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Samsung Tab A 10.1" Wi-Fi 32GB (Black) $269 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


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Fun just got a bit closer. This tablet is as versatile and sophisticated as it is affordable, because next generation fun belongs to every generation. Get more out of the content you love to watch. Galaxy Tab A 10.1 features a vivid 10.1 inch WUXGA display that delivers 1920 by 1200 pixels of stunning color reproduction and optimal screen brightness levels

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  • Store in title please.

  • Not foldable, pass

  • +10 votes

    Cheers grabbed one, hopefully it will be a stepping stone to a 6 figure salary.

  • Seems pretty good, how does this compare to one of the Lenovo ones¿

    • 3gb ram vs 2gb ram in the samsung

      (off the top of my head)

      • Yikes, 2GB. Hrd pass.

      • In all fairness to Samsung, current table only has 2gb ram, 1gb less than superseded model, but it is higher mHz ram too.

        • Why would anyone buy the Lenovo over this? What advantage is there?

          • @atom1319: Only $120 difference in price. Both similar performance, FHD IPS screens, both on Android Pie, etc.

            The Tab A has a larger battery and will get longer/more updates, appart from that it's give and take.

            One con possibly for the M10 is poor wifi as well as can not copy files to sd card, but one or both

            could/will hopefully be fixed with an update.

          • @atom1319: why would they buy the samsung? costs $100 more, 2gb ram. whats so good about this one?

          • @atom1319: Samsung are rubbish. My daughter had a samsung tablet like these. Discovered on the 4th fix they have reputation for battery and motherboard problems. Now its landfill.

            Had a samsung phone myself that constantly froze.

            My partner had a samsung phone that was full of ads that popped up. It was like that from day one. not malware of similar. Again, samsung apparently disabled the ability to block the ads according to the forums this problem.

            Won't be buying samsung again. Love my lenovo laptop and tablet.

        • The only version of the tab a 2016 which had 3gb ram was the s pen model. The non s pen model only had 2gb ram.

          • @Kiro: The Samsung Tab A 10.5" 2018 model had 3gb ram as well as 4 speakers, kind of fitting in between the Lenovo M10 & P10. Some people even preferred this model over the current one, especially when the price was reduced on clearance.

            I made mistake with the above comment, $120+- less rrp but only $40 less for this current deal.


            No more major software updates for the Tab A 2018 as well as the M10 & P10, but will still keep running nice on Pie for a while yet. As much as I like getting major Android OS updates on my phones and tablets, as well as security updates for peace of mind, apart from some fun getting used to new features ( and sometimes losing some along the way too ) there is not so much difference between 1/2 year old software and up to date. Unless you do your internet banking on an Android device ( I always use a laptop for that ), the risk of hacking etc is quit low using at home, maybe small risk in public wifi areas.

            Just out of curiosity, how many people here have had their Android device hacked into ( not meaning from friends or relatives having physical access ), running up to date software or older?

  • Any place to get discounted gift cards?

  • Can you stack this with egift card?

  • Will this run a complex game such as Rise of Kingdoms?

  • Strange how the website does not mention the CPU manufacturer

    • bigw often is lax with specs, check the samsung website for more details. almost all samsung devices incuding their mobiles run on inhouse samsung exynos cpus rather than qualcom.

  • How does this compare to the Lenovo M10?

  • I hope another deal for the Galaxy Tab S5e comes up, missed out on the last one.

  • Would this be a OK tablet for someone who is older?
    Looking for something for my 70ish dad.

    • Depends what they're going to use it for. But probably better to go with an iPad. Android on tablets just isn't there yet and that's coming from an android fan.

      • This is basically a meme at this point.

        ipads that cost twice as much dont make watching netflix, youtube or web browsing better.

      • Most online reviews say that iPad/iOS is better than Android for tablets, even at similar device price points. My person experience is also the same - iPad/iOS is better than Android as a tablet OS. Specifically, many Android Apps do not seem to seems to differentiate between a phone and a tablet so the interface can be oversized and awkward. That said, I prefer Android for phones and I don't plan to go back to Apple.

        • I had similar issues with my ipad, many apps are just blown up phone apps on it too and in my experience Apple displays the blown up phone apps worse. However I replaced my old ipad air 2 (died) with a Samsung tablet. Best decision I've made… Around half the price as my old ipad, better screen (you can actually view it in sunlight), better audio output, DeX mode is better than current ipad OS, better for streaming content, Samsung browser better than safari, better for my multitasking etc.

