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10% off Apple Mac Computers (MacBook Air 13in Core i5, Dual Core 256GB $1799), & 10% off Select Home Appliances @ The Good Guys


The Good Guys have 10% off all Apple Mac computers & laptops and Selected Home Appliances (coupon: JAN10)

Some examples:
MacBook Pro 16in i7 6 core 512gb HDD 16gb RAM $3419

MacBook Pro 13in i5 4 core 256gb HDD 8gb RAM $2429

MacBook Air 13in i5 2 core 256gb HDD 8gb RAM $1799

Mac Mini i5 6 core 256gb HDD 8gb RAM $1529

iMac 27in 5k i5 6 core 1tb HDD 8gb RAM $2519

Note: Code JAN10 is not required for Apple pricing, pricing is already applied online and in store.

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  • Why do folks buy these computers, they are very expensive. What is the reason?

    • I’m in the cyber security industry. From a security perspective myself and most others in this field refuse to use windows based computers. I have more control of my computer and find it easier to complete my work activities. For games windows is good, but in a production or service orientated environment MacBooks are far more reliable.

      • From a security perspective, there can be an advantage over Windows, but MacOS is probably the OS with the least ability to customise and control it. Instead of paying the overinflated prices, it's often better to use Linux in Cyber Security instead of Windows, or Mac too.

        Outside of that, the majority of people are fine using even Windows as long as they use common sense, same with any computer, or mobile device ;-)

        • Unfortunately most people don't have common sense

          • @dangerdanger: Common sense is considered a super hero power these days.

            • @Posts: Yeah, tell me about it.

              But it's also not just common sense. I have elderly inlaws. Got sick of fixing their windows PC. They just didn't get the whole maintenance thing with PCs. Bought them an imac, haven't been bothered since.

              That imac is 7 years old and still ticking along for their needs (email, YouTube, facetime, word processing).

              I don't see a pc lasting that long with virtually zero input from me, at the same speed. Good value in the long run in my opinion.

              • @dangerdanger: 7 years is a long time. Just make sure they're upgrading their OS. Currently nothing older than High Sierra are receiving security updates. And if their web browser no longer supports updates on the old OS, they may be left vulnerable.

              • @dangerdanger: install a good anti virus

                no more worries for windows pc

                you just don't know how to set it up

                • @Gerry H: Yeah sure. That was what I was told when I had Windows XP, then Windows Vista. Lol

                  Windows Vista. No worries any more!

                  They lost a lot of customers with Vista…

                  • @dangerdanger: windows 10 is a lot better. never had a freeze yet. what was wrong with your inlaw's pc? other than virus i can only imagine so much bloatware their pc freeze and crash all the time. you should give them a standard user account so they can't install random stuff on it, and virus won't be able to install by itself either.

                    my mom is a computer moron and her windows 8 laptop hasn't needed a fix yet after 6 years. a lot of bloatware on it sure but still working fine, i deleted all the bloatware within 10 minutes. just don't give your inlaws an admin account.

                    • @Gerry H: Why all the bloatware to start off with? How come the consumer (me) needs to personally 'fix' a product as soon as I buy it, but deleting the bloatware? It's kind of like me buying a new car, and immediately having to replace all the tires (!). Or having a surgeon operate on you, and then going home to fix the sutures myself (!).

                      Regardless, Microsoft lost me at "V" for Vista. Haven't gone back to Windows in a decade and loving it. Whenever I go back to a Windows environment at work, it kills a part of me. But hey, we need to keep IT staff employed, don't we! See solidice's comments above. At work they repair PCs, but at home they keep macs. So true…

                      • @dangerdanger: if you build a desktop pc it doesn't come with any bloatware, but non tech savvy people will click random crap on the internet to install, bloating the computer and severely slowing down its boot time. although like i said, give them standard user account instead of admin, install good anti virus, should make a difference, but in my experience too many windows security updates also likes to slow down my pc and i need to download a new version with all the updates built in.

                        i personally just reinstall windows on laptops. i guess for non tech savvy people it's probably better to just spend the extra $$$ for apple computers, set up and forget. windows isn't friendly for very casual users.

              • @dangerdanger: Instead of buying an iMac couldn't they have just used a Chromebook with all those same advantages at a fraction of the cost though?

                Chromebooks are what they use in a lot of schools and they use them for exactly the same things.

                You could probably have afforded 2 or 3 brand new upgraded devices in that 7 year period and still been in front over the the cost of the iMac! ;-)

          • @dangerdanger: "Unfortunately most people don't have common sense"

            Lol… Yeah that's not far off the mark sometimes!

    • Build quality
      But above all, macOS

    • warranty and eco-system = 200% better than using an iPhone/iPad + PC

    • Seems like a valid question and I can understand how it can seem like a lot of money to spend on a laptop. For me, it was using a specific program that was on Mac operating system only, and also running another program which was supposedly a lot more stable on Mac which was crucial to the job I was doing at the time. On top of that, the build quality doesn’t compare to any cheap plastic laptop. I gave my old 2009 MacBook Pro to my wife and upgraded mine in 2013 and both are still going strong.

      • Agreed on the build quality, they're quite good, but to compare apples to apples, no pun intended :P you can't compare it to any cheap laptop, you need to compare it generally to the top of the range models in other brands as that's how much extra you're paying Apple for it ;-)

    • Only Mac computers can run MacOS without breaking the law. They also can run Windows and Linux, so we can say they run more types of operating systems than others.

      • They might run one more OS, but the majority of applications are written for Windows, so it's a bit of a moot point… I've personally never had a need to install an application that was only available on MacOS and that there wasn't a better alternative on Windows. And Linux covers a lot of the *nix applications that you might install on MacOS anyway.

        • Me neither, but they do exist. And OS it's something bigger than a platform to run the app. Same app is different on different platforms, and therefore UX is also different.

  • Also 10% off selected home appliances (promo code JAN10).

    • How's your crystal ball? Close to pulling trigger on new fridge freezer but wondering if a 20% deal is just around the corner?

  • Are they able to order CTO?

  • I’m a bit confused.
    Do you need to use the code?
    If not, then I could price match with OW?

    • OW have already discounted to the same price (at least on the model I checked out)

    • You don’t need the code, pricing already includes the discount.

      I’ve removed the code that was added on later as it was confusing.

  • Seems like good prices compared to RRP, but still more than what I'd pay for what I'm getting…

    @OP the second link (13" quad core) links to the 16".

  • better off buying from apple itself ateast you get a free headphone

  • Wow macbook air is still pricey given all these years. Give and take having the pro and the air (11 n 13) and some windows bricks, macbook air 13 is still my favourite laptop ever.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure who the target market is for the retina Air, for me the MacBook Pro 13” makes more sense for not much more dollars.

      Although Hoppers Crossing does have the MacBook Air 13in Retina with 16gb RAM / 512gb SSD for $1999 down from $2499

  • 10% off doesn't seem to apply to my Chef range hood order