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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G 6GB/64GB Unlocked (Blue) $393.30 + Delivery (HK) @ TecoBuy


I have just ordered this… Never ordered from Tecobuy before and hoping for the best.

Brand XiaoMi
Model Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G
Bluetooth V5.0
OS Android 9.0
Internal storage 64GB
2G Network 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ, 850MHZ, 900MHZ
3G Network 1700MHZ, 1900MHZ, 2100MHZ, 850MHZ, 900MHZ
4G Network (B20) 800MHZ, 1700MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ, 2100MHZ, 2300MHZ, 2600MHZ, 700MHZ, 850MHZ, 900MHZ
SIM card size Nano-SIM
Touch LCD Yes
Ports USB Type-C
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

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  • +3

    Honest question, how is a phone with a current flagship Snapdragon so cheap? What corners did Xiaomi cut to achieve this price, or are other manufacturers just having massive profit margins?

    • bit of both. miui has ads built in. the real question is how is this website $100 cheaper than others

      • +6

        Global versions don't have ads.

        • really? bought mine in spain from official store but i get ads

        • +2

          There are no ads, still you'll get the annoying Xiaomi recommendation for apps, wallpaper etc , but you can disable them all by using adb shell in PC

      • +8

        This is a fictional story from someone who doesn't understand how few manufacturers there are and that everyone buys from them.

      • +1

        @hippo2s, Not sure why all the negs on your comment. You make some valid points. Some parts have different grades of quality. Even though the parts often come off the same production line, they are tested at quality control and sorted accordingly. The results aren't just a pass or fail. eg: Memory chips are tested for different speeds. The better quality can run faster and is typically used for faster access sticks. Your point on software is definitely a differentiator between Android manufacturers. At the end of the day, better quality parts equals less chance of failure.

    • +7

      Xiaomi's publicly stated vision has always been to sell their phones at virtually no profit in order to expose you to the expansive Xiaomi ecosystem.

      • correct.

        • +2

          5% profit is the way they run iirc

          Just beware…, chinese version of their phones now you can't change launcher. stuck with their crappy emui

          • @mudshuvel78: but you can change ROM

            • @sim36: But they're increasing the bootloader time more and more these days to "stop resellers from loading dodgy global roms."
              Most of the time it's 7 days but there's people who've had bootloader unlock times up to 1440 hours - 2 months

    • +2

      I remember tear downs of the iPhones from a few years and the components only cost around $200.

      • +5

        Yes, because the total cost of a device is purely the parts.

        Never mind development, testing and support, they don’t cost anything.

    • +11

      It’s because Xiaomi is not greedy like Apple.

      • Oh right because Samsung is just a bargain in comparison.

        Along with being ripped off, Samsung users are using Google Android which was created to collect their data. And the last time I owned a Sammy phone Samsung was also desperately trying to collect the users data into the bargain although this may have changed.

        • +4

          But Chinese phone data goes to the communist party… Even better!

  • +5

    This phone is so cheap. What am I missing?

    5G (by FAR the cheapest 5G phone)
    Great looks (screen coverage, ceramic back)
    Decent chipset
    Average/acceptable cameras by 2019 standards
    Non-motorised pop up selfie camera (less parts to break)
    Decent battery size (especially if not using 5G)

    Looking for a phone to suggest to a few of my mates in the mid/flagship killer tier around $500. I've been looking at the offerings from Redmi, Realme, Oppo.. But this Mi Mix just keeps getting too cheap to ignore haha

    • +4

      yeah its really hard to look past this phone for the price… to be honest i only started looking for a new phone because i accidentally jumped into the pool with my beloved xiaomi mi9 in my pocket on new year's day. if the mi9 was the same price (as the mix 3) i would get it again but the mix 3 beats it in price so i'm going to give it a go. its supposed to be almost identical except for the sliding mechanism and the lack of in-screen fingerprint scanner.

    • I'd say the only issue i have with it is the battery life. The pocophone has the same CPU but with a 4,000 mah battery vs 3,200 mah in this phone.

      • +7

        Mi Mix 3 5G has SD855 not SD845, unlike the original Mi Mix 3.

      • +6

        3800 mAh and 855 in the 5G variant. It's a reasonably different phone from the original.

      • +1

        That is correct, my apologies.

    • +3

      Note that unlike the 4G version, the 5G version is missing wireless charging. Though it has a bigger battery compared to the 4G.

      • And the 4G version has dial SIM and all global bands, I believe.

