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9-Night Ovation of The Seas South Pacific Cruise (13th Feb 2020) Balcony Fr $1093pp Twin Share @ OzCruising


Cruise only
Balcony Cabins have now dropped further in price.
Itinerary: Sydney- Noumea - Mystery island - Brisbane - Sydney
Onboard Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas

Note: No onboard credit with this last minute guarantee booking

No fees for AMEX.

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    not that cheap

  • +3 votes

    This is a very good deal for ovation for 2 people and includes balcony would normally be more for an inside cabin …I have been watching prices and it's very scarce you will get around $100 a night For ovation.

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    I would have jumped on it if I didn't already have a cruise booked starting 22 FEB from Bris…lol. But remember, if you don't live in Syd, you have to fly to Syd to get the ship.


    An awesome ship with great entertainment and plenty of good food options. Do yourself a favour and check out the Wonderland restaurant for one of the best dining experiences you'll have at sea it's a food lovers journey with heaps of surprises and the service is amazing


    Have just checked flights….virgin is looking good…I priced $250 return to Bris…with 23k checked and 7k cabin. Ah, but getting from the airport to the ship would cost too.


      Train goes direct from airport to cruise terminal so very easy and think under $20 from memory


        Airport train is quite expensive because it a private line - $17.39 each and there is an 800m walk once you get off.

        If there are two of you then uberx is about $40 and will take you right to the cruise terminal.

        P.S. Booked!


    Lots to choose from here: https://www.cruiseguru.com.au/last-minute-cruises/
    and turn on the "$ Price Per Day" option and sort by price.

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    Great price!

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    Thanks BargHunter100. Booked. Good way to spend 10 days.

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    Oh No I'm booked on this exact cruise the fortnight before. Paid #alot# more for it. Should've waited for OzBargain 😕


    Anyone with any idea of what the mystery island will be?

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      It's an actual island called "Mystery Island" in Vanuatu.


      It was the highlight of my cruise last year. A very simple small slab of sand and light trees with light blue clear water. And the main island next to it is a great sight. One of the only islands we visited that was actually tall. Many others are much more flat and less "impressive" ..

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    This is a fantastic ship - a cut above any of their other ships in Australia like Voyager, Explorer, etc. It really deserves the price premium you normally pay for it.
    It's only 3 years old and there are a lot more things to do than most ships. It's all well thought-out too.
    You wouldn't think there were 4000 other guests on board most of the time, more like 400.
    This particular cruise is a weird itinerary, but on cruise ships getting there is more than half the fun!


    Balcony Guarantee's are now sold out.
    For those who booked, the drinks package is $65.67 AUD per person per day currently on the cruise planner. Good value considering a cocktail is 14 USD (you'll only need 3 or 4 per day to get value).


    For a family member visiting on a tourist visa, does going on an international cruise count as an exit and entry?


    For those that booked this, were you able to select the rooms, were they all on one level or did the selection seem quite open?
    We missed the deal and wife made us book a balcony anyway (#OzB shame), and then it became available again - I guess I'm hoping to hear we got better for paying more - sympathetic replies would help ;)
    Re the drinks package - seems if one person in a room gets it, all legal drinking aged passengers in that room must also get it - that may influence some decisions
    Thanks for posting, and for all the suggestions in this thread!


      The guarantee cabins are randomly picked. Could be obstructed and at the front or back of the ship.
      You would’ve got onboard credit with yours? That’s one benefit. You can put it towards the drinks package on the cruise planner too.

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