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30% off Keep Cups from $7.66 @ Myer


Looks like Myer have 30% off keep cups at the moment…

I've been eyeing one off for a while, but have had trouble finding them on sale. I'll feel much better about my cafe coffees now (shame my budget won't)

Plenty of varieties and styles in the Doncaster store, but it's nation wide.

UPDATE Thanks to Fossilfuel;

The following are back to full price unfortunately :(

Original Small 236ml
Brew Small 236ml (Glass)
Brew Cork Medium 354ml
LongPlay Medium 354ml (Glass with plastic outer layer)
Scans at full price at Myer checkout too.

Rest are still discounted and will scan at the discounted price in store.

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  • There was a box of keep cups 50c each at the Salvos store in Fawkner Vic bought 4 yesterday

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      Um, I've never put a cup of coffee in my bag

      • I keep a coffee in my bag the time, but never with a keep cup. Frank Green, whilst very expensive ($50!) is amazing for insulation, leak proof, etc. I highly recommend them, except for the cost. But given I use it about 5 times a day, it's very worthwhile for me.

        • Frank Green cups are like $30….. Unless you get the paywave one, which seems silly. If you drink coffee with crema, keep cup is MUCH better. Frank green is better for tea's, long black etc. Also keep cup is way easier to clean if you ever need to do it by hand.

          • @onlinepred: They do sell a lot of different versions… I personally have the regular size Ceramic Reusable Cup which is about $50 delivered. Paywave is unnecessary I agree.
            I drink long blacks, and Frank Green is easy to keep clean with a quick rinse out at the end of each day. Milk would get annoying to clean in the mechanism I suspect.

          • @onlinepred: Long blacks have crema lol… If anything your coffee purists drink black coffee for that reason.

            • @aryan12: Purists? They like heavily watered down coffee? Yes okay mate. Majority of cafes don't care about crema on top of long black for take away as it vanishes very quickly

              • @onlinepred: Espresso? I think you're confusing crema with the milk foam.

              • @onlinepred: Heavily watered down with milk?

                • @aryan12: Not sure what you are getting at? You have extra water and milk?

                  Just understands that the purist will have an espresso shot. Everything else is adding milk or water. Long blacks are more like tea as they are weaker tasting and watered down. Americans love them as they are closer to drip coffee.

                  Anyway, all good, I love coffee and am very passionate. I have even taken barista training haha. Yes clear you don't know what you are talking about, milk based coffee has crema. If it does not, you will only taste milk - a terrible quality coffee.

                  • @onlinepred: My point is that the purest form of coffee is espresso/black coffee. To be honest the crema is the only reason I drink it. These keep cups (particularly the glass ones) handle the crema really well & it doesn't disappear for a while. The glass ones are better, I have three glass and one plastic.

                    • @aryan12: Espresso is purist. That's it. Anything otherwise is changing the flavour or making it weaker etc. Short black and long black just add loads of water to make it weaker, like drip coffee. It takes away so much of the flavour. Crema will get destroyed if you handle and transport the coffee too much in a take away cup/mug which is why majority of cafe's don't care about crema in take away cups. Crema also only lasts a short while in Black coffee without milk froth as moving it around is destroying the air bubbles.

                      Yes the glass ones are awesome, as long as you don't drink from the lid.

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          I found that my frank green cup leaked so I stopped using it. This was the original version.

        • Managed to get the large Frank Green cup for free via Deliveroo few months back. Great cups!

        • Some observations on Frank green cups.
          1. You don't get a proper satisfying mouthful of coffee with Frank green through the tiny hole.
          2. You need to wash the cup soon after the coffee is finished, before it dries up, or you'll have to dismantle the whole lid mechanism to clean the coffee inside it around the spring and reassemble.

          I've had Stokke cups as well and whilst very nice they are super expensive and suffer from the same issue in point 1. So back to keep cup! For me you can't beat them.

        • The frank green cups do not clean well when you have any milk based coffees. Such a let down for $40

    • To be fair, most coffees aren't served in leak-proof containers. Keep Cups aren't really designed to be leak proof. They're mainly meant to take the place of disposable coffee cups, rather than being a travel mug with a more robust lid.