          • @Ronnnie: @Ronnnie - As I recall (it's been a while), whie you could use iphone apps with the ipad, but there were also apps specifically for the ipad - I think they were usually called "HD". AFAIK, there is no similar set of tablet-specific apps in the Play Store.

            As for the experience, I guess a lot depends on what you're moving to/from and how you use the device. I moved from an iPad 2 (~2011) to Samsung Tab A (2016) so a large performance improvement was to be expected. I believe the low-range iPads and low-range Samsung A series tablets are RRP around the same price point. Samsung ones could be discounted to be lower but that may not be enough make up the difference because I believe iPads are usually rated to be better than the equivalent A series.

            Still, I prefer the hackability of android so I don't plan to go back to ios. I put LineageOS into my old phones once the maker stopped supporting them and I hope to also do that with my android tablets. In contrast, the hardware on my iPad2 should still be fine for certain uses, but it lays gathering dust because of Apple makes it very difficult to hack.

            • @Dinjay: Both platforms offer tablet apps, this isn't an iOS exclusive thing. In the playstore you can search for apps designed for tablets like you can in the app store for ipad. Samsung also have apps specifically for DeX mode. On Android and iOS there's tons of apps like first party popular apps such as Reddit app for example where they don't offer a proper tablet UI for either platform. Third party alternatives do offer UI for tablets on both platforms. So you end up searching for third party alternatives or using the browser. Most apps like your typical social media, streaming, browsing etc aren't going to end up being much different on either device. However there's specific niche apps that people may want that offer a better experience on ipads or they don't just exist in the Android world whatsoever. So that's when the ipad may become your only option. That isn't the case for me.

              They may have similar RRP, don't know. When I was comparing prices the base model ipad typically retails around the tab 5se hardware deals. However there is advantages to buying a base model ipad over the Samsung at that price. You get a faster processor, better longterm support in terms of OS updates, stylus option, generally speaking better ecosystem support by developers. So you really have to assess your specific needs as a user and go by that. The cheaper tab A becomes an alternative for those that don't have the budget and their needs are met by that device.

          • @Ronnnie: "Ronnie" Any chance you have one of the Galaxy Tab S series as it sounds pretty nice?

    • I bought this for my 70+ uncle and mum and auntie in their 60s. They are fine with it.

    • My mum in her 80's has one and is more than happy with it. ABC I view, SBS on Demand, You Tube and a few other apps, which I put on for her. Her technical ability is -30 out of 100.

    • Do you think it is honest to try to claim this under warranty when you know you caused it?

    • Please do not attempt to lie about causing damage to your tablet some retailer (from my experience working at a retailer) are considerate/nice to customers with warranty claims so do not abuse this through being dishonest. Be upfront when you explain your problem that you dropped it and ask nicely that you want the manufacturer or repair to check if it is covered by warranty if not you accept paying the cost of repair or getting quote on how it will cost to repair.

      Customers being dishonest on warranty claims hurts other customers who have legitimate problems ie customers opening the box of tablet or phone only to discover that it is already broken by a crack screen or physical damage.

  • Will this run COD?

  • Bought 2 at knox myer closing down,- 120$ for 10.1" and 80 for 8". Pretty happy

  • Got one of these, not bad but like any Samsung I’ve used , the unremovable overlay/bloatware is horrid and makes it way slower then it should be. Lots of guides around on how to safely remove a lot of the crud without needing root etc.

    • agreed, much prefer stock android to the garbage samsung puts over the top.

    • Should point out I’ve mostly used lower end Samsung, the high spec stuff might run fine, but for these entry level tablets removing the junk will make even basic web browsing more pleasant.

  • Rats… Officeworks apparently does not do pricematch (and further 10% off) if codes are used to get discounted price.

    • Further 10% off? Thought the regular price beat guarantee was only 5%, unless it's on the schools list, then 20% off.

      • Just checked; you are quite correct. Competitor (Amazon.au) price $789 - price guarantee $39.45 = $749.55. November, before even further better sale prices (of course), on Galaxy S10e.

  • 2gigs ram thinks its an ipad

  • Is this the samsung tab a that works with a bluetooth stylus?

  • Got the 4g version with Telstra points, makes a great media player, better screen ratio than an iPad.

  • Been searching for a good value budget tablet for my old parents. Thanks OP! And thanks 'dclee12' for telling us there is a way to safely remove bloatware without needing root. I'll definitely try it out.

  • Is it true Samsung are planning new release models in several weeks time, and so the price of this model tablet may drop further?

  • $299 not $269

  • Sold out everywhere in Sydney area…