      • +1

        oh crap, i didn't realise that… i bought 2 wireless chargers for my mi9 so this is not good news at all (for me)…

    • +3

      Average/acceptable cameras by 2019 standards

      Actually if you delve into GCam APKs, the acceptable becomes pretty good. It's a good lens (12Mp f/1.8), so with good software it works rather well.

  • +2

    Website looks very dodgy honestly speaking. Even my ISP is asking if I am robot before I visit that website. Any more experience ordering with them?

    • Are you using a VPN?

      • No I am not. Also the there is no pic on this post, which shows there is something wrong while fetching the thumbnail for this post.

    • yeah this has me worried too. lol

    • +1

      Yeah, it happened to me too. They are using cloudflare though.

      • +2

        It looks like a very poorly worded/implemented security check

        If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

        Good way to scare customers.

        • +5

          That's just the standard Cloudflare page, it's not TecoBuy.

          • @deanylev: Hahahah.

          • +1

            @deanylev: Ah right. I don't get that message on other cloudfare sites, only on tecobuy strangely. Seems to be the case for quite a few.

            • +1

              @hamza23: They likely have the site set to under attack mode and it's screening every visitor.

    • +1

      Even my ISP is asking if I am robot before I visit that website

      That's not your ISP asking that. It's the website themselves checking you're not DDoS them.

  • Pricing in ballpark with recent TobyDeals post.


    OP, what was your delivered price including GST?

    • +1

      $408.30(AUD) was deducted from my paypal account

      • I think it's better to go with Tobydeals then. It's delivered price and known website.

        • +5

          Tobydeals and Tecobuy are the same, as far as I'm aware.

  • Noob question: Since this phone has NFC, does that mean we can use Google pay on this device?

    • +1

      good question actually… i'm going to ask the seller if this is the global version, as that would affect whether or not google pay works

      edit: ok, i've been looking on the website and can't work out how to contact them or raise a ticket. this is increasing my anxiety on the purchase lol

      edit: i found it. (bottom right corner of every screen d'oh). i will try find out now

      • +5

        I own the device and I use Google pay for myki and bank card

      • +2

        it has nfc and google apps. you should have no issues with google pay

      • +1

        In case anyone is interested the rep replied and said all Xiaomi phones they sell are global versions.

        • +1

          I've got a Xiaomi mi 9T, NFC works but I had to set it to HCE wallet to get Google pay working. Took me a few times of waving my phone stupidly before I figured that out.

          Wish I waited for this deal. It's cheaper than what I paid for my mi 9T and has a better processor.

  • -1

    No longer showing on site?

  • $8 off with code: TECO8

    • +2

      Coupon code "TECO8" is not valid.

      • Should’ve mentioned it’s for new customers when signing up to the newsletter.

        • +1

          It still won't work - all coupon deals are blocked for this deal. Code TECOGOOGLE work for $10 off all other phones (inc the 128gb mix 3) over $360 - but not this one…

  • 64 gigs not 128 gigs

  • +2

    Great phone…always liked the mix series and had 1 and 2 series. Didn't bother with the mix 3 until this one. For the money you can't go wrong.

    Miui has gotten a lot better over the years and is nice to use. The dual app feature is a favourite. Phone is solid which I like. Selfie camera works fine. Quick slide and it pops up.

    For the money you can't go wrong.

  • +2

    It's good value for $400 but 64gb is a bit limiting in my mind, especially with the size of apps these days.

    Wish the Mi 9T Pro dropped to this kind of money!

  • +1

    That's the cheapest 5G phone I've seen so far!!
    Pity it does not have support for WIFI 6, 802.11AX

  • +1

    I looked into this and from research this 5g modem is already outdated, only supports high band 5g which will only work very close to access point.

    Phone is a good deal even if you disregard the 5g issue.

    • What do you mean? Yes its the X50 not the X55, but only one device that I know of had the X55 in 2019.
      There is only one 5g band in use in Australia and its 3500mhz. It sounds like you are talking about mm wave frequencies which we don’t use, but it really depends on what country’s information you have been reading.
      It has 5G, the only 5G will are going to have for years in Australia.

      I wish I had tested a USB-C Network card under Android and MIUI previously, this could make a 5G router that 1/3rd the cost of anything else!

    • which will only work very close to access point.

      Doesn't all 5G only work close to the tower … where you might recieve a whole 25% more than a 4G connection except only close to the tower. The telco sector, as per usual, has been selling a mild upgrade as bigger than the second coming of Jesus.

