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Mechpro Screwdriver & Socket Set 49pc $13.30 | Mechpro Screwdriver Set 70pc $27.30 + More @ Repco


Found these while browsing the clearance section - Credit original deal Further 30% off Already Reduced Clearance Lines @ Repco

Mechpro Screwdriver Set 70pc Link $27.30

Mechpro Ratcheting Bit Driver Set 22pc Link $7

Repco Ratchet Screwdriver Set 18pc Link $13.30

Mechpro Combination Spanner Set 10pc Link $10.50

Mechpro Socket Set 23pc 1/4In Drive Link $10.50

GV Tools Socket Set 23pc 1/4In Drive Link $7

GV Tools Socket Set 68pc 1/4In & 1/2In Drive Link $13.30

GV Tools Socket Set 40pc 1/2In Drive Link $10.50

Mechpro Blue Bolt Cutter 610mm Link $17.50

Slime Tyre Inflator 12V (300 PSI) Link $20.30

Car Cube Ultraglide Chamois 3pk Link $7

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  • Some crazy prices haha
    Curious to know manufacturing cost

  • +10 votes

    Mechpro Screwdriver Set 70pc was cheaper before at $20, 7 years ago

  • Tyre Inflator is a bit confusing… states 300psi in the heading, 300psi on the box, then in details states 100 psi??? and the pencil gauge is only good to 50psi

  • Three of these are in stock at my local store. Hopefully I can muster up the willpower to stop myself buying more tools I'll never use. Or maybe some local OzBargainers will grab 'em all before I can get there.

    I should have waited to grab those bolt cutters. Could have saved myself $3.

  • I don't own any tools, but i'm about to buy a house 😂
    What's the standard stuff I'll need for everyday? I mean I don't want to buy stuff I won't use, but I'm sure I'll need basic tools for stuff 😬

    • You will need some of these if you are handy;

      Mechpro Screwdriver Set 70pc Link(repco.com.au) $27.30

      Mechpro Ratcheting Bit Driver Set 22pc Link(repco.com.au) $7

      Repco Ratchet Screwdriver Set 18pc Link(repco.com.au) $13.30

      Mechpro Combination Spanner Set 10pc Link(repco.com.au) $10.50

      Mechpro Socket Set 23pc 1/4In Drive Link(repco.com.au) $10.50

      GV Tools Socket Set 23pc 1/4In Drive Link(repco.com.au) $7

      GV Tools Socket Set 68pc 1/4In & 1/2In Drive Link(repco.com.au) $13.30

      GV Tools Socket Set 40pc 1/2In Drive Link(repco.com.au) $10.50

    • If you don't already own one the first tool i would buy is a cordless drill

    • A decent cordless drill will come in handy over the course of your life

      • Untilthe battery becomes flat and unavailable when company is bust or not making that battery….. ;)

      • I'd say an impact and a cordless drill. They complement each other and we'll worth grabbing in a combo! It pains me to see people using a regular drill to drive in hex or phillips head screws and bolts.

        Edit: as a qualified trades-person (sparky) I've had my Makita stuff for near on 15 years or more and they're going great with commercial use and I've only replaced and or supplemented 2 or 3 items along the way (about 15 or so different skins).

        As a big diy-er, I've always kept an eye on what the market is doing and having used and seen what Milwaukee are doing, I think they're nothing but over priced and well marketed rubbish.

        My skins/the market of Makita skins has been consistent the whole way through and although I'm a bit disappointed they haven't got some skins that other manufacturers have, it's probably a good thing - ie: not trying to do too much!

        Dewalt use to be a go to alongside makita. Not so much today. Bosch used to be known for strong gear drives. AEG were eleven half decent.

        In saying all of the above, given my tools get used less and less for work purposes these days, if I were to replace everything I have at home, I honestly think you couldn't go wrong with a Ryobi fit out. They have great electric and battery powered tools and they generally sit on the middle as far as quality, price and warranties go.

        I own a couple of their electric and air powered tools that I bought to aid in my full house renovation and they didn't miss a bit.

