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[NSW] 50% off 5 Laps of Sydney Motorsport Park $150 (Was $299) @ Anglo Racing Academy (Eastern Creek)


Hi Guys its Tim from Anglo Racing Academy - we have a limited number of 50% off discount codes for 5 Laps of The Ultimate Driving Experience around SMSP on Friday 31st January 2020. This code represents a huge saving of $150!


Duration: 3 Hours
Location: Eastern Creek, NSW

YOU WILL be supplied with a competition-prepared Formula Ford Van Diemen Race Car, which you can drive full pelt around Sydney Motorsport Park Race Track.


Real, Unmodified Formula Ford Race cars - There are no engine rev limiters; your car is the same as our Championship Winning Race Drivers use in the Formula Ford Championships.

5 Blistering laps of Sydney Motorsport Park's, Corporate Hill Section of the South Circuit, one of Australia's premier race tracks.

All 5 laps are you driving in the Formula Fords, plus 2 additional orientation laps in a road car.

Full Driving Instruction - Our Instructors are professional Drivers and Engineers who are knowledgeable and helpful; their aim is to ensure you have the ultimate Driving Experience.

Exclusive Track Hire - We book one of Australia's Premier Race Tracks for your exclusive use ONLY; No sharing with other driving events or activities.

Braking and Cornering Markers - These markers are set up uniquely for Formula Ford Race Cars to optimise your cornering speeds and car performance so you can drive it to the limit.

All Race and Safety Equipment provided: helmets, race suits and boots.

Coffee, tea and water supplied.

We offer 4 Sessions throughout the day.

2-3 Hours.


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/angloformulafordexperience/
Instagram - @angloracingacademy

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    $150 is very reasonable for this… HOWEVER for me you'd be better off in normal street car where you have an instructor guiding you thru corners, not sure 2 sighting laps is enough.

    Going in a formula ford on what is a fairly intermediate to professional track by yourself sounds like a pretty big leap.

    Also a Formula ford is a bda 1.6 four with a 5 speed h pattern, 3 pedals? Good luck if you cant drive mnanual.

    • You seem to have a pretty decent knowledge on Formula Fords! Have you raced in the past? You make some valid points, but this is The Ultimate Driving Experience ;)

      • +1

        No Im just a (profanity) who watches F1 and has punted his own V8 and turbo crappers around wakefield and eastern creek etc. and realised this is hard and expensive work.

    • It'll be a Kent engined FFord with the crossflow head (not a BDA).
      And FFord are restricted to 4 speed gearboxes (plus reverse).

      • and you'll need to learn to shift with your right hand. Steep learning curve in a handfull of laps but definitely worth the $150 for anyone keen, trust me.

        • I dont think that's a big deal either… many of us have used right hand shifters on PC simulators.

          For $150 to experience and open wheel racer… yeah this is a $25k car? It worth it just to see what its like.

  • +4

    Is this open to non Anglo people as well?

    • Yes

      • I think this is an allusion to Anglo American Racing which was a famous US UK team.

  • What's the retail on one of those?

  • If I have my own gear (I'm a kart racer, so have SK-6 helmet, suit, gloves, boots), can I use my own stuff?

    • Assuming your gear would not be FIA compliant, nor would your helmet have HANS posts. My guess is the answer will be no.

      • I stand corrected!

        • Yeah, I was guessing they wouldn't be bothering people with having to use HANS devices for days like these. I mean accidents DO happen, but its in a controlled environment, and yeah, answered :)

    • Yes you can use your own gear!

      • Cool. Thanks for the info!

      • All booked. Looking forward to it!

  • +1

    You guys have something similar for Melbourne?

  • Hey! I'm interested although I was wondering is it ideal if I have decent driving knowledge to part take? Love F1 and the likes but never taken part in any motorsport related stuff so I'd be very new to the whole thing. Thanks!

    • Hey! Our experience days are designed for people just like you! No racing experience necessary. All that we ask is you hold or have had a driving licence (so that you have basic understanding of car controls)…we have even taught people on the day how to drive manual. We provide all the tuition and guidance needed to have a fantastic time during your experience!

      • Thanks, I've got a grip on driving although I'm on my learners licence, is that fine? :)

        • Holding a driving licence is one of our requirements however if you give the office a call on 1300 121 886 we would be happy to have a conversation with you to see what we can sort out ;)

  • Misses Stonedwizard can’t drive manual.

    Do you have any auto cars?

  • Unfortunately for Misses Stonedwizard we don't have any auto cars….but what we do have is the worlds first 2 seat formula ford built in house, which we use to provide passenger hot laps! Misses Stonedwizard can be strapped in and taken for the ride of her life by one of our professional racing drivers! https://anglo.rezdy.com/341659/2-seater-passenger-ride-4-lap...

    • Any chance you can do the 50% off on the hot laps?

  • Interesting timing with the b12hr schedule starting its first full day that friday. I'd do it if it was on the Thursday or Monday since I would be in the area for the 12hr.

    • Check out some of the other dates we have available online https://www.driveaformulaford.com.au/sales-page-33916393

      • Nah I'm in Melbourne so other dates won't really do. Maybe next year take into consideration the B12Hr weekend and that there will be a lot of out of towners in the area either side of it. I have a group of at least 5 mates I go to the 12hr with who would be so down for this, probably the Thursday before would be best.

        I'm definitely keen for $150, but I've already paid for B12hr and don't really want to miss half a day of action I've already paid for. Thanks for posting though.

  • Wodonga bit far no closer circuits

    • Sandown is closer, but very limited availability.

  • Wodonga is a bit far from where buddy? I don't where you are to suggest a closer location? We offer experiences at SMSP - NSW or Wodonga - VIC

    • Melbourne…

  • Come to Adelaide and i'll be interested. I'm keen on steering a formula ford and driving a car with no aero

  • +1

    Just be clear this is only part of the circuit, as there are many configurations these days.


  • Hey matie,

    I went to book one of the session and there's an error with the code.

    "Sorry, we found some problems:

    Voucher 5SMSP50 is valid for bookings between 31 Jan 2020 and 31 Jan 2020""
  • Hey Adam, make sure you have selected 31st Jan 2020 as that is when the code is valid for. If your still struggling please ring the office on 1300 121 886 and I will be more than happy to try and resolve the issue.

  • Hi how long is the track and can you take out insurance in case you cause damage to the car.

    • The track we use is the South Amaroo Circuit which is 1.8km long and no there is no option to buy insurance for any damage caused how ever the way that we structure the day with briefing and training you will receive minimises the likelihood of you having an accident. Hope this helps

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