      • Yup, that's what I said.

        With "travel mugs", you can do that. Cups and Keep cups can't be put in a bag.

      • Hinee, I think are you referring to the difference between a cup and a flask? I wouldn't expect any cup to remain sealed in a bag, but that might just be me.

        Edit: I see what you mean with travel mugs

      • I have a frank green keep cup and it is leak proof. One of my favourite keep cups.

  • Recently broke my glass keepcup in sink. Shattered into big safe pieces. I've still got the rubbery/plastic bits. Too bad u can't just buy the glass section

    EDIT: you can actually buy spare parts

    • Actually you can buy the replacements from keepcup themselves:

      • Thanks. But postage of $8 kills the deal. Cheaper to buy a new one…

        • Can't you pick and collect near your local myer and reuse the existing parts with a replacement glass? Or have a spare for when you want to mix up the colours?

          The problem is more if you're not getting mileage out of your cup, you're not really 'saving the environment' as the amount of work it takes to create one of these is far beyond a simple mass produced takeaway coffee cup.

          • @H E B: True you have to use it at least 50 times to offset the energy. That being said, it's the long lasting waste of disposable cups thats the problem, not so much the energy or resources. Once a disposable cups is created it lasts a long time till it breaks down. So u save the environment by not creating 100 cups v 1 cup.

      • With the glass cups, KeepCup say the lid is fitted to each cup individually because they all cups vary minutely. So, you have to replace the whole thing lid and all. I find that a bit of a stretch but, that's what they say! Shrug

        • Hahaha that may be the case but it is so minute I doubt it should make the difference in the short term otherwise why would they sell glass separately?

    • The ones from Aldi actually carry the brand "Smash"!

    • Use an old vegemite jar

      • We use pasta sauce, peanut butter jars to carry our water/teas when we go out walking, shopping, etc.

        I haven't had the courage to use one as a keep cup, and instead have used keep cups for many coffee outlets.

        Do you use the jar for coffee or is this an idea?

        • I had a keep cup, it broke, so now i've recycled the old rubber strap and wrapped it around the glass vegemite medium size jar, had the same jar for 4 years now.

    • Recently broke my glass keepcup in sink. Shattered into big safe pieces.

      As weird as it sounds, big pieces of shattered glass are very unsafe, while small pieces are safer. We all know it's easy to clean big pieces, but with big pieces there is a chance to get bad cuts. Say for example, if somebody slips and lands on one of these, you want it to break into millions of small pieces that just scratch you instead of a few large pieces making deep cuts.

  • Don't forget to check whether the barista has properly secured the lid when picking up your coffee. They can be hard to pop on when new.

    • Haha, accurate! My (glass) keepcup is six months old and the lid has a super grip

    • Hold onto the lid when you order and put it on yourself. I thought that's what everyone did?

      • Nope. I don't. But it's also been hit and miss. A lot of places these days give the lid back to you straight away and only take the cup. Forces you to put it on yourself.

  • The 'Original Clear' are badass! I'm pretty weird about reusable cups because they can be quite hard to clean properly and the seals wear down. I've had no such issues with these; they're very easy to clean and the clear has almost no rubberized areas to degrade. The medium size has been perfect for me, good for both barista and sachet coffee.

  • I've got a glass KeepCup which I only really use without the lid now - the seal is not very good and my coffee leaks out.

    • If you like milk/crema coffees, it's the only way to go. No affect on taste either.

      • I only really drink long blacks which might be why it leaks for me? I've heard Frank Green have a better lid so will give those a try if my KeepCup breaks.

        • Yep for long blacks get frank green if you travel with them etc. Much better seal. Harder to clean but overall better for long blacks.

        • Long blacks are definitely more likely to leak but chances are you might have an uneven rim that's causing the leak as supposedly the glass cups are hand-blown. I had a leaking cup myself, contacted customer service and was sent a new one free of charge.

    • the seal is not very good and my coffee leaks out.

