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Kenwood Chef Sense, Stand Mixer 4.6L, Kitchen Machine, KVC5100T, Silver/White $261.75 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Quick description from Amazon. Price is good I have bought one for a present.
Kenwood Chef Sense, Stand Mixer 4.6L, Kitchen Machine, KVC5100T, Silver/White
Discover better baking
Dense doughs and big batches are no match for the Kenwood Chef Sense. With this durable stand mixer by your side, you can take your baking to the next level. It enables enthusiastic cooks like yourself to create dishes to your highest standard. It features a 1200W motor, a generous 4.6L mixing bowl with splashguard, making it easy to pour your ingredients straight into the bowl.

Everything is designed to be effortless and easy to use. The Chef Sense comes complete with dedicated baking tools to help you bake all your favourites: iconic K-beater, aluminium Whisk, Dough hook, Creaming Beater and Folding Tool for all your kneading, whisking and mixing requirements.

Reasons to buy:
Ultimate mixing results - Planetary mixing
Mess free baking
Smooth electronic control
Included tools: K-Beater, Dough Hook, Folding Tool, Whisk, Creaming Beater, Splashguard and Spatula
25+ optional attachments available to buy
Dedicated Bowl Tools for Every Bake

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    It's a steal at this price. Usually the classic ones are at this price range


    Amazing price!


    How does this compare to that $99 kitchen aid deal which was made cheaper through an eBay coupon?

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    It is normally 400-500?

    My wife has been wanting this machine for awhile and trying to wait the bottom price. I just bought one, and gonna give her a surprise.

    Happy wife happy life !

    Thanks op


    Ordered one, thanks!
    My cheapish ~$79 base model from Aldi just wasn't cutting it anymore with its spill guard that didn't clamp down properly, causing flour and stuff to go everywhere unless I manually stood there and held down on it =(

    This should be a significant upgrade.

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    Well, thanks OP.

    I had no intention of buying a new mixer, but this is just too good to resist.

    It appears to have an almost uniform 5* rating and the price is amazing.

    Maybe it will encourage me to do more baking.

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    Don't forget shopback rewards


    Farrr from amazing speakers to food mixers… Kenwood…


    If only I didn't get the smaller less powerful KitchenAid for around the same price…!

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    Very tempting, but my 50-odd year old Kenwood a701a is still going strong, and will probably outlast anything made today.


    how is this one compare with Kenwood KVL4100S I bought last year

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    How is this compared to liken Kitchen Aid KSM160? Is it good enough to handle bread dough?


      No problems with handling bread dough.


        should I spend more on Kitchen Aid? KitchenAid looks better in term of look? This is less bulky I take?


          Also curious

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          Stick with Kenwood. You'll thank me later on.


          KitchenAid sucks at mixing bread dough - Yes correct it just had the "LOOK"

          My old one used to dance on the kitchen bench (they called it DancingAid oversea) when mixing bread dough…and it went down within 8 months I had it repaired under warranty and sold it.

          Replaced with a Bosch 2000W and have no problem since, so much powerful than KitchenAid.

          I was tossing btw Bosch / Kenwood but Bosch mixer had a massive sale because it was existing the AU market so I had mine for $230 which the same model was selling for close to $800 overseas.

          The test for a good mixer is to be able to handle the bread dough easily because most machine can do a good job on cake / butter mixing.


    Thanks OP just brought one with the Mrs
    Thb don't really need this but at this price it's definitely a steal.


    Thanks OP. Now on back order.


    Has anyone tried to install splash guard on this unit? It doesn't seem to fit. I suspect it may not be right fit for this one?



    Yes - I set mine up today. The splashguard clips onto the head, with the opening to the right (looking from the front). There are two bulges in the splashguard that clip over small bulges on the head. The manual does describe it, but not very well. You need to have the head right up and locked, get the guard parallel to the base of the head and push quite firmly. I put the back of the guard up first and then pushed up the front till it clicked into place. Note, there is only about 2-3mm clearance between the back of the guard and upright part of the mixer.

    I can post pics if you need.

    Please, don't push too hard and break it. This is advice only, no responsibility. I was worried when I did it.

    Edit - I assume you're not trying to put it on WITH the mixing attachment are you? I tried that at first, the I RTFMed. It needs to be put on first, before you attach any beaters or whisks.


    Made my first sourdough mix today. Quite a low hydration mix too.

    Very pleased. Quiet operation, no moving around on the bench. Good smooth mix. Much better than the Panasonic breadmaker I've been using to mix. Only possible issue is the dough climbed right up the hook and I wasn't sure the top portion was actually getting cycled down and in the mix, so I stopped and pulled it off the hook a couple of times. It was only 900g total, so quite a small load for it. In the fridge now to bake tomorrow.

    Thanks again OP. Glad I saw the post in time.