EKO 75" Smart UHD LED TV with 4K Netflix $899 @ Big W (Instore Only)


Back on at a super price.
Pick up only

I just grabbed two for work :)

Prev Deal - > https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/505523

Update your living area with the EKO 75" 4K Smart UHD LED TV. Offering an amazing viewing experience with incredibly sharp and bright picture quality. This television features built-in 4K Netflix and 4K YouTube and a high motion processor for the ideal sports experience, delivering a more realistic image with finer detailed levels of contrast and superior colour accuracy.

Product Features:

Built-in 4K Netflix and 4K YouTube
Netflix and YouTube buttons on remote for fast launch
USB port to record, playback video/music/photos
3 x HDMI
1.07 billion colours
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Ultra-dynamic engine for crisp picture
High motion processor for the ideal sports experience
Wi-Fi Connectivity

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    Is there an Android version in the 75"?


    OP assuming you had a ute to pick them up ?


      Does this fit in a Ute securely , i thought the package length is bigger than the tray bed length of a dual cab at least

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        Dunno if this helps but I've picked up a hisense 75” and a Sony 75” tv in a dual cab ford ranger before.
        Had to sit it upright with straps and put it diagonally in the try, but fit just fine.


      could also assume he had a van? 75" boxes wouldn't fit horizontally as my TCL 65" went from edge to edge horizontally on the Ute tray secured to the cabin


      I've brought three 75" Hisenses home lying flat in the back of my Mazda CX9…
      (Although I haven't seen the size of this box)

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        The new 75 inch+ slim TVs ( not this most likely) are too spread out and they may crack under their weight if transported horizontally

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    These won’t fit on utetray plus u have to transport up right


    This is a big tv, you need two people to set it up/lift
    I've got the 65" Android version which I was able to say up.
    I also bought the 75", but needed my dad to help lift.

    There's no current way to sideload, so I prefer the 65" Android tv version.
    Both are a bargain and have good quality screens.


      Its big but not that heavy. I got it up the stairs alone but needed my wife to help lift it onto the entertainment unit.

      Android TV is good for a lot but I kind of find it annoying too. PVR is very basic and not user friendly and it needs factory resetting after a year cause it slows down to a crawl and apps start crashing. I'm now thinking I'd rather a basic TV with an Nvidia Shield instead.


      An android box like Vodafone tv or Xiaomi is always an option I guess. ( Replied to AtomuKirin's comment)


    Wow awesome deal. I got the 70" 4k viano from bigw last time and haven't regretted it till now.

    I did want to buy the 75" but I couldn't fit it in the car. 70" is the biggest I could fit into my SUV.


    My Sony TV originally came with Netflix and Youtube apps, but Sony reached in and removed them.
    Don't buy a TV solely because it comes with certain apps (today).

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    I bought this TV before Christmas and the picture/panel quality is very bad.

    I ended up sending it back and bought the Hisense R7 65"… Im MUCH happier with this TV

    Id recommend going and checking it out in store before you buy


    I was wondering that since it doesn't have Android TV installed, can it use apps eg. internet, google chrome, skype since it has wifi?

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      It has some Chinese apps Ive never heard of, along with Netflix and Youtube. For anything else you'll need to use a separate box - Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi TV box thingy, PC, etc

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    I also got one before xmas. I'm actually pretty happy with the picture quality - esp on Netflix.

    The upscaling isn't as good as a Sony, say, but is still pretty good mostly. It does have problems with dynamic content (sports). I mainly bought it for watching 4K content via Netflix, Plex, Kodi, Prime etc, but I'm actually pretty impressed with normal TV (upscaling ie) too.

    One thing it is crap at, though, is PVR. Time shifting is crap. It pauses nicely (better than Android TV with its crappy record live tv workaround to time shifting) but then after about 5 minutes up pops a dialog saying you have 2 seconds of recording left… and BAM… you're back in real time and have lost whatever was buffered. That's worse than useless.

    ARC works quite well (better than my Sony too, actually) but it always starts in TV Speaker and then two seconds later switches to ARC - which is slightly annoying. Esp if you muted because it treats muting separately between TV speakers and ARC. But hey, minor issue I suppose.

    Note that when you set it up it tells you its going to pwn all your data. I didnt bother not accepting that. I just put in put it on a separate VLAN with some judicious firewall rules and Pi-Hole. Take that EKO! :P


      excellent review~!


      Oh, maybe mine was faulty.

      When you connect a device (mine was a notebook) does it actually display in 3840x2160?

      Best I could get was 1920x1080.

      I also know it wasnt the notebook as it connects to another 4K screen fine.

      When I had a dark background I could see light patches all over the TV


        Hmmm, I haven't had a problem with light patches on dark. Been watching WItcher and Dracula recently which would have shown that up :)

        I hadn't tried connecting anything to it as yet… but I'm WFH and what I'm working on is very boring, so I just went upstairs to try with my macbook pro. Yep, its 3840x2160. Looks amazing in fact! I'm tempted to work up in the lounge room if I can find a long enough HDMI cable :D


      Thanks ASA - good review and at $899…
      Looks like a good fit for the Mi Box S - which means its only connection is via HDMI, not a lot of private information heading out that door methinks?


        Thanks :)

        Probably not that much info but I did see it calling home a lot.

        It probably doesn't take much to record what TV channel you're watching at what time and whether you're time-shifting ads, or watch the entire program, etc, etc. It could even sniff network packets or use HDMI EDID to see if you've got a media device streaming to it, or a PS4 or whatever…

        But mainly their attitude just annoyed me and I wanted to spite them :D


    Does anyone know how long is the warranty of this TV? Thanks.


      I think it's a standard year.

      I do recall my box (65" android tv version) said it was an "in home" warranty.


    12 months


    Any in Vic ?


    Buy with certain credit cards adds a year to warranty.


    DLNA support?


    I got this TV yesterday. Overall I am very happy with this TV. The quality of the picture is great (I am playing those 4K demo video on youtube app and it is fantastic) Sound still ok if you are not turning in very high volume but you can always buy the soundbar with it.
    For $899 with 75 inc TV, it is definitely worth!


      bought one too last week. i just noticed today that there is a dead pixel. but overall its ok. Connected an external speaker to it as it hardly has any bass on the tv speakers


      And another thing i've noticed is the screencasting/home sharing is slower compared to casting in Chromecast. Even though i have the tv connected via LAN and not thru wifi