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Ozito Power X Change 4Ah Battery (Black Box Only, Red Box is $69) $29 @ Bunnings (Excl. NT)


Price doesn't seem to be updated online but (EDIT: Website has now been updated.) I just bought a couple for $29 each at Bunnings O'Connor, WA.

I assume this is nationwide to match ALDI.

EDIT: The discount is only for the black boxed batteries, not the red boxed ones which are the same except for the different packaging, battery colour, GTIN (barcode), and inventory number:

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  • Great price, don't need atm but probably will buy for spare at this price. Cheers OP.

    • I might do the same. If I don't use them for a couple of years, will they degrade or be perfectly fine?

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        Better to charge them from time to time

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          Incorrect, Li ion is best stored at approx 50% charge.

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            @brendanm: Still better to charge from time to time. The absolute worst thing you can do to a Li-ion battery is let it deep discharge.

            Generally a partial charge once a year should hold alright. Once every 6 months to be safer.

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              @elusive: They should be very low self-discharge, and last a couple of years before needing top-up.
              But it would be sensible to check voltage after 6 months if storing.

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            @brendanm: Right, because storing at 50% excludes charging from time to time.

            • @nfr: Lol, that's totally what you meant. Also, consumer power tools often have chargers that will charge to 40-50% soc. /S

          • @brendanm: Actually 40 is what I have heard, but it's too low if you need to use it, so must people settle for 60

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        Light user here. I keep all my tool batteries around the 3 out of 4 bar mark. Still plenty of charge left for the odd DIY job.

        • That would be 2 out of 3 mark for these

    • It is an Aldi price match for 11 January, so it’s nationwide. Just wait a couple of days for your local Bunnings

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    Wish someone made an adapter for these to use on Ryobi tools!

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      They do, you can get them on ebay

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      Know someone with a 3D printer?


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        Yup, that is my adapter design. Was about to post it when i saw you had already done so.

        I use Milwaukee for most stuff, but the occasional Ryobi and Ozito tool and all powered off the Ozito batteries.

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          Thanks for publishing it freely. I see others selling them on gumtree etc, so appreciate your generosity.

        • Do you have a recommemdatiom for Ozito (battery) -> Milwaukee M18 tools?

          Also, if AEG 18v tools can run off Ozito. Because their lime trimmer looks the goods but I have heard both milwaukee and aeg have circuitry between too amd battwry that optimize battery usage/runtime/power.


          • @MisterNobody: I use genuine Milwaukee batteries for the red stuff, mainly because of the generous tool+skin deals from US Black Friday last year that saw me coming home with 5 skins and 9 batteries.

        • Anyway I could use them on 56V ego?

        • You're a legend. Thanks for your generosity.
          I don't use these products. But doing stuff like that is what I wished I was doing with my life. I spend a heap of personal time for one person at a time, which I enjoy, but really bad 'value'. This is genius!

    • check gumtree? I remember seeing a guy on there making adapters for these and Aldi batteries to fit all sorts of brands. Can't remember which ones exactly though.

    • I should have said, wish someone made an adapter I could trust. Apparently there's risks using mismatched brands of batteries due to the chipsets used.

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        I've bought one of the Gumtree adapters for use in a blower, seems to work well enough with the Ozito batteries if that puts your mind at ease.
        Best to probably use an Ozito charger though to charge the batteries, thats possibly where you could get into trouble. That's what i do anyway, Not using the Ryobi Charger to charge them.

        • You only really need to match charger to battery for fast-charge, as the temperature sensor may not match between brands.

          But a generic CC/CV limited charger will work. A 2A limit would be prudent.

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        There isn't. The low voltage cut off electronics are in the battery. The only other terminal/s is used for a temp sensor for charging.

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        There is no risk with the Ozito batteries. They supply voltage separately to the charging circuit and have the low voltage cutoff in the battery.

        Just use the Ozito charger to charge it

      • You can trust the adapters.
        You're now referring to something totally different, compared to a 'dumb' lump of melted plastic and some metal pins. And with it comes significant costs.

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      Why wouldn't you just adapt Aldi Workzone batteries then as they are regularly discounted even cheaper than this?

    • Wow that's handy. Anyone with a 3D printer interested in printing and posting one to me for a fee of course?

    • They're easy to make if you don't have a 3D printer. Simply hack an old Ryobi top half with a cheap Ozito charger bottom. Basically glue them together and you're done. I've done one for my Ryobi tools and also made an adapter for the Dyson Vac V6 (battery pack died - so I hacked bottom of a Ozito tool to the bottom of the Vacuum).

      • Does the type of Ozito charger matter? E.g. Eco, Standard, Fast chargers.

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    Still $69 at my store…must be a local thing

    • Someone else confirmed it at another WA store. May be worth getting the price checked or perhaps this is WA only?

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      Same, rang my local to be told how silly i was for asking

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        You received terrible customer service then. If they told me I was silly for asking I would tell them to get f'd :)

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    • It is an Aldi price match for 11 January, so it’s nationwide. Just wait a couple of days for your local Bunnings.

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    Need Makita batteries to be on sale.

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      Need Bosch to be on sale too.

    • I needed this too. Ended up buying a skin from China and planning to buy this to shuck the 18650 batteries out
      Anyone know if they are directly transplantable into the Makita skins? Given they are both 18V I can't see anything else that makes me hesitant

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        You can 3d-print your own adapter instead of transplanting the cells: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2440763

        Edit: Sorry, that seems to be the other way around. You can probably buy adapters off ebay though.

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        I recommend you just buy the 18650's directly, you want a cell like a Sony VTC with respectable current capacity.

