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Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard $35 + Shipping @ Kogan


This deal has come and gone a few times in different forms. Shipping isn't included in this one so it isn't quite as good as the previous $39 all inclusive price, but it's not bad. Came to $7.99 shipping for me to Brisbane, so still a decent deal at $42.99 total. Feedback seems really good on these keyboards.

Available in Blue, Brown, and Red switches.


Game and code like a professional without the heavy price tag thanks to the Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard, helping you win every battle with style and ease.

  • 104 backlit keys
  • Outemu Blue switch
  • Aluminium top keyboard
  • Fully customisable RGB backlight with software
  • 13 Preset Light Patterns each with 8 Colour Options
  • Full anti-ghosting and n-key rollover capabilities
  • 5 Onboard customisable profiles

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  • +1 vote

    I love this keyboard, got it in the original preorder at $39. Only issue is the flimsy stands. I got it with brown switches

  • +1 vote

    I can also confirm that these, and the tkl version are great. I've bought 3 now for myself and the kids and it looks like I have to buy another 2. I always get the brown keys. One thing that is better on this keyboard than the tkl though is that each key can be any of the RGB colours whereas the tkl keys are only one colour. This keyboard also has a couple of better lighting effects.


    Got the tenkeyless brown one a week ago. Way better than my rosewill with blues. Highly recommend

  • +4 votes

    Got for $39 last time.

    First time I've used click switches, don't like them but I guess I can't hold that against it. Keycap font looks awful although at least it's functional with backlighting unlike Logitech's idiotic previous efforts.

    Although it claims aluminium construction it's very bendy and looks cheap.

    Pluses are (some fairly limited) lighting controls on the keyboard which don't require software to run and the cord is fairly long and braided.

    I wasn't overly impressed but for $39 it's OK I guess.

  • +2 votes

    Agree with the other posters that it looks cheap and the keyboard font is ugly. Having said that, they're fantastic value for the price.

    If you've never used a mechanical keyboard before, the click action and sound (on my blue switch version, anyway) feels incredible compared to my previous non-mechanical keyboards. The RGB colour patterns are an amusing novelty that's great for impressing your technologically illiterate friends, but you'll probably settle on a single scheme that's less obtrusive and easily visible. My previous keyboards have ranged from $10 K-Mart cheapies to Logitech monsters in the hundreds, but this is definitely the keyboard I've enjoyed the most. If it ever breaks, I'll just buy another one. :)


    After switching through my mech kbs, I've realised these kogan keyboards a very light and less solid in construction compared to well known versions 2-4 times their price. The feel when using it is also much less solid though you still get the clickiness. If it's your only or first mech kb, it's a good price to get in but you really get what you pay for.

    Now that I know, I can't bring myself to go back to my kogan kb. (I mainly did it just to try out the blue switches)


    Thoughts on Outemu vs 🍒?

    • +2 votes

      Depends on the switch.

      Browns have slightly less tactility but are smoother than cherry.

      Blues cherry definitely wins outemu blues may have a little rattle.

      Reds are average tbh I bought this board with Reds and wasn't super impressed. They aren't bad and I'd say they are comparable to the cherry reds in my old k65 but gateron reds are significantly smoother than both outemu and cherry.


    How do I get a Kogan First trial? Can't find the option on the website.


    Thanks. Bought one brown one