      Be warned: moronic idealogue Rodney Sims of the ACCC has been explaining that 5G is a good alternative to fixed line broadband. This allows Telstra to keep more of the 60 billion dollars Turnbull gave them to screw up the NBN. This could be be very, very bad.

      • Yeh Ive been looking at 5g and most of the advertised "massive upgrades" only come from mmwave, which is essentially mini public wifi hotspots dotted around close to homes.

        4g was a big upgrade but paradoxically it has got worse with time as most people have 4g phones now with insufficient infrastructure. Definitely feel they are pushing 5g it's more a marginal upgrade more than a revolution.

        You simply can't overcome the physical limitations of long distance wireless and latency etc.

      • More so than say 700mhz 4G yes, but nothing like mm wave (eg. 25ghz) 5G.
        5G is ALOT more than an initial single <6ghz band. I think 3G launched in this country as “1.5Mb internet access” that could send and receive 320x240 video!

        Its a full suite of standards that will over time change many parts of our lives, in the same way 3G/4G did over time.

        There is also a lot of backend changes that change the way it can be rolled out, eventually making new transmitters more flexible for on demand internet during events etc.

        Then there is the whole IOT protocol they are working on, one day you will just realise that so many more things you interact with in your life are connected.

  • So is this a trusted vendor?

  • I'm struggling to find a reason to get this over the Redmi Note 8 Pro


    Missing a couple of features like wireless charging.. but for over a hundred bucks less it seems the better value is with the Redmi (with expandable storage). Am I missing something here? The CPU and GPU seem pretty comparable.

    • +1

      This model has a Snapdragon 855 heaps faster than the note 8 pro. The normal mi mix 3 is a SD845. I got an antutu score of 436840 while the note 8 is like around 280000. I was choosing between both those phones also. You need the USB c to 3.5mm adapter for this phone but it's passive so you can use any cheap adapter. Also it comes with an adapter and case.

      I bought the mi mix 3 5G 128gb. Go for the biggest size you can afford as it has no expandable memory.

    • I've been buying phones for around the $200-250 range and my note 8 pro smashes it in that price bracket. Haven't seen a better $250 phone. However this mix 3 is the best $400 phone surely

    • +1

      depends on what you want out of the phone i guess. mi mix 3 has a better screen (AMOLED vs IPS) and a better processor. The redmi note 8 pro's processor isn't awful though and scores better than the pixel 3 so it's still above average. however, it does have a MediaTek instead of the more popular Snapdragon processor, which means there will be more custom rom development for the mi mix 3. i used to install custom roms on my older redmi notes but eventually ended up using the miui OS as it was good enough and got better with each update - installing the custom roms stopped being worth the hassle.

      i chose the redmi note 8 pro over the mi mix 3 since i valued other features more like battery life, a headphone jack, storage/2nd SIM slot, and an IR blaster. if only the mi mix had those features though as i love the slider design over a notch.

      • well, damn. i didn't notice the mix 3 was missing ir blaster too. D:

  • What am I missing, says $414 when I hit the link? :<

    • +1

      Price has changed, not missing anything.

  • note this is almost 210 grams, which is over 60 grams heavier than the Google pixel 3. Although its insignificant numerically, this weight difference is notable in usage. Its one of the reasons i avoid many chinese phones

  • Thanks OP, now showing $414, still a good price for a 5G phone.

    On a 5G phone first thing we need to know what 5G frequencies it will cover and if multi-slot what they do eg 2 sim and memory ext.

    Anybody out there who can tell us the radio performance, eg how fast in what distance from tower?

    Eyeing at the Mate20pro in 5G there got to be the day it reaches the sweet spot. Prefer to buy from Australian reseller.

  • The Mi Mix 3… is the Global version.

  • For anyone's interest in regards to TecoBuy, I received the Mix 3 yesterday and here are my thoughts:

    It took 6 business days from the day I ordered to the day it was delivered. This was using the cheapest shipping method ($15)

    Padding in packaging was excellent, the box was in perfect condition underneath the bubble wrap.

    There was no AU power adapter included, but I don't really care because they're usually of questionable quality anyway.

    Overall I would recommend TecoBuy because the prices are excellent and the shipping is much faster than from Aliexpress, BangGood or Gear Best etc (although the latter usually have free shipping so maybe not a fair comparison)

    • Did it come brand new, like phone in retail box and sealed? Also any mention of warranty that they advertise?

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