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Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 $395 + Delivery (with Bonus $100 Gift Card) @ Big W (Online Only)


Big W have another promotion on the Lenovo C340 Chromebook at $395 (+ delivery) with a $100 Wish egift card for online orders only. Whilst not as good as the last deal, at $303 delivered for Sydney (net of gift card), it's still a decent deal on a budget Chromebook. Don’t forget you can buy this using discounted Wish gift cards too. The bonus gift card is accepted at Woolworths and can be added to the Woolworths Money app for tracking making it a relatively useful gift card.

BONUS $100 BIG W egift Card to be emailed within 7 days of product being shipped. Offer exclusive to Online Home Delivery orders. Ends 29.01.2020


The Lenovo C340 Chromebook with the Celeron N4000 processor seems to have some decent reviews online (TL;DR it's a decent budget 2-in-1 Chromebook but has thick bezels and a HD rather than FHD IPS touchscreen). Whilst Big W does not list the exact specifications, Lenovo Australia only lists one specification (but two colours) of the Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 with the following specifications (and this is consistent with the model I received from the previous deal):

  • 11.6" HD (1366x768) IPS 250 nits Glossy (10-point Multi-touch) display
  • Intel® Celeron® N4000 (2C / 2T, 1.1 / 2.6GHz, 4MB)
  • Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • 64GB eMMC
  • 720p webcam
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560, 11ac, 2x2 + Bluetooth™ 4.2
  • Up to 10 hours battery (3-cell (42Wh), integrated)

According to Google, the Lenovo C340-11 will be supported until June 2026.

Price Comparison

As mentioned before, this is not as good as the last deal, but it's still competitive (as at January 2020) with most other online stores I could find which sell it for about $395-$400 without any further promotions, and Lenovo is back up to RRP of $549.

UPDATE 10/01/19 8:30AM
Other retailers are offering similar promotions at $399 with a $100 gift card at the respective stores.

JB Hifi (don’t forget discounted gift cards!)

Bing Lee

Thanks to Racheleg!


For those looking for the cheapest (but maybe not as great value IMO) Chromebook from Lenovo and are willing to forego the 2-in-1/touch screen of the C340, the Lenovo 100e Chromebook is also available at Big W for $329 with a $100 egift card ($4 more than during 2019 Boxing Day sales).

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    Good find. We should update with the expected life support for the model. This is supported until Jun 2026 (https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6220366?hl=en)

    • Updated :)

  • +1

    Nice post for a great little versatile budget Chromebook.

    Would like to mention a great feature for this model, as well as the larger S340 that they have 2 x USB C Gen 1 ports that you can use to charge the unit with various USB C PD chargers as well as power banks.

    I have the similar to S340, the S330 and can charge that with a Basues car USB C PD charger, as well as many various Power Banks with USB C PD including the low cost Kogan 10000mAh PD model which is only $19 believe it or not. So these units are not fussy to charge compared to some laptops.

  • +1

    Only issue is, what would I use $100 Big W gift card on. Wish it wash cash back.

    Edit: would help if I read. Durp.

    • +1

      Lol I also felt the same way as you did until I realised it was a Wish card and worked at woolies making it significantly more useful.

  • I wonder if macbook air 11 used is better at $500ish given the speed.

    • +1

      Extremely different machines. I bought a couple of 11” MBAs and they were the device which got me hooked on Apple and ultraportables. The 11” MBA (presumably one of the later models with an i5) is definitely thinner and significantly more powerful than a budget Chromebook, but I think it goes after a very different use case of someone who wants a more tablet like experience (ie instant on, minimal maintenance, easy to charge, etc).

      I personally am a huge fan of this Chromebook and think at that price for a new device is great value (and supported until 2026), but assuming you find a really great condition 11” MBA with a decent battery still, that might be a more useful computer especially if it’s your only computer. I don’t know if Apple still supports it with the latest Mac OS X versions but assuming it isn’t too far behind (or you can just use boot camp), it’ll be more versatile and useful for those who don’t want the simplicity of chrome OS. The MacBook keyboard will also be far better too (the MBA was one of my favourite laptop keyboards ever).

      • I was thinking the same thing. The 2015 mba I think is the latest, it's still runs Catalina.

        To be honest, I wish they make 11 inch xps, that would be awesome. Thin bezel on full Intel Core processor.

  • jb hifi, good guys and bing lee are also offering this with a $100 voucher

    • Wow. When I googled last night I didn’t see those!

      JB Hifi at $399 with $100 gift card is good if you want to purchase in store and not have to wait for delivery! https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lenovo-c340-11-11-6-chrom...

      • E-wish card better than JB / Store specific gift card IMO

        • I agree, but I think for people who might already have JB Hifi gift cards or not have access to discounted Wish cards (although I think everyone can get them from Cashrewards), this might be a good option.

          I remember waiting for mine to arrive for a few days after ordering from Big W on Boxing Day and wished I could've just gotten it right away since I saw stock in the Top Ryde store.

  • +2

    "Offer exclusive to Online Home Delivery orders." it says. Does that mean you don't get the gift card if you buy online but select pickup in store? Because that's kinda how I read it.

    • Easiest way to find out is call a physical store and ask a salesman or manager.

    • That's how I would read it too. Let us know how you go if you can get it from pick up and I'll update description.

    • Thats how I read it. It doesn't say click and collect - it says home delivery.

  • OOS in ACT - unavailable for home delivery and therefore the giftcard. Interestingly for Sydney its fine though and there is apparently physical stock in Canberra too.

