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[BF] $150 Electricity/Gas Credit for Volunteer Firefighters and SES @ AGL


Just saw in The Age. AGL has offered to provide financial incentive of up to $150 to volunteer firefighers.
I don't have much details at the moment. I will update as I go, or please update if you find further information.

Update: It is available for SES volunteers too. I will have $150 applied as credit on my next bill.

Volunteers will need to call with there volunteer ID, AGL account number and go through the usual identity verification process (name, dob etc).

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      People those who are volunteering to minimise the fire impact MUST reward first. 150 is like nothing if you see the recent footage of how they are going to the affected areas to look for victims with the blaze.

      • Off topic but I just got an email from AGL, as a residential customer I was excited reading the first sentence.. But turns out some shit news

        "As you may know, energy providers review their prices from time to time, taking into account changes in the market.

        After a detailed review of our energy prices, we wanted to make you aware that your electricity rates will be increasing on 22 January 2020."


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          this is not just AGL, it's basically all suppliers. If you look at government comparison sites, you'll see the increase from AGL was less severe and hence they moved up the rankings

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      People who lost their house do not need free power, I reckon they will need something else.

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    Update: It is available for SES volunteers too. I will have $150 applied as credit on my next bill.
    There is no link on the website. T got this via the online chat.

    Volunteers will need to call with there volunteer ID, AGL account number and go through the usual identity verification process (name, dob etc).

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    Seems a good move, even though AGL didn't have to do anything.

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    Damn, just moved to origin. Let's hope they follow

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    Great Gesture AGL.. thx OP

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    Thank you AGL!

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    I spoke about the offer to my boss. He said to me that I should donate it back. Now that he has got it in my head. I will do that then.

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      Good work spal. +1

      For those interested, News.com.au has a 'how to donate' article:


      After checking a few links, it appears these are direct donations. The best kind.

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      You are a legend. I think it totally unnecessary, it meant to give you just a tinny peace of mind on bills and living expenses. Not meant as a monetary rewards. You guys have done enough already then to worry about donating as well. What organisation do you want to donate to? I will donate $150 to that so you don't have to. If donate to SES which unit?

      • Thank you for your kind gesture. Please donate to SES Greater Dandenong. Please PM me if you need further info.

        • +1

          Thank you for the info. I will do the same.

          • @AppleLime: Thank you. Please send me a PM. You will require details to donate. And we will require your details to issue the deductible gift receipt.
            Huu, found out that in NSW you can donate directly to a unit, but not in Victoria. Looks like we have some catching up to do.

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              @spal: I have done so as per details on the website stated SES branch. Have also emailed request for receipt. Thank you. Keep up your good work. God bless your kind effort.

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    Plus for the post and the gesture, may your path in life be smooth.

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    Fantastic initiative, good on AGL. I hope others follow

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    More like a thank you rather than incentive.

  • Can’t help thinking this would be better given to rural brigades. Smacks of a PR stunt. Hard to say as I don’t begrudge the volunteers doing a difficult, hot job.

    • +1

      Definitely a PR stunt, and it will likely cause other companies to do similar out of fear of not being seen to do something.

      So not really too important who actually receives it in this instance.

      • Yeah started with telstra doing the right thing, followed by Optus

        In reality if we can cover their costs for a few months it will help a lot

        Odds of the big 4 thanks covering the mortgage costs for a few months? (profanity) all.

        That said they might still charge some people who have died in the fires overdraw fees

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    Do you guys think that government would look further at cloud seeding in 2020?

  • From The Sydney Morning Herald - By Jennifer Duke • January 01, 2020 — 02.46pm

    Telstra has written off volunteer firefighters' mobile phone bills for December and January to provide free telecommunications services to help ease the burden facing those battling bushfires in 2020.
    The offer of free data and phone calls for mobile bills comes after power and telco outages hit ravaged areas on New Year's Eve.
    Telstra chief executive Andy Penn said in a statement there were special packages available to customers during emergencies and the new initiative was available on top of this assistance.
    "We understand how important it is to reach out to friends and family during times of crisis, and we want to do all we can to help," Mr Penn said.
    "We hope this will help ease some of the burden, particularly as many of these firefighters are defending their own communities."
    Telstra brought in a new assistance package with free calls and TelstraAir Wi-Fi on local payphones on Tuesday for customers who have lost service in East Gippsland and the Northern Victorian areas of Corryong, Walwa, Towong, Cudgewa and Burrowye.

    Adverse conditions have stopped Telstra employees from being able to get to some affected areas where telecommunications services have been hit due to power loss or fire damage.
    "We are doing everything we can to get these communities back up and connected as quickly as possible but given the horrific conditions we have seen over the past few days, this may take some time," he said.
    Firefighters and affected customers can contact 132 203 to register for access to these services.

  • +2

    Great job on AGL!

  • Targeted :P

  • +4

    Great initiative Telstra,Optus and now AGL. Hope other corporations will get inspired and follow them. I can't get myself to volunteer even to go to gym. For me it is amazing to know that these volunteer fire firefighters at their own expense travel such long distances to save someone else's house, leaving their jobs and families behind and above-all risking their own lives. The ferocity of recent fires are unbelievable. They are true heroes. No two ways about it

  • -3

    Another Govt scam.

  • -2

    The money would be better off being donated to the Hillsong Church so that our creator will endow us with his blessings. How do we expect the Lord to make it rain and put out the fires when we donate so little to his disciples here on Earth?

    • +1

      Much like Scientology, defectors call the parish a “cult” that exploits its volunteers for endless free labor .

      NY present that might wake you up !

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    More fawning over corporate tax breaks. Pathetic.

    If they hadn't severely damaged Australia's economy by removing the volunteers money for electricity I might think they weren't pond life.

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    it annoys me to see companies that are on the nose from a net promoter score perspective, energy retailers, telcos, banks etc leverage these natural disaster events to associate their brand with being the caring type. After all AGL is the biggest co2 emitter in the country and now making a $1b year doing it. Telstra will be next…..ohhhh they are already there!

  • how do i volunteer?

    • +1

      Depends on what you you want to do has a volunteer. Look for information on the voluntary organisations. If you wish to volunteer in the emergency services sector, and you are in Victoria, CFA, SES, St Johns are some of the major organisations. Red Cross and Salvation Army are other major organisations too. Be prepared to wait patiently as not much recruiting happens during busy seasons.

      Also, be realistic and determined in your commitments levels. CFA and SES are very demanding services. Requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. I was deployed to fires on my wife’s birthday and I was away on New Year Eve. You gotta do, what needs to be done. I have a very supportive wife and network of friends too. There is a lot of support within the SES family too. So, it is really not that hard.

  • FYI I just checked and this doesn't apply to ActewAGL if you live in the ACT :(

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