        They will both be lithium ion 18650's, so same voltage and package. Current capacity and capacity will vary.

        • I had a quick look online and damn they seem expensive?
          Any particular reason why I can’t just shuck the cells out of these?

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            @diazepam: In bulk, around $3-4 AUD/cell for quality is reasonable.

            $10-12, would be an absolute rip-off.

            There's presumably 10 cells in the 4ah packs (5s 2p, 2000 mAh). So, at $2.90 ea, they're decent-good value and probably worth it if you feel like it.

            I personally like cells like the Sony VTC because the capacity is fantastic (3000 mAh) and current capacity is excellent. But, most low volume importers in aus rip you off (I'm guessing you were finding listings for $10-14/cell).

            Just a quality/quantity tradeoff. These arent a bad buy by any means.

            • @SolidworksError: Cheers mate.
              I won't be needing anymore than 10 of these, so I don't think I can get it any lower than taking these apart.

              (Wish I could get these for $3-$4 each haha and you are correct because when I quickly googled everything was returning at least $10…)

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    If someone gets these for $29 in Victoria, could you post a receipt or a photo of the reduced price tag? Thanks in advance.

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    Still $69 in ballarat, VIC

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    Full price in QLD

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    SA too

    • Which store ?. Can you please confirm.

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        Sorry if I mislead you .. i meant normal price …$69

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    Still full price($69) at eastern Vic Bunning.

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    Still $69 in Sydney

  • Was at myaree and saw only 2ah for sale. Nice lady told me the two sitting on counter top are good value and same thing.

    They have two versions or 4ah black and red boxes but same thing.

  • any in villawood? or bankstown?

  • Grabbed the last 2 at myaree. 4ah in black
    package they have red one too but more expensive

  • Still $69 in Rouse Hill. Only 2Ah on sale for $30.

  • Full price around Wollongong too…

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    Probably price error?
    Aldi catalogue with 4amh battery starts on 11/1

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      Are the Aldi one's interchangable with Ozito?

      • I want to know this as well

      • +3


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        Real Ozbargainers dissect them and swap cells. Einhell supplies Aldi battery tools and also many Ozito. My 36v mower has an Einhell blade, costs 11 Euro in Germany and $96 in Oz.

    • Preemptive strike.

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    Aldi sale not until Saturday, surely they’ll price match other states before then - keen on a new impact drill too!

  • Wish they'd release a line trimmer skin already for ozito x. I've got a few of these already so don't want to fork out for the kit.

    Edit: they do seem to make one, but not stocked by bunnings? https://ozito.com.au/products/2-x-18v-line-trimmer/

    • I'm waiting for same thing taking there time in taking one out as a skin don't Bunnings own ozito? Or why don't they offer this in store

    • They do but only special order. I went to my local (Halls Heads, WA) and they ordered one in, arrived in a few days and works great!

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        How much?

        • $129

      • Do you know the Bunnings item number of the skin, can't find any reference to it on the web site.

    • They release the skin version of the 2x18v model a couple months ago. Should be in all stores except some of the small formats

    • Ouch, the kit is $229.


        They said its coming soon, call your local store and quote item number 0167719 to check availability first.

        Its not in any store ive been to in the past couple weeks (10 or so stores…i get around a bit for work ok)

        • https://ozito.com.au/products/2-x-18v-line-trimmer/ And link on ozito website, not on bunnings website yet

        • Ok thanks. That number matches the one on the ozito site (I/N 0167719), which makes sense considering they are affiliated/owned by Bunnings.

        • So you cant special order this then as mentioned above our you can? Any difference in special order or waiting till Bunning have them as skin only. Is special order more expensive.

          • @bwatt72: I did get one via special order desk. They were able to find it in their system and order it and have it arrive in store a few days later.

            • @deaj: What state are you in?

            • @deaj: How much was it $129? Have you used yet what's your thoughts of it how did it perform

              • @bwatt72: I'm in WA and I'm really happy with it. Was $129 and it works great. I have a pretty big lawn and this works great. I haven't had the other Ozito Whipper Snippers with those little red blades, but everything I read about them was negative which is why I paid more and got the proper line trimmer.
                Hope that helps - let me know if you have any other questions.

                • @deaj: Just wondering what size block you have and if the single line is good enough for a nice cut after 3-4 weeks of growing? I've got kikuyu and currently use a 2 stroke with a slightly larger diameter dual line, so am wondering if this single line would be good enough to replace it.

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    Anyone know what cells are in these? I know the Aldi's have Samsung's.

    • +1

      I would like to know the make of the internal battery cells too.

    • As would I!

    • Not sure of the brand but I did read it somewhere that the aldi Ryobi and ozito are internally the exact same cells.

    • +1

      They use Samsung cells

    • +2

      I cracked open an Aldi battery and they have these

  • Was same price at malaga WA yesterday. Had lots in stock

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    Ok so it's not just me then, when I saw the impact driver (VIC Port Melbourne). There was a $29 orange sticker but was labelled for the 2Ah.
    4Ah still original price.

    Soon Corey soon …

  • That's annoying. I just paid $69 for one of these on 30/12/19. Anyone have any experience refunding the difference? Do they have a policy like that? (price changes) - can't find one on their site…

    • Mate, just buy the discounted one and return the item using the $69 receipt.

    • You can return with receipt no questions asked and repurchase.

    • +5

      The real question is why an OzBargainer would pay full price for one in the first place? ;)

      • Because it was cheaper than buying the whipper snipper that came with 2x 2Ah included batteries for $100 more, than it was to pay $69 for one 4Ah battery…

        Our store is still $69. Went in today haha.

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