    • If you don't mind JB Hifi or Bing Lee gift cards, that's also an option.

      • yeah i saw that. i can also point out that jb is offering $100 gc on ALL chromebooks except the 100e which includes hp (not that they look that good), and binglee is offering it on the s430 which might be a good deal for those willing to forgo 11in size and touch screen in favour of 1080p screen and larger 14in display and keyboard.

        the wish giftcard is usually by far the best option though as there is no pressure to buy something you might not need to use it like at jb, harvey, bing - you can at least use the wish cards for your groceries at woolies (or dans if that way inclined).

  • Is c340 is better or acer spin 1?
    Any suggestions


    • The Acer Spin 1 specifications sound very similar to the Lenovo (Celeron N4000, 4gb ram, 64gb eMMC, etc) but is running Windows 10 rather than Chrome OS.

      I personally think those specifications would have an extremely poor Windows experience in 2020 but I haven't personally tried. I've run Windows 10 on low spec devices before and it's a balancing act of compromises and patience, but if you need the flexibility of Windows on a strict budget, I guess it may suffice - but it's worthwhile thinking about what your use case is (i.e. what do you plan to use your laptop for) and then evaluate whether it's the right fit or if you might be better served by another device whether it be a Chromebook or Tablet, or if you may need to spend a bit more to get better hardware.

      • +1

        the killer feature in favour of the lenovo would be the type c charging and updates until 2026. if one could source a windows license they could also run windows on the chromebook, and if not and they hate chrome os can install other linux.

        • +1

          Needs a Windows compatable bios to run Windows on chromebook like seabios. Not so easy to do.

        • Usb C ( dual side ) charging and updates till 2026 are both great offerings, especial at this price point. When you say "they hate" do you mean Google or Microsoft?

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: I mean the chrome os not Google as a company. Nearly all chromebooks including this one can install Linux out of the box. When I looked into it windows is really hacky to get working and doesn't work on this one.

      • I am thinking to buy for my high school daughter

        • Did she ask for a particular feature or laptop and does her school specify anything in particular eg OS?

          • @jace88: No school did not specify anything
            She need microsoft office suit (word,power point) browsing and to do some scripting language

            • @admoghal: If she specifically needs Microsoft Office, then it's probably easier to just get a Windows laptop. The one you linked to will be horribly slow/painful to use though IMO but then maybe kids don't mind? I'd double check if the school has any preferences because it might be easier to go with what everyone else uses to ensure it works in class (if she's planning to use it there).

              If she just needs something which can do document editing/etc, a Chromebook might work well with GSuite, but it also might not and could create more headaches/challenges.

            • @admoghal:

              and to do some scripting language

              What language? What IDE? I doubt a Chromebook will allow this. Check with school, don’t buy blindly.

  • +1

    Walked into my local JB hi-fi and picked one up for my mother.

    Just be advised that if you do go to an actual store instead of ordering online, they will give you a $100 COUPON with an expiry date of 30/06/2020, not a gift card. It does say that on the webpage, but just clarifying for others that may not have read the fine print. You only get a $100 gift card if you order it online (but will then need to pay for postage).

    I asked the staff if I can buy a $100 gift card with my coupon, they said no.

    Kind of crappy but I'm fairly sure I'll be able to use it before the expiry. Will just purchase something over a $100 and return it as not suitable and get a $100 refund to get around it otherwise.

  • Any comments on Android app support on this?

    • Worked fine for all the things I’ve tried but nothing too intense. Eg ibVPN, Huckleberry (app to track baby routine), YouTube, and mini metro (game).

  • +1

    Hmmm think I found one of the main reasons Lenovo are trying to push these out as fast as possible:


    A very nice looking evolution of this.

    • I have watched this vid and thought the same but I still think the detachable keyboard puts it in a different category much like the surface. The duet def looks good and made me consider waiting but I ended up buying this tonight. If I was going to be using it as my main machine I would be getting something with at least full HD and 8GB ram. The C340 was only released in Sep?

      • I agree the C340 is still the best bang for buck Chromebook out there by far right now. I guess the Duet just seems to fix the only real niggles I was wishing the C340 had:

        • Full HD screen (1920x1080) with smaller bezzles around the edge
        • Much easier to use tablet mode

        The clip says the Duet will sell new for about $280.00 US. The C340 is selling for only slightly less for $259.00 US at Bestbuy so it will likely be between $400-$450 when it gets here:


        I still love my C340, but damn Lenovo are making it hard lol

        Either way, Lenovo seem to really be on a good roll lately. It's great to see so many affordable and quality products coming from them.

        • +1

          Agree, smaller bezel and sharper display would be perfect.

          Really nice otherwise. :)

        • I'll be interested to see what the street price is once it's available here because the C340 Chromebook has been an epic deal in the sub $300 category (with discounted giftcards/promotions/etc) and I feel was excellent value as a laptop to throw around the house, use on the couch, and just not something which requires 'babying'.

          Duet seems like a natural next model addressing the C340's weaknesses so who knows, maybe I'll be looking to upgrade again! Interesting that they've moved back to ARM CPUs again though.

          Source: https://www.anandtech.com/show/15353/ces-2020-lenovo-unveils...

  • Anyone know if it is GST claimable via TRS if we pay via discounted eWISH gift cards? Thanks :)

    • I’m not an expert but I believe so. And the GST will be as per the tax invoice even if you received gift cards/cash back/etc later on.

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