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Atari Flashback X Deluxe Retro Console 120 Built-in Games $40 (Clearance) @ Kmart


Atari Flashback X Deluxe Retro Console 120 Built-in Games, 720HD, HDMI, 2 Controllers included. Has all the good Atari games installed, including HERO, one of the best! Atari Flashback X (10) is the latest official version released in 2019 with the new slide switches.

Marked down on clearance to $40 @ K Mart North Lakes (QLD), may be other stores. They had about 6 to 8 boxes on display behind the photo counter. You have to ask attendant to get them. Not listed on their web site, just at the photo counter.

Currently on Amazon for $82.99 USD

Perfect for the 80's kid like me who still has an original 2600 stored under the house but can't be buggered digging it out, then replacing the caps, cleaning all the contacts, wiggling the cartridges back and forth, giving it a few thumps, and then sourcing a RF to HDMI converter just to play the original beast. Seriously, save yourself the headache and just buy this one for 40 bucks and be happy! Oh, and did i mention its seriously cute. Like baby Yoda cute!

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