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Everything $5 @ Typo (Outlet Stores)


Just went to Typo at South Wharf and everything is $5. We bought some Bluetooth speakers and drink bottles which are normally $30 each for $5 each. We asked the staff and they advised everything instore is $5

Edit: From comments it should be all outlet stores, check with your local.

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    WHAT! Everything is $5???

    Got to be a typo….

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      I should have thought about a joke like that!!

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    Everything at Penrith store is 70% off

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    Signs of financial stress I would imagine.

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      They only sell cheap Chinese ebay stuff dressed up nice. They would still have a decent margin at 5 bucks.

      • Agree, brought a laptop case the other day and realize the 3 previous price tag that was on it was 10 , 15 and 20 dollars….I paid 20 with 40% off so…

    • Salesperson told us they are stocking an entirely new product line, everything is going to make way for the new stock. Not sure about financial stress, probably no worse than the rest of the economy

  • Watertown Perth as well?

    • Yup! Mum said yesterday it was madness in there!

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    How come the link goes to Cotton On but it says Typo?

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      Typo is owned by Cotton On

      • Ahh ok. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • until?

    • Not sure, forgot to ask and I’ve left already

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    Are they closing down or something?

    • Nuh they do this a lot in the outlets to get rid of excess stock

  • Including bags and suitcase?

    • Yes. My daughter got a bag that was $50 and my wife got a $50 laptop bag, both for $5 each

  • Clever name. Definitely gets people's attention.

  • Were there suitcases there?

    • I work there, unfortunately we’re all out.

  • offer is for all stores in Australia Outlets only.

    • The one at Spencer St isn't an outlet anymore.

  • The lady at Docklands said it's only there and South Wharf, but she may have it wrong. They're quickly running out of stuff that's worth much.

    • Must have just stated, there wasn't a sale when we went on Sunday.

      • Just this morning.

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    Just called in to the southern cross outlets - it’s on there, and staff stated unknown end date - it was a “pop up sale”. No real bargains for $5.

    • We got about $500 worth of stuff for about $60 so we were happy. The bags were the best value along with the Double wall drink bottles

  • OP any chance you took a quick video of the store?

    • Sorry I left just prior to posting this deal. There was some pretty good items when I was there at lunchtime

  • is this sale still on today?

    • Yes still $5 for everything got Bluetooth headphones x 3 and couple of neck pillows all worth about $30-$40 rrp

  • I checked out DFO Moorabbin airport had they don’t have the same $5 sale on.. just 70% most stuff but the paper lunch bags I were after are only buy 1 get another half price

  • Also DFO Brisbane Airport Everything $5
    (drink bottles, small light boxes, stationary)

  • DFO South Wharf - no luggage left at all, no speakers, lots of drink bottles, diaries, pens, etc

    To clarify - South Wharf DFO is the one opposite to Crown. Spencer St is a different store.

  • Can confirm the sale is still going on (Brisbane DFO)

    • As posted on Thursday. Not very interesting stock when I visited.
      Also 70% off in some stores

    • New stock arrived - much the same as before. Lots of stationary. But lot less stock than a week ago.

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