This was posted 10 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Groupon: 20% Cashback via ShopBack App (Stack with Groupon up to 30% off Sitewide)


Stack with Groupon up to 30% sitewide - promo code SALE30. Max discount $40.

ShopBack App Purchases 20.00%
ShopBack Desktop/Mobile Site Purchases 15%

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Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • That's a nice boosted cashback.

    Even with the minimum 5% (?) off from Groupon, it's one of the better deals.


    • Remember to UPDATE the app also. A new version for iphone came out yesterday morning. the T&C of Shopback is to have the latest app version or they can knock back your cashback.

      • I haven't updated since a new Android version wanted to read all of my calendars. WTF?

        Has anyone been rejected from a cashback due to an old version?
        And does anyone know why they need calendar access, and more importantly, what they promise to do/not do?

    • Does 'Shopback App Purchases' mean Shopback App -> Groupon App? Or through the mobile site on the Shopback App? - Thanks

      • on shopback website:

        Shop Groupon via the ShopBack app to qualify for the highest Cashback tier

    • It takes forever to get Groupon cashback into Shopback account though.

  • Is there anything worth buying off Groupon in the Brisbane area =/

    • If you like golf, they do good specials on Top Golf.

      • Applied the code and "secret saving" was only $5.95 on a $119 weekend session

        • I also got something similar purchasing some theme park tickets. Is it the case that if you didn't see the extra 20% off, this is all you get?

    • Usually some ok eating deals (bought some before).
      Bought $40 of Japanese food & drink for $13.70 after cashback. ($5+ for me as had expiring Groupon credit, but no cashback on it.)

      Don't forget the Boozebud vouchers nation wide.

    • Struggling to find anything that gives 30% off in Brisbane… most 5%

    • On the previous Groupon deal, I bought a sunrise hot air balloon ride for 2 people, with photos, and champagne breakfast which I booked it for valentines day. I thought it was a good idea to get me in the good books with the missus.

      But like everyone else, it was only 5 or 10% off.

  • Is there a cap for 20% cashback?

  • Anyone found anything 30% off?

    • yes, for teeth whitening. seems you can only get higher percent off with health and beauty deals..

  • The SALE30 coupon code is only giving me 5% off not 30%.

    • Similar for me, tried to buy so me sheets and only got 10% before shipping.

    • I found some purchases only giving 5-10% off. Mucked around and tried promo code "SALE50" and i got this
      "SALE50 has expired. But we still want you to get extra savings. Take 12% off (up to $20) with this discount!" If that helps anyone.

    • SALE30 is for discounts UP TO 30%, not necessarily 30%.

  • +1 vote

    Wheres the 30% Groupon?

  • I only got 10% off. Another tip, screen record as a movie your whole transaction as Groupon and cashback sites have been denying customers cashback. I had it twice last month and one was approved with photo evidence and my friend at work had his last two knocked back. They quote this standard bull about why it didn’t work but none of it is true.

    • +7 votes

      Yeah I prefer a bigger Groupon discount and a smaller cash back.

      • What I have noticed in the past year is the hotels and trips have reduced all their discounts. For a while i was getting the real 30% off, then $40 off, now the last two i checked was 10% and 5%. Therefor a large Shopback cashback percentage is in your favour for those kind of bookings IF it is honoured (I have had some that weren't honoured from the Groupon end. TA from Cashrewards hit up Groupon for about two weeks and they still denied my transaction with not being able to release the reason why (BS is why)).

        My mate at work was owed $300+ Shopback on two Groupon trips he bought and they knocked him back.

    • What app do you use for this?

      • On iPhone i was originally just taking screen shots using the home and power button. The last two knock backs from Shopback i have had approved as it has showed a site i was using INSIDE the pink Shopback border. Now i use screen movie recording on iphone by using the control centre. (

  • Anyone know if there's a cap on the 20% Shopback discount?

  • I just can't be bothered scrolling through all of Groupons rubbish to try and inevitably find the one deal that might be useful to me. It takes about an hour.

    • Yeah, me too.

      I die inside a little bit every time I visit the Groupon website & look at the mountain of rubbish deals.

    • I keep a running wishlist.

    • You can now Save deals your interested in by clicking on the deal and clicking on the heart in the bottom right corner of the image. This only works through the app. You can then go to the Saved section on the app.
      I’ve found it very useful when there are cashback and Groupon deals.

  • Some of the restaurants are awful. I’ve had a few bad experiences but hats to say no to 30% off

  • what to buy?

  • woohoo time for a carwash

  • Is there a max $ for cashback?

