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nbn 50/20 Unlim $58.95/Month, nbn 100/20 Unlim $69.95/Month ($20/Month off First 6 Months All Plans) @ Superloop


Was looking at https://superloopadl500.com.au/ and noticed there was a banner for $20 off for 6 months. I believe the previous deal has ended.

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    Received email from exetel this morning, raising my 50/20 monthly price by 10%,$60 to $66.
    I've since barred them and just took this superloop 50/20 out at $58.95 per month for 6 months.
    I'll give them 6 months business.
    Good deal

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    Thanks OP, just signed up and scheduled the install for when my Telstra contract runs out in 2 months.

    According to the Ts & Cs, the offer expires on 31 March: https://superloop.com/documents/legal/20200107-Superloop-Ade...


    Can existing customers get this deal? $20 off per month expiring after March.


    Got 1 or 2 months left on SL 50/20 unlimited at a discounted rate. Any other good deals around at the moment?? Looking to switch to see if I can get more bandwidth for not much extra.


    My NBN is scheduled for 20th of March. If i get one month free off ABB, can i sign up to this before the expiry date and schedule it for the end of the one month ill have with ABB?


    Just signed up and requested the service be connect on Friday 21st Feb 2020, so will see how we go.

    I chose the 100/20 on 500GB which to me is barely what I would use but the plan I believe offers value to me!


    Shocking support, I'm was incredibly patient/reasonable with them and they refuse to respond. Had 45 days with 20-50 dropouts per day, they never called back, hold times are insane, and their accounts team are also ignoring my requests to be credited.


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    If I sign up under my girlfriends name will she be considered a new customer at the same address? Otherwise can I churn to ABB's free month then be considered a new customer? Our first 6 month promotion period is ending soon.


    I signed up yesterday… Sales Support was awesome. Answered all the questions I tried to trick her with.. and yeah

    First time connecting HFC NBN at this address as I had less than a month before my Telstra Cable was disconnected due to the end of the 18month NBN rollout cutoff.

    Got my connection date within 10 of signup.. so I'm happy :)


    So what's the correct process to churn/signup for a FTTP connection?
    1. Advise my existing provider (Exetel) who needs 30 days notice.
    2. Sign up SuperLoop.
    4. Select date with some overlap before the existing service is terminated. (I am going with 5 days)


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      Probably best off just getting it provisioned onto the next UNI-D port.

      Less stuffing around with when to cancel the Exetel account and having the SL connection on the same UNI-D port, just sign up a day or so before the Exetel connection is due to end. Provisioning for FTTP should take 30 mins tops, probably be a lot faster than that so could even just leave it till the Exetel port is freed to begin with.


        I was thinking of doing that too…but how do I tell SL to provision it in the empty UNI-D port? Select NO to #3?
        I will have to sign up before exetel disconnects because the SL promo ends before that an I'm entering a future date for provisioning…

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          NBN will see you have a current provider on UNI-D1 and so will provision it on UNI-D2 when SL send the order through to NBN.

          You can set a connection date with SL to be up to 3 months in advanced, if you do set it for a date and have to change it you can just call them and have the date changed.
          So if you really wanted it to be on UNI-D1 you can set the end date for Exetel to be the day before the connection with SL, although a lot less stuffing around to just have them connected a day or so before your Exetel connection is due to be turned off.

          Unless there's a hold up with NBN's provisioning, it will be done pretty quickly once SL send the order through to NBN.

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            @Porthos: Thanks, I am not fussy about which UNI-D port it goes in.
            I'll say NO to that question if I want to transfer my currently active NBN service. So hopefully they will activate on the empty port.
            I'll keep a safe overlap of about 5 days. Can't NOT have an active connection due to work dependencies.

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              @alterego13: They will do it on the next UNI-D port, just one of the many advantages of FTTP is being able to have 4 independent connections instead of just the one.

              Understandable you need it for work and if the 5 days is worth it for you then go for it. Was just saying that unless there’s a holdup in the NBN provisioning system it basically is a ‘sign up and it’s activated’ type of thing.

              Well that’s what I’ve found with friends on both ABB and SL with FTTP, as well as plenty of others like myself on FTTN who have changed between providers and it’s been very quick with the churn. It’s actually one thing NBN have gotten right surprisingly!

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                @Porthos: True about the activation being quick. I've had similar experience before when signing up new services. ABB was active within 10 minutes, Club Telco (RIP $29.99/month NBN) took 1 hour.., but yeah all done in a day max.
                I'll probably narrow it down to 2 days overlap now that the Exetel's service termination date is finalized.

                Thanks for you help with my queries :)