Kogan 27" Curved QHD 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor (2560x 1440) $369 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


seems like a decent deal. not quite the lowest ever (from what I can tell $359 is the lowest) but not bad

Edit> some things to take into account:
- Kogan customer service and warranty is notoriously not great
- From looking at previous deals of this monitor, most people who have bought it seem happy with it.

Edit 4: removed a previous comment due to realising it wasn't true.

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    I'd take this Samsung space monitor any day of the week instead: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/509784
    Deal says expired but looks like it's back on again.

    Quite a bit cheaper, much much better stand, free shipping, flat instead of useless and gimmicky curve and an actual decent warranty and support. The DP input on my kogan monitor died out of the blue after 2 years, they wouldn't fix it under warranty, and I couldn't even pay to have it fixed.
    "Unfortunately, we are unable to perform repairs on your monitors as we are sold out of the necessary parts needed for the repair. Alternatively, you are able to have your TV assessed at your local electronics shops."


      Post that one, solid deal. Seems to be the fastest Samsung VA panel out there, or very close to.

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      doesn't seem like that has vesa or curvature, unless i'm misreading something. Thanks for posting though!


    This comment remains relevant.


    Monitor prices haven't changed for years… was hoping this would get closer to 250-300 to integrate closer with my 34" UW, but at this price it makes more sense to just get another 34" UW.


    I bought this monitor last time it was on sale and I'm really liking it

    Picture quality and colour is great and refresh rate is very smooth, definitely an improvement from my old QNIX monitor and 24in BenQ

    Only downside I've had with it is the VESA points were a lot lower than my other monitor so I had to buy one of these so that they're at the same level


    I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole. You can get brand name 1440p 144hz IPS monitors for sub $400 now.

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