  • don't need the app. Works through pc with no issues too

  • Booked a couple of massages in Sydney that was 15% off so it's not a bad deal with the cashback.

    Haven't looked at food yet but in my experience, food is usually has a fairly low discount when it comes to these "up to x%" deals

  • Did anyone else hot offered different discount (presuming by Groupon), when user has entered expired coupon (local10, try10)?I wonder if the transaction is still eligible for cashback?

  • Does the shopback deal work with 'BRANDNEW' code which saves 15% off?

  • My cash backs don’t get tracked anymore. Might be because I’ve installed the chrome add on

  • Can u make two+ separate transactions and get the 20% shopback to track separately on all transactions?

    Or is there some fineprint that limits the 20% to one transaction?

  • good discount, but honestly the local deals are so shit these days, at least in WA. Anyone else felt the same?

  • If you use the code SAVE30 it says it has expired and offers you a 10% discount (which worked out better than the 5% I was previously being offered). Worth a try (assuming 20% cashback still works).

  • All of them came through except one…the largest one that dwarfs all the others.

  • Hello Melbourne I'm buying:
    Max Massage - Been there many many times
    Godiva Platter - $21 for 2 with this offer

    Theodora Bar and Grill
    Silk Pillowcases, can anyone tell if this has a zip or is the normal envelop style?

    • I bought the Godiva one first time. It seems like a lot for two people.

      • Have you been? We're two sugar addicts. Is the waffle big?

        Btw we've had the Chokolait one and that was a lot.
        Loved their pav back in the day, back when it was a slice. These days it's a mini cake for 2-3 sadly not solo friendly, and it's $20+.

    • It has the zip for the silk pillowcases.

  • Oh crap. It's been over 3 hours and I've not heard anything from Shopback. No emails. No nothing.

    Thank God I used one of the tricks above, which was to screen record my transaction

    • Shows up to 2 days to track.
      Mine only shows Click on Groupon.
      Seems no one has received tracking yet.

      I've bought a voucher that requires booking within 90 days. So could cancel if tracking fails.

      • Clicked
        Your click has been recorded and we are checking to see if you shopped at Groupon. If so, you will see your Cashback within 2 days.

    • Same here. Wonder why, as CR tracks within few minutes only

      • From my exp, it should be tracked overnight at the latest or you tracking is lost. Be aware that it takes 95 days @ CR to payout Groupon cashback while only 15 days @ SB.

        In addition, you can cancel most vouchers within 7 days with no questions asked if cashback is not tracked.

    • Did a screen record too. Is that guaranteed payout on submission of claim?

  • 20 hours since I made a purchase via Shopback App but the transaction hasn't been tracked yet. A bit of a worry.

  • My cashback tracked within 2 hrs but showing up as only 7% instead of 20% :(

    • Same. I purchased between 11-11:30pm. Tracked about 2.5hrs later with purchase dates on the 8th Jan but cashback is 7% only…

    • You used the ShopBack App?
      Otherwise it was up to 20%.

      Cashback is now 7.00% ShopBack App Purchases, so likely their error which will be corrected.

      23 hours after purchase on app:
      Your click has been recorded and we are checking to see if you shopped at Groupon. If so, you will see your Cashback within 2 days.

      • Yes, I used the app. Hopefully they'll correct it without me having to contact them. It's not adjusted in the next few days, I'll have to raise it with Shopback.

      • Still waiting…

        • Did your get tracked? Mine didn’t.

          • @angelique008: No tracking! Now over 2 days.
            Tried to lodge report from app - says come back tomorrow.

            • @the INFIDEL: I have two tracked, one not tracked yet (not being 48 hrs). I would say it's just easy to cancel the voucher within 7 days and purchase it next time.

              • @Neoika: Good tip.
                Investigation by ShopBack will take more time than deadline for Groupon cancellation. So can't cancel after investigation.

                Had lodged report for another Groupon that tracked but wasn't paid. It wasn't much cashback. Never received a response from ShopBack😞

                I paid mainly with Groupon credit - to get rid of it. So more complex. That could delay tracking.
                Received credit to compensate stuff up by Groupon. So this was probably last Groupon I ever want to purchase. Cancelling means another purchase soon to use credit.

                Was looking forward to simple $40 Japanese meal at good price. And expected cashback is very small ($1.42!) due to use of credit💰

                So will report in hope of receiving my huge cashback! Won't let it take away from enjoying my (probably last Groupon bought) meal🍲

              • @Neoika: Submitted Report

    • It happened to me last time and was adjusted later without raising a report.

    • Mine just got tracked at 5%… i noticed tracking date was todays date which is incorrect. Assume it will be adjusted automatically?