      I have this issue with them once they get ~12 months old. They don't seal and start leaking.

      I often wonder if I break 'even' having to replace it, compared to using throw away cups.

      • If you use a keep cup for more than 3 months of at least 5 coffee's a week, then you are ahead of using throw away cups as far as being sustainable and environmentally conscious. Great thing about keep cups, is you just buy a new lid and keep going strong. Only replace what you need to replace.

        • While its great you can buy spares, the problem I find with buying spares is the shipping cost kill it for just a single lid, and its just as cheap to pickup a entire new cup at a place that sells them :/

          But good to know the break even point is low.

          • @JimmyF: Yea I just bought 6 lids at once as I have one at work, and a few at home and also for my partner. Then we don't have to buy lids for a few years.

    • +2 votes

      I'd put money on it being even leakier without the lid.

  • If you want to do something good, ask your friends and collegues if they want one and pool their orders together, so you score a free delivery (above $70). The brew cork ones are a bargain for $23 IMO.

  • I still can't find a glass version for my piccolo…

  • i DID get my bamboo "keep cup" from Australian Organic, packed with lots of foam pellets (hello hypocrisy)

    saved $7.66

  • Ah wow, my first ever deal post is on the front page! Talk about beginners luck!

  • +1 vote

    While it is costing a bit more, I do like the Long Play keep cup

    Been accidentally dropped on the floor twice and still not broken yet

    The outer part of long play is plastic and inner is glass

    Only cons is it’s harder to clean if you want to clean the inner part of the outer plastic

    • You can easily seperate the two parts and scrub them or run them through the dishwasher.

      Then just pop back together.

  • Isn't a Travel Mug someone who drinks coffee while driving one handed at highway speed?

  • Coles/woolies got Barista Buddy glass reusable cups for $12 or less when on sale.

  • i couldnt keep my cup
    apparently they dont take boiling hot water straight from the kettle what a waste of $15

  • Good price for a keep cup.
    However after going through different brands / type, I got a thermocafe by thermos and am very happy with it. I’m sure I paid $8 during Boxing Day sales, but currently selling for $13.

    • Not sure about the travel mug but thermocafe flask was very poor quality. Boiling water from kettle was lukewarm in under 2 hours. I wouldn't buy another from thermocafe range.

      • Unsure about the quality of the flasks as thats a product totally different.
        I'm just providing alternatives to a Keep Cup, eg something small which you can take on the run. A coffee that size will not last me longer than 30 minutes, let alone 2 hours :)

  • I bought a glass one at David jones last year. Also at 30% off, they had more variety.

  • I bought one during the last Myer eBay sale. Received one with silicon broken. Sent it back for refund, but didn't receive my refund until now.

  • Frank Green is alot better as they are leak proof. Keep Cup leaks :(

  • I have a Keepcup original from 2012 which is still going strong. The only downside is when you wash it in the dishwasher, the polypropylene body absorbs other food smells. A soak in boiling water with lemon or vinegar fixes that but would have been easier to handwash in the first place (anywhoo..). I was going to buy a glass Brew keepcup but just saw these slick stainless steel thermal ones from Keepcup, so am going to hold off for a discount on these -

  • Seriously, it's a keep cup. Glass is an insane material to use for something that will be dropped and bashed around.

    Go to Big W and spend $3 on a plastic one, I've had mine for a year, used it almost every day, dropped it tens of times and it keeps on ticking.

    I'd have gone through 20 of these glass ones by now, probably have had a larger CO2 footprint then paper.

    Keep it simple.

    • I rather drink coffee out of glass. Worth it IMO.

    • It's not a crystal drinking glass, it's hardened glass which has survived my clutsy hands dropping it many times. It's so much nicer than plastic cups it's worth needing the extra caution.

      Just don't stack them, apparently they explode if you knock the stack.

    • As someone who has used the $3 / Cheapy cups previously prior to my keep cup there is a big difference in quality. I have a plastic keep cup ( ie not a glass body one ) and its been going strong for 2 years now versus the cheaper ones. The lure to use a glass one though is strong!

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