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[NSW, VIC, QLD, SA] $100 Electricity Credit ($25 on Signup, $25 after 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days) with Powershop (New Cust.)


Saw this ad on facebook.

Get $100 off carbon offset power when you sign up.

Don't see any expiry date on the offer pages.

  • Powershop is available to Victoria, NSW, South East QLD and South Australia.

Online 100 terms and conditions

The $100 will be applied to your Powershop account in four installments of $25. To receive the initial $25 off, you need to join via this page on or before 31 January 2020.

You will receive the initial $25 off on the day you become a Powershop customer, the second installment on your 30 day anniversary of becoming a Powershop customer, the third installment on your 60 day anniversary of becoming a Powershop customer, and the final installment on your 90 day anniversary of becoming a Powershop customer.

Each $25 off is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offers available through Powershop from time to time. You can contact Powershop through www.powershop.com.au or by calling 1800 462 668.

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  • Please give me some ideas what the carbon offset means to us? I got an option to choose this in my online acct "for free" on different retailer but dont know what it is for me…

    • A carbon offset can sometimes be a scam. For example, if you are paying extra for a project like planting trees but they were going to be planted by the company anyway as part of their woke Corporate Social Responsibility policy, then you are just offsetting their cost which they use anyway to reduce the amount of tax they pay. It also helps to be woke as you don't find your company the target of activists.

      Some offsets are quite reputable and actually do good. Whether or not you're a believer, it is a good thing to look after the environment.

      The problem is that it is hard to tell what is a scam and what isn't.

      The question for electricity providers is, are they sourcing extra solar or wind power with the money you pay or is it green energy that will already be produced by their customers with solar panels or their own solar farms?

  • Would I need to closely monitor my electricity usage to make the most of the powerpacks? Looks like it might be a little complicated at first, but I could be mistaken.

    • Took up previous $150 incentive. Credit was promptly applied to account. Just received my first month bill.

      You're not mistaken - can be much more complicated than other providers, at least for some users at start. I was with Origin on easy to understand quarterly bills (21% discount on supply & usage ended).

      As Powershop estimates usage based on other users in area - that caused some worries. I use less than half other similar users, so the estimate was way too high.

      That caused 3 month Mega Pack (15% discount) price to be double what it should be. It is a set price based on estimate of your use over next 3 months. Until estimate was more realistic, I would not buy. Other packs have 12% discount & you buy what you want, when you want.

      PowerShop required me to send many meter readings to show my low usage. After many complaints & meter readings they halved the estimate. At end of month, the updated estimate was almost same as billed.

      But usage will be over estimated in future as summer is my only high usage period (4.5KWh with aircon), halving in other periods.

      Power Packs are part paid with credits like in this Deal.

      As am on concession, that is applied as a credit to my bill at end of each month.

      So, I have now paid for more than I will use in 3 months. Plus have $30/mth monthly concession credit & $38/quarter credit from promotion. Those will pay most of next Mega Pack…

      And on it goes having to submit meter readings to show their estimate is too high.

      After you are sent bill, you have 2 weeks to pay (by buying discounted Pack) or the bill is paid by direct debit (less any credit).

      Too complex for me. I'm only staying for the 9 months until the $150 credit runs out!
      Checked - told if credit remains at time I leave, I receive a payment to my bank account.

      • They now appear to provide a simpler option in their Powershop Lite plan. Just a traditional discounted perice instead of accessing the Powershop shop.


        Isn't an option online at sign up so I guess you join online and then later request this plan. Seems like a good way to get most of the Powershop benefits (nice mobile app, downloadable usage information, free smart meter install) in a 'set and forget' kind of way. Rates seemed pretty similar to using the Mega Pack.

        Might be good to change to this if planning on leaving. Then the final bill will just be a simple post pay bill.

        • Thanks, I didn't know about that. Will explore the possibilityšŸ‘

          I've been complaining to PS about the complexity, that I am happier with quarterly bills, & how estimating energy use does not suit my low consumption.
          They never suggested this plan!

          My area doesn't use smart meters & don't know if it would be installed. That's the reason for currently relying on estimates & my regular meter reading.

          Don't know if I will lose the remaining $112 credit they offered at sign up, if I change now.
          But as you suggest - a possible strategy at end of this incentive.

          Many unknowns to explore!

  • Powerpacks are like prepayments where you get more discounts if you buy in bulk and ahead of time, what you don't use up just gets used in the next billing cycle, I just buy the bulk pack and that normally lasts 3 months so its like buying power 3 months in advance

    • Trouble comes when PowerShop over estimates usage in next 3 months. They determine what you will pay for a (15% discounted) Mega Pack. Correcting that price is complex - outlined above. Their 3 month price was almost the same as past year of bills with Origin.

