsing, it has a little touch pad like the ps4 controller.

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    Videopro would be helpful if they were more local to WA. So many deals are missed because of this.

    • If only we weren’t so isolated

      • +1

        most isolated city in the world :(

    • +2

      They should move to you?

  • Any opinions on the Samsung vs the LG? Leaning toward Samsung but only cause I loved my old Samsung plasma

    • I have the 55" version of the Samsung. I am not happy with the picture quality which is dull, the apps run well and are pretty responsive, I have read some people have issues with wifi connectivity but I am not experiencing any of those issues. I am no expert but I am comparing to the base model 55" Sony I have and that is much better.

  • LG SM8600 gone up :(

    • 65UM7400PTA or SM8600?

  • Cannot see C&C option in checkout.

    • I'm guessing you might need a Brisbane delivery address for pickup to come up as an option.

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    Just went to Lee and Good guys and they won’t price match it

    • just use ebay?

      • ebay is a further $77 delivery and will have to wait for it arrive though

        • +1

          Yup 2 weeks delivery is the main reason that put me off. Rang Good guys online and they refused to pm as well due to VO sells second grade products and i was like “bro what are you talking about it’s brandnew”.

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    I'm getting $1,020 (delivered) for the LG 65" 65UM7400PTA, not $801.55

  • the code works on SAMSUNG, but not for LG

  • got the 65r8 from appliance central on the last deal, took ages to deliver because of hunter express (worst courier) didn't even last a week and the bottom backlights all died, and now I'm watching tv shining a torch on it … on the plus side hisense will replace it

  • -1

    I bought this LG TV a few week ago and the bezel had rub marks in the brushed aluminium. I took it back and the store opened a further 2 which had the same issue. Whilst it might be fine in a dark room, it's horrible and highly noticeable in a brightly lit room. Other than that, fantastic TV.

    Any one else with this TV experience the same thing or am I just highly unlucky?

  • +1

    Samsung RU7100 or the Hisense R7?

    • also curious to know this

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