    • +2 votes

      Congrats on home ownership, What condition is the house in/ how old is the house? Some houses require more work than others…

      For basic house repairs the following tools are a good start:

      Hand tools:
      Screw drivers (a 6 piece set is enough)
      Tape measure (7m length)
      Long nose pliers
      Adjustable wrench/shifter
      Safety glasses (or you can just use sunnies)
      Allen key set (metric)

      Power tools:
      Drill + drill bits

      Garden tools (dependent on garden):
      Lawn mower
      Hand pruners

      If you plan on doing some woodwork:
      Sanding block+sand paper

      If you plan on doing some car maintenance
      Axel stands
      Ring spanner set
      Socket set (metric… maybe a 3/8 size)

      You’ll end up making additional trips to Bunnings as things start to need repairing and your tool collection will grow (tap spanner, paint brushes, paint rollers, paint tray, drop sheets, rivet gun, caulking gun, clamps, hole saw, spade drill bits, jig saw, various fasteners, etc.) which can be a pain because they take up space and might be rarely used.

      • Don't forget a chainsaw, every man needs a chainsaw.

      • Tape measures generally come in 8m these days. Also if you are serious about things, don't use sunglasses as a replacement for safety glasses, they're entirely different. If you're doing any work involving a grinder or the like, spare the $2 and get a pair of proper glasses.

    • I'd argue not to buy anything at all until you need to use it.

      If you want to start a collection anyway (heck, can't blame you), start with basic screwdrivers, one of the socket sets and go from there. If you want to buy power tools, id start with a hammer drill and a set of various bits (wood/metal/brick)

    • I'd wait for either Stanley or DeWalt bargains that come around fairly regularly on here. Buy quality the one time.

      Stuff like this and this set

      I've also scored a 2 drill pack from the past.

      Well worth waiting for. They are quality and last forever for general home handyman usage.

  • What's the quality of this brand like?

  • Thanks OP, bought the 49 piece set. Dont think you can go wrong for $13.

  • Anyone know much about this style of tyre inflator? useful for regular fills or just emergencies? The fact the guage is not part of the pump sounds like it may be a little annoying.

  • Just bought the 49pc set. Price is crazy low!

  • A newbie to tools here.
    My old bit driver is almost unusable now.
    Can someone please help me in deciding between the Mechpro Screwdriver & Socket Set 49pc ($13.30) and Mechpro Screwdriver Set 70pc ($27.30) for general household works (like assembling a cot etc)
    (I have a Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 24-in-One Screwdriver Set)
    Thanks in advance.

    • I'm a tradie so can't get enough tools and may be biased, but I believe the 70pc would see better longevity.

      The slinky attachment looks handy and the jewellers style screwdrivers would be handy for toys and random house accessories.

      The 49pc does have the bits set but I find the cheap ones are usually well out of size/spec and can do more harm than good to most screws.

    • Go 49 piece. Cheaper.

  • Prices were even better on heaps of other stock. Got mechpro blue gearless ratchet with sockets for 9. And gearless ratchet spanners for 23. Headtorch 1. Airhose oilers 90c 63 piece socket and screwdriver aer mechpro blue for 30 and more iv forgotten about. Heaps of specialty items at the bigger stores like 90pc off too.

  • Repco is so disorganised. Went instore. Small amount of clearance items on the clearance table. The rest are through out the store. Was playing find the tool. Also a lot of things arn't marked down in their price system. Had to show the website to get the clearance price.

  • Anyone know how to hack the Ripco website so you can find what stores have what discounted products in stock? I want to get some parts that are further reduced but my local doesn't have them and the site doesn't tell me what stores do … and won't let me order online.

  • In SA checked Cbd and Mardan, no stock…

  • Thanks, needed a socket set for ages. It can be used twice a year for $10.50

  • good post.
    Not available in most stores though

  • Thanks ! Purchased the 68pc one !

  • Seems the prices have gone up now?

    Ignore that. Saw that this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/509911 has expired.