      Just received my first bill. Should settle down over time, but I will be building up credits I can't use until next 3 month Mega Pack purchase.

  • Thought this was a pepper pig website from the thumbnail

  • Powershop have the most ridiculous system I've come across. You "pay" by choosing from a variety of payment options and if you don't choose one then they (profanity) you by charging you more.

    Avoid these charlatan time wasters and do not vote for any politician unless they pledge to nationalise electricity so that the severe economic damage comes to an end. Currently The Greens are the only party that have pledged to do this which makes sense because they're the only party no controlled by billionaires via lobbying.

    For the slow amongst you, the severe economic damage is caused by your money being removed and not being spent elsewhere in the economy.

    BTW, they own Kogan who have different pricing.

    • You can buy a Pack AFTER they send the monthly bill. You have 14 days to do that before they charge your bank account.

      Signed up for $150 credit over 9 months. Got my first bill, bought discounted Pack. All paid.

      But it is more complex than necessary.

      • Except for the situation where you leave them, and your final bill leaves you in debit… and your access to their online shop is gone because you're "technically" no longer a customer.
        Dodgy f$cking scammers.

        • Getting the best deal requires thought & planning.

          Your estimated usage is shown, so you should know approximately what you owe at time of leaving. Take your own meter reading & add some for time to change retailer.

          You can buy a discounted pack at the price you want before leaving.
          Credit (less pack discount) is refunded. Simple.

          I checked this before signing up.
          Expect to be in credit when I change retailers for next sign up incentivešŸ˜‰

          • @the INFIDEL: Guarantees are worthless unless they're on paper.
            Anything to do with the "shop" is outside their official terms and conditions - there's only a tiny little section that mentions it exists but nothing about how it functions. They can make up any rules they like, including non-refundable purchases.

            • @ssquid: As I said - simply pay what you owe, by buying a discounted Pack, before leaving. If the bill is more, your bank account is billed.
              After leaving, you can't buy a Pack as you don't have access to their shop.

              People should check before acting, in case there are costs involved.

              Negging advice that may help others, due to your anger, is pretty nasty!

              • @the INFIDEL: I'm negging advice that is wrong.
                Here's their policy on refunds: https://www.powershop.com.au/refunds/

                You can apply to us to cancel and refund any Powerpack purchases you have made in the following circumstances:

                • where you apply to us within 48 hours from the time of purchase of the relevant Energy Product; or
                • your very first Powerpack purchase from the shop where you are a new customer, provided you apply to us within 7 calendar days from the time of purchase; or
                • if you wish to end your supply agreement with Powershop within 60 calendar days of becoming a Powershop customer, and you have purchased more Powerpacks than you need to cover the actual energy usage at your property for the period of time that you were a Powershop customer; or
                • where (through a meter test or otherwise) we become aware and notify you that one or more of your meter reads have been incorrect and you have purchased more Powerpacks than you needed to cover the actual energy usage at your property.

                So the only case where you are eligible for a refund when leaving is if you've only been a customer for 60 days or less. Good luck!

                • @ssquid: Thanks for that - I recorded their advice over the phone. So will contact them with a copy.

                  I asked them specifically about buying the Mega Pack, but having credit on it when leaving in a years time. They said credit on it would be refunded.

                  Would check before leaving, running any Pack credit down.

                  So just slightly underpay your last Pack purchase to avoid that issue.

                  The rest of my advice stands.
                  Check before you act, in case there are unexpected costs.

                  I also expect account credit at time of leaving - State Government rebates. That's different to Pack credit & is refundable.

  • I don't get how this is meant to be cheaper or better than a normal electricity company

    • Was cheapest available in my area when I signed up 6 weeks ago. Even cheaper with $150 credit then.

      But certainly more complex!
      When credit stops, I'll look at other electricity retailers.

      • so its only actually cheap when you factor in the sign up bonus, after which, there's no reason to be with them?

        • No. Not what I said!

          Was equal cheapest for me BEFORE the incentive. Requires buying 15% discounted Packs for best price.

          Receiving incentive credits, it's much cheaper than other retailers for me.

          Will look for incentive to join up elsewhere, when this $150 credit runs out.
          Similar to SIM hopping (I've been doing that for 5 years & pay only a few $ per year for calls & data) - to get best deal.

          This is often discussed.
          Depends on retailers available in your area. Areas in Sydney & Melbourne report cheaper prices. I don't live in those areas.
          Go with best